How to Treat Bloggers with Poor Grammatical Skill

Poor Grammatical SkillGrammar is a must.

To express the reason of talking with anyone.

And once a person has a poor grammatical skill, he’s starting off just wrong as he goes deep into talking.

And that leaves an entirely negative impression to the person, one would want to question the credibility and the trust flow will be at the lowest mark against him.

Probably, that person would never want to meet with him, who knows?

And if that same situation applies to a blogger from any country around the world, it equally is as bad as far you can think of to make it bad.

Bloggers are …. Those who want to express their ideas, their expressions, their thoughts and their point of views on various topics around them via text, visual, video, infographic, podcast, live streams, recorded videos, webinar, and you name it.

Bloggers owning the tone of poor grammatical skill, that is going to make things harder for them to be understandable by their audiences and eventually this scenario will lead them towards the hate side of the fan base.

Bloggers are always in search of inspiring the masses. Grabbing the attention of their audiences. And of course, stream in some new faces with every act of action.

Now, here I start developing the situation where poor grammatical skill will cost the whole world to the bloggers.

And that will really cost you the entire world if you do not act against it.

So, let’s start!

Scenario # 1: Blogger writing the content with poor grammar and a type of commenter

A blogger is knitting his idea of a blog post into reality but committing the most grammatical errors by using wrong vocabulary, incorrect usage of tenses, etc.

Role of commenter should be: By leaving the comment, he should try educating the blogger through:

.1 Make him realized of the errors.

.2 Express the errors and their grammatical solutions.

.3 Extra helping hand should be to become friend with him using social media platforms, arrange chat sessions with him making him learn the English language, show him people to read and take their examples to follow to better their grammar, and writing skills.

Solutions as per mine:

.1 Don’t go with the heavy tone when making the writer realize of his/her writing errors but be friendly with the tone and express the disadvantages of the writing errors and what he/she missed so far.

.2 Spot the errors for him/her and help to correct with the right usage.

.3 For being an extra helpful, you may do these if I would be that person and of course more as per your personal ideology:

Recommend some names to follow to overcome the writing styles as well as read up the way they write to attract millions of people through just theirs style..

And I recommend these 10 folks to read, analyze and adapt (not copy) theirs writing style:

Neil Patel

Pat Flynn

Ted Rubin

Ryan Biddulph

Harleena Singh

Enstine Muki

Ashley Faulkes

Sue Anne Dunleive

Corrine Kreston

Lorraine Reguley

Scenario # 2: A blogger writing the content with good and accurate grammar and the commenter with poor grammatical skill

A blogger is crafting up the blog post with good and accurate grammar and here comes the commenter with bad grammar and destroying the essence of the beautifully-crafted blog post.

Role of the author of the blog post; The blogger must educate the commenter through:

.1 Correcting his/her mistakes.

.2 Reveal the secrets of how bad grammar could be affecting the readership of your blog post and those that read through the comments of the fellow people sharing their ideas.

Solutions as I think of:

.1 Edit the comment with bad grammar.

.2 Reply in-depth to the commenter with the mistakes that he/she committed and that you corrected them. Also, make him/her realized how badly it could be affecting your blog post and how essential it is to be writing with good grammar to leave a good impression and in a good and soft tune.

.3 Make friend with him/her to further pursue him/her through social media of the personal blogs to find out how he/she writes and help them learning some skills from your own experience by constantly interacting on his/her written pieces.

Scenario # 3: A blogger and a commenter with the poor grammatical skill

What if both; the blogger and the commenter having bad or even the poor grammatical skills?

Solution as I thought:

It should be the duty of any of the commenter (or commenters) to correct the both; blogger and the commenter with the poor grammatical skills, by first letting know the blogger who wrote the piece that how badly it was written and even show him/her the way of good writing and the online tools to get help from to identify a million mistakes.

And for the commenter with bad grammar, make a good-sized reply with the corrections.

That’s it!

Scenario # 4: A blogger and a commenter with the perfect grammatical skills

Then it is the duty of another commenter (or commenters) to mind their own business and avoid calculating the grammatical mistakes! šŸ˜€

Your turn, now!

Now, as it clearly states that you’ve read this post in full; tell me what do you think of the overall content you just read?

Is it something that we all, based on the types at the time, should act accordingly to spread the good in the masses. Let the bloggers understand the real power of the correct-to-accurate usage of the grammar?

Must share your thoughts with me!


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Umesh Singh - July 25, 2016

Great write up Adeel, Grammar is essential to make an impression on your readers’ mind. And when it mix up with quality information then it results an epic blog post.

