Truly Super Awesome Benefits of Actually NOT Blogging

The Truly Awesome Benefits of NOT BloggingWe mostly hear and read about benefits of blogging.


What about benefits of NOT blogging?

Do you know the benefits .. of not blogging?

No? Really!? Seriously…?

Okay then. Do not wonder at all because I am going to cover just the benefits of NOT blogging.

Benefit # 1 of NOT Blogging:

You have a healthy life by not worrying about generating content ideas, writing, interacting with others, and taking the blog to the next level.

Benefit # 2 of NOT Blogging:

You have a sound sleep, almost every night by not waking up to late hours and not consuming your brain to manage the blog.

Benefit # 3 of NOT Blogging:

You spend more time with your family.

Benefit # 4 of NOT Blogging:

You hang out with friends and do not worry at all about marching towards betterment of your life through blogging.

Benefit # 5 of NOT Blogging:

You end up doing job(s) in an office(s) like 9to5.

Benefit # 6 of NOT Blogging:

You make friends in your work-space or just in town whom you meet with in person on regular basis.

Benefit # 7 of NOT Blogging:

You don’t connect to the people related to blogging industry through virtual or possibly live world and they’d be unknown for you which is not a good sign to connect with whom you don’t know.

Benefit # 8 of NOT Blogging:

You don’t express yourself to the world because you’re not having a blog and that expressing all of yourself to the world is not good.

Benefit # 9 of NOT Blogging:

You’ll not learn and be updated with the current trends and with it, you’ll save a lot of your energy to do other things; job or save time for family.

Benefit # 10 of NOT Blogging:

You’ll miss out on a lot of opportunities. This can translate into managing your own work life to be better at.

I do believe I do have missed a lot of unsaid benefits of NOT blogging.

Can you please add a few more in the comment?

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Umair Akram - September 28, 2015

Hi Adeel Bro,

Thanks for Sharing the knowledge with us. The Blogosphere is full of the Benefits of Blogging and thousands of newbie’s were starting to blog, just to make some money.

Honestly, No one is ready to tell and no one is ready to listen, the Dark side of Blogging. You’ve done an awesome job in this regard, You have revealed the facts and those pleasurable moments one have to sacrifice to make their Blogging career shine…

I also have soo many friends in my community but unable to stay connected with them due to lack of time. Because I have to maintain my blog also, and It’s also hard for me to spend time with my family. Although I am till successful in spending some awesome and joyful moments with my family.

Sharing this post with my twitter followers to tell them the actual truth of what they have to sacrifice πŸ™‚

~ Umair Akram

Nanda Rahmanius - September 28, 2015

Hi Adeel,

What an unique title. I never expected to find an article about benefits of not blogging in the blogosphere. πŸ˜†

Yes, same with you. I would probably get a lot of pleasure if I was not blogging. I don’t have to worry about the content, promotions or blog commenting. I will not be scared by the deadline when it must publish an article for my blog. I will not be affected by changes in the Google algorithm. What a peaceful life, indeed! πŸ˜†

One of the advantages that I feel if I’m not blogging is that I don’t have to bother to explain what blogging to people around me. It requires a lot of effort to explain to them many times though. πŸ˜†

Thanks for sharing this unique post, Adeel.
Have a great beginning of this week!


saurabh choudhary - September 28, 2015

Truly nailed it buddy. That is really to the point description and apt presentation of