Bloggers’ Meetup by ilaan.com – Connecting Social Influencers

Real estate sector is very dull and uninteresting as compared to other sectors!

Not many people want to know about it and those who are a part of it, don’t share much information with others. This is the main reason why there is a knowledge gap present in this sector.

In order to remove the confusions, it is important to educate people about the ongoing transformations in the industry so that they can know what to expect in the future.

Having that said, ilaan.com recently organized a bloggers’ meetup for the bloggers and social influencers of Lahore to highlight the evolution of real estate sector and what role ilaan.com is playing as an online property portal.

I am not a resident of Lahore…

Still, I had tried my luck and applied for the bloggers’ meetup.

And out of my surprise, I was selected to become part of that meetup.

So on the same day of the event which was January 27th, 2018, I left for Lahore which is about 200KMs away from my place.

Despite the bitter weather (fog) and driving for about 4-hours, I was there at the time. 🙂

And was so excited to meet the great friends whom I knew are definitely coming to the event. Along with the great folks I was sure to run into (will tell about ’em shortly.) 🙂

The Bloggers’ Meetup by ilaan.com was attended by a large number of bloggers and social media influencers operating in Lahore.

Top real estate experts were the guest speakers at the meetup who shared their experiences, current trends, and the future opportunities investors can capitalize on.

Overall the session was very informative – cross-questioning and discussions made it more interesting and allowed the guests to know more in detail about the situation of the real estate marketplace.

A brief overview of ilaan.com was also a part of the session.

So for those who don’t know, ilaan.com is one of the leading property portals in Pakistan that allows real estate agents to advertise their property listings to a large number of potential buyers. It acts as a mediating platform between sellers and buyers and let them finalize a deal and all done remotely.

During the event, core team members of ilaan.com addressed the attendees on how they want to shape up the real estate sector like no other. “We want to introduce ilaan.com as a business that focuses on bringing people closer and this is the reason why we thought of arranging different events where fun activities are organized and knowledge sharing is done”, said Mr. Hassan the manager of Sales @ ilaan.com.

The event was followed by lunch where bloggers shared ideas as well as light moments with each other. In my opinion, such events bring people closer besides educating them on different topics.

So, whom I met? 🙂

I met with:

Umar J. Qureshi

Umar J. Qureshi

Waleed Najam

Ghulam Ali

Muhammad Jamil Lilla

Usman Ahmad

Usman Ahmad

Muhammad Talha

Muhammad Talha

… and many many more great folks!!

So, I strongly hope that ilaan.com continues to arrange similar events like these in future so that more people can get to know about this awesome property portal and the impact it is creating in the digital landscape.

Some snaps from the event!

Please, swallow a pill of killing the laughter as you’ll find my pictures funny! 😀

And here comes the end!

I wish ilaan.com the best of the business!

And we sure will meet again! 🙂

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