This Blogger Ready to Send You Far Off the Stars

Hey, guys!

This is my first-ever try to introduce anyone in my place (blog.) Let’s see how it goes. 🙂

The great blogger, Enstine Muki

So, let’s start then!

He is someone you should be aware of.

He is someone you should listen to.

He is someone you should take him seriously.

He is someone who is sharing the best of his knowledge to actually help me, help you and help everyone.

He is not particularly to follow in your initial stage of the blogging BUT you gotta follow him, his advice and his takes on the blogging regardless of where you are at with your blogs.

He is the man of his words. And sharing what works for him is his hobby.

Who is he?

He is a renowned blogger almost everyone would know.

What does he do?

He does blogging.

Shares the best affiliate marketing tips and tricks.

Shares the best of the software, tools, blogging tips and tricks, and money making ideas and approaches that he personally applies on his blog to make him earn so much! 🙂

How long is he in the business of blogging?

From long ago and I got to know him back in 2013 when he used to operate another blog. And later he sold that and started the blog in his own name.

What is he good at?

He is good at blogging, of course.

He is the best PHP guy and creator of many great WordPress plugins.

He is the founder of a job portal specifically built to provide jobs to bloggers. And bloggers are enjoying that portal! 🙂

Oppsss! Did I still not reveal the name of that super-helping blogger? 😮

Yeah, I did not! 😀

What’s the name of that super-awesome blogger who is helping the world?

Enstine Muki.

The face picture of Enstine Muki

Yes, Enstine Muki.

Yeah! That’s his name: Enstine Muki!

As you know, this man is super-duper helpful.

He writes the content all by himself and daily.

Sharing the best of the content that is helping us.

He is outstandingly letting us learn how to make money with our blogs.

He superbly replies back to each and every comment that we make on his awesome blog.

All in all, he’s the best of the person I am proud to call a dear friend. 🙂

How much achievements Enstine Muki achieved

Let me count them! 🙂

Enstine lives in Cameroon and started working online in 2005.

He used to write on the than-popular blog which he originally owned it and was named: EmFastIncome.com

Later he developed a thought that it is best to become a brand with the own name and then the started EnstineMuki.com which I believe was the best move taken by him. 🙂

Let’s read more about what he does, how he does and what he has for you from here: About Him

I wish him lots and lots of success and I am so hopeful I will kick start my blogging career with the great help from him. 🙂


Did you know who is Enstine Muki before my this introduction?

What do you have to say about Enstine Muki?

How you’re being helped by Enstine Muki?

Do tell me! 🙂

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