    Adeel Sami - July 27, 2016

    Hello, Umesh!

    So glad to see you here on my place, buddy!

    You got it, my friend. That’s the true essence of being an epic writer when lesser amount of the grammatical errors are committed with what you just wrote.

    The more the errors are hit, it just boggles the mind of a human being.

    And practice is what makes one’s self to overcome such issues.

    Thanks again for leaving a valuable input!

    ~ Adeel

Ravi Chahar - July 25, 2016

Hey Adeel,

When someone enters in the field of blogging and writing then you can’t expect the post well crafted with the grammar.

You would find many mistakes. But the right thing to do is to let the person know about the mistakes he has been committing.

The bloggers you have mentioned are worth reading.

Great post.
Enjoy the day.

    Adeel Sami - July 27, 2016

    Hello, Ravi!

    Exactly my point, buddy!

    You gotta inform them of what they committed. What they are doing and wrong. And not only to inform them of their wrongdoings, but it is to make them realize of how to correct.

    And thank you for liking the post! These guys are truly worth reading and worth keeping up with!

    Grateful of you leaving your precious feedback!

    ~ Adeel

Enstine Muki - July 25, 2016

Hi bro,
Thanks for the mention šŸ˜‰ I think reading other blogs and constantly writing too have both helped me a lot.
I’m from Cameroon where French and English are the official languages. But none of them is my native language so I’m constantly working hard to improving my communication skills.
We need some level of gammer to be able to pass the message across. But must of us are not from England or USA.
In Douala where I live, a few people you meet daily are able to speak proficient English. Most of them speak French and pidgin English. So it’s tough šŸ˜‰
As bloggers, it’s sometimes very difficult to read up to the second paragraph, an article with lots of grammatical errors. We try to ignore the errors but as you know, the more these errors, the lesser your chances of understanding the topic discussed.

Well, let no one be discouraged. Let’s keep learning šŸ˜‰

Once more, thanks for the mention bro. I hope you are set for a beautiful week.

    Adeel Sami - July 27, 2016

    Hey, brother!

    Wow! That’s the new thing I got to know about yourself ~ English and French are not your native languages. šŸ™‚

    And so good to see that English is that common at your place.

    Over here, it is considered an alien thing. English is taken as a bad language because of some political and religious reasons that people often connect it with the west and not to practice it.

    Even in the schools, it is not taught with great interest and students lack so much to speak and write in English language when the time for such opportunities prevails.

    Though, it is only the practice that can make us a master of something, and just like you, the reading helped me (and still helping me) to understand and become somewhat good with speaking and writing into English. šŸ™‚

    No to discouragement! And yeah, let’s keep learning! šŸ™‚

    Thanks, brother!

    ~ Adeel

Ryan Biddulph - July 25, 2016

Hi Adeel,

Thanks so much for the kind mention my friend.

Practice makes better, and better, which gives bloggers confidence to express their thoughts freely, even if they make a grammatical error. Or 2.

I probably make 200 to 300 grammar errors per post ;), but feel OK letting a few slip by because my readers feel my energy.

If you aren’t a native speaker following that list of A Plus bloggers and writers can improve your grammar game through osmosis.

Thanks again šŸ™‚


    Adeel Sami - July 27, 2016

    Hello, Ryan!

    You so welcome, mate! And you so deserve that! šŸ™‚

    Yes and without any doubt, practice is everything.

    And I and we all appreciate your energy. That energy of you is the most-liked part of your blogging, my friend! šŸ™‚

    These guys are totally the best to follow; for learning English, adapting style of writing and increasing knowledge of our loved-topic which is blogging. šŸ™‚

    Keep that energy up, buddy!

    Have a good and sound stay in Turkey!

    See ya!

    ~ Adeel

Lorraine Reguly - July 25, 2016

For many bloggers, English is not their first language.

Let me start by saying that I am impressed with ANYONE who knows more than one language! I am an English teacher who knows only a little bit of Spanish.

However, I do not know enough Spanish to write a blog post in that language. I wouldn’t even try… because I am a perfectionist and I KNOW I would make a ton of mistakes!

The fact that many bloggers from India (and other parts of the world) write their blog posts in English amazes me! Sure, their English might be poor. Yes, their posts are filled with grammatical errors. BUT I admire them for having the courage to write in English!!!

They also have the option of hiring an editor!

I am a freelance editor for hire. As such, I have helped A LOT of people make their writing perfect.

