How to Treat Bloggers with Poor Grammatical Skill

Poor Grammatical SkillGrammar is a must.

To express the reason of talking with anyone.

And once a person has a poor grammatical skill, he’s starting off just wrong as he goes deep into talking.

And that leaves an entirely negative impression to the person, one would want to question the credibility and the trust flow will be at the lowest mark against him.

Probably, that person would never want to meet with him, who knows?

And if that same situation applies to a blogger from any country around the world, it equally is as bad as far you can think of to make it bad.

Bloggers are …. Those who want to express their ideas, their expressions, their thoughts and their point of views on various topics around them via text, visual, video, infographic, podcast, live streams, recorded videos, webinar, and you name it.

Bloggers owning the tone of poor grammatical skill, that is going to make things harder for them to be understandable by their audiences and eventually this scenario will lead them towards the hate side of the fan base.

Bloggers are always in search of inspiring the masses. Grabbing the attention of their audiences. And of course, stream in some new faces with every act of action.

Now, here I start developing the situation where poor grammatical skill will cost the whole world to the bloggers.

And that will really cost you the entire world if you do not act against it.

So, let’s start!

Scenario # 1: Blogger writing the content with poor grammar and a type of commenter

A blogger is knitting his idea of a blog post into reality but committing the most grammatical errors by using wrong vocabulary, incorrect usage of tenses, etc.

Role of commenter should be: By leaving the comment, he should try educating the blogger through:

.1 Make him realized of the errors.

.2 Express the errors and their grammatical solutions.

.3 Extra helping hand should be to become friend with him using social media platforms, arrange chat sessions with him making him learn the English language, show him people to read and take their examples to follow to better their grammar, and writing skills.

Solutions as per mine:

.1 Don’t go with the heavy tone when making the writer realize of his/her writing errors but be friendly with the tone and express the disadvantages of the writing errors and what he/she missed so far.

.2 Spot the errors for him/her and help to correct with the right usage.

.3 For being an extra helpful, you may do these if I would be that person and of course more as per your personal ideology:

Recommend some names to follow to overcome the writing styles as well as read up the way they write to attract millions of people through just theirs style..

And I recommend these 10 folks to read, analyze and adapt (not copy) theirs writing style:

Neil Patel

Pat Flynn

Ted Rubin

Ryan Biddulph

Harleena Singh

Enstine Muki

Ashley Faulkes

Sue Anne Dunleive

Corrine Kreston

Lorraine Reguley

Scenario # 2: A blogger writing the content with good and accurate grammar and the commenter with poor grammatical skill

A blogger is crafting up the blog post with good and accurate grammar and here comes the commenter with bad grammar and destroying the essence of the beautifully-crafted blog post.

Role of the author of the blog post; The blogger must educate the commenter through:

.1 Correcting his/her mistakes.

.2 Reveal the secrets of how bad grammar could be affecting the readership of your blog post and those that read through the comments of the fellow people sharing their ideas.

Solutions as I think of:

.1 Edit the comment with bad grammar.

.2 Reply in-depth to the commenter with the mistakes that he/she committed and that you corrected them. Also, make him/her realized how badly it could be affecting your blog post and how essential it is to be writing with good grammar to leave a good impression and in a good and soft tune.

.3 Make friend with him/her to further pursue him/her through social media of the personal blogs to find out how he/she writes and help them learning some skills from your own experience by constantly interacting on his/her written pieces.

Scenario # 3: A blogger and a commenter with the poor grammatical skill

What if both; the blogger and the commenter having bad or even the poor grammatical skills?

Solution as I thought:

It should be the duty of any of the commenter (or commenters) to correct the both; blogger and the commenter with the poor grammatical skills, by first letting know the blogger who wrote the piece that how badly it was written and even show him/her the way of good writing and the online tools to get help from to identify a million mistakes.

And for the commenter with bad grammar, make a good-sized reply with the corrections.

That’s it!

Scenario # 4: A blogger and a commenter with the perfect grammatical skills

Then it is the duty of another commenter (or commenters) to mind their own business and avoid calculating the grammatical mistakes! šŸ˜€

Your turn, now!

Now, as it clearly states that you’ve read this post in full; tell me what do you think of the overall content you just read?

Is it something that we all, based on the types at the time, should act accordingly to spread the good in the masses. Let the bloggers understand the real power of the correct-to-accurate usage of the grammar?

Must share your thoughts with me!


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