In fact, people who want to make a good impression on Google and rank their posts higher often turn to me for help!

I have had bloggers approach me when they are writing guest posts, too. I have edited their posts so that their “host” will be impressed with their writing! (Here I am talking about the website host/owner/admin… not their web hosting company!)

By using an editor to make their writing perfect, these bloggers have a better chance of both being invited back to guest post again AND to rank their own posts higher in the search engines!

Free tools (such as Grammarly) often help, but NO TOOL CAN REPLACE the knowledge and experience of a living, breathing, intelligent human being who has experience and who has mastered the English language!

Now, let me say something about HOW to treat a blogger who has poor grammatical skills.

If someone wants to correct another person, it is important to compliment the person FIRST before pointing out the errors made. The error-maker will be more receptive to listening to the corrections if he/she feels good.

It is also important to simply ignore some grammatical mistakes.

Yes. You heard me correctly.


Because no one is perfect.

We all have flaws. And if a blogger is trying to relay some information to you, AND YOU GET IT, then who cares if he/she made a few grammatical mistakes?

You wouldn’t like it if you were constantly told how to do something better, or if someone only pointed out the mistakes you made and ignored the bugger picture! I know I wouldn’t! So sometimes it is important to simply let things go… instead of risking losing a friend over a few mistakes!

While reading this post, I noticed a lot of grammatical mistakes. However, I overlooked them because
1. This is a sensitive subject
2. I do not have the time to provide proper corrections to each sentence
3. I was able to understand about 90-95% of the author’s meaning.

Also, I only read this post because someone sent me a link to it. (Sorry, Adeel, I am not a regular reader!)

My picture was shown, I was recognized, and so here I am.

I think this is a great topic to discuss.
With so many people blogging in English, it is important to help others learn.

This is one of the reasons I started The Blind Writer!

(I regularly blog on Wording Well, where you can hire me as well as learn blogging, writing, and freelancing tips.)

I love helping others learn. The Blind Writer helps others move their writing forward and gives them direction. I have started a series on homonyms to help others master the English language. Check it out. (Homonyms are words that sound the same but have different spellings and meanings.)

I am available to help anyone who truly wants help.

Treating others who have poor grammatical skills is a great topic for a post, Adeel.

It is also one which warrants further discussion!

Malik Sharjeel - July 26, 2016

Hi Adeel brother

Thank you much for your great. I am in learning stage of blogging and yes i am very weak in English you ll find many mistakes.
But now i am satisfied you cleared all my tensions about English.
And yes its our duty to not count someone grammar errors just encourage him to write more.

Thanks again

    Adeel Sami - July 29, 2016

    Hello, Sharjeel brother!

    Practice makes you perfect. šŸ™‚

    Keep practicing and you’ll notice the improvements day by day.

    And encouragement is all about the game. Appreciate the folks and always add value in their content as well as have them learn about their errors.

    So, keep up your work!

    ~ Adeel

Harleena Singh - July 27, 2016

Hi Adeel,

Let me start by thanking you for the kind mention šŸ™‚

Yes, as bloggers, we all tend to make grammatical errors sometimes, after all, we are all human! However, if your content is full of errors, or if you lack in your writing and grammar skills, your post would be affected on Google for sure. More so, the commenters visiting your site, may not visit again or may not like your writing style – there could be many other reasons as well.

I’d suggest bloggers to keep writing, as practice is what makes all of us perfect, and this I can speak from my personal experience (writing comments and emails is also part of writing). Also, there are several sites for enhancing your writing and grammar skills, as well as tools, which can help you get better.

Coming to points you mentioned, I’ve always preferred to mail or message the blog owner if I notice any errors in their work – especially those who are in my friend circle or those whom I am well acquainted with, instead of mentioning their errors openly in public through the comments, which I feel isn’t the right way. Just my two cents.

Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead šŸ™‚

    Adeel Sami - July 29, 2016

    Hello, Harleena!

    I am 101% agreed with everything you just said! šŸ™‚

    Yes, we all commit errors. And coming from such places of the world where English is not the first or second language; it makes it even harder for the people living in there and trying to improve their English’s skills.

    And for us, bloggers and not being the native English-speaker, we tend to strike hard towards improving English-language skill so that we get better at writing.

    No more sign of becoming good, you’d be demoralized sooner or later.

    And yeah, practice will improve us, will take us out of the hurdles — Not now but later as everything takes time.

    And I really liked your idea of making people noticed of their errors. This really is the good way! šŸ™‚

    Thank you for this awesome input, Harleena!

    I see you often! šŸ™‚

    ~ Adeel

Karan Bhagat - July 27, 2016

Hey Adeel,

Thanks to Enstine for sharing this post on Facebook, he made me land here for the first time šŸ™‚

You have undoubtedly picked up a very good topic to write on. Everyone is not that much good in English and I think people should not be judged because of poor grammar. Sometimes it happens due to inadequate knowledge and sometimes it just happens unknowingly.

Everyone makes mistakes whether professional or newbie, and to correct those mistakes there are tools like grammarly.

Time teaches everything, even Kapil Sharma’s English has improved a bit now šŸ˜› I hope you know him.


    Adeel Sami - July 31, 2016

    Hello, Karan!

    Enstine is an awesome guy! šŸ™‚

    Yes, this is something we all need to understand that everything commits errors and mistakes. There’s no one in the world with “master” level at everything.

    This is our duty to have those errors to bypass and make some good relationship with the person to keep him/her learning right and along the way.

    And yup, I do know Kapil Sharma but I did not know about his English’s skills! šŸ™‚ We got many celebrities in my country too with broken English but at least I am happy that they try and try in front of the audiences and their fans.

    If Kapil can improve his English skills, why can’t we? šŸ™‚

    Thank you so much for your visit and so great interaction! šŸ™‚

    I see you often!

    ~ Adeel

Kimsea Sok - July 30, 2016

When came and talk about grammar it sound serious to me. You know? I’m some kind of king of wrong spelling and grammatical errors.

I tried to fix the error many times and serious, but still occurring in my post. I’m thinking about the challenge of English for none native blogger.

You know? I used to get a lots of dissuade comment from a native writer. I hurt me a lot. I spent 3 days to think about the comment and 2 weeks to rewrite my post.

However, it will be improve along way we go with blogging. You know? I much more appreciate to know that there is some kind of great blogger like you to help newbie in writing and improve their grammar.

Nice post

    Adeel Sami - July 31, 2016

    Hello, Kim!

    How are you doing, buddy? šŸ™‚

    Grammar is always challenging for us. And we happen to commit it more than anyone as we don’t come from the native English speaking countries.

    It is something we have to practice more and more and on daily basis. Being a bloggers, we have to read more content daily and that should be the biggest source of improving our English skill.

    I once was (still I am) very weak in English and I happened to get so many discouraging comments that why do you talk and write in English if you don’t even know a bit of it?

    Yes, I can totally understand that how bad effect those comments could impose on our minds.

    Listen! We cannot make anyone happy and not that it is feasible to do so. So, I’d just say that keep practicing and give it proper time. You’d see a lot of good things happening with it.

    Keep up the great work, buddy!

    ~ Adeel

Corinne Kerston - August 4, 2016

Hi Adeel,
Thanks so much for the mention!
Grammar is a tricky one isn’t it? I know for me, I still make a ton of mistakes. And I have a degree in English! There are many things that simply get overlooked. If I do catch mistakes from others, I rarely, if ever, point it out because I do it all the time too! I try to figure out what the blogger or commenter means and just let the mistake go. No one’s perfect, right? šŸ™‚

Artice Upchurch - August 5, 2016

Hi Adeel Sami,

I absolutely enjoyed your post here, and I sense an extremely passionate and loving soul within you. Being the owner of a blog (as myself) that allows guest posts from those of different countries can be a challenge at times. So many grammar mistakes that needs to be corrected. However, I’ve never thought about alerting the post author of the grammar mistakes before correction, which in fact can improve their ability if I’ve done so.

Your post has reminded me more of the value of teamwork: don’t just do the work for your teammates, also show them the way. Thank you so much for your kind and heartfelt message, Adeel.

    Adeel Sami - August 5, 2016

    Hello, Artice!

    And so thank you for appreciation! Really grateful to you! šŸ™‚

    I so liked your way; alerting the author of the grammar mistakes before correcting them with your own.

    And yeah, that’s so challenging to accept the guest posts from other countries and especially from the non-native English speaking countries.

    I, myself, am from a non-native English speaking country but the best thing to improve your language’s skills by getting notified by the fellows, read the English speakers and always listen to the podcasts, webinars, etc.

    It just does not only help to improve your English skills but helps to boost the knowledge. šŸ™‚

    We all are here to help each other. And helping is the best weapon to make your name buried into other. šŸ™‚

    Thank you for this great input and your kind visit!

    I see you often! šŸ™‚

    ~ Adeel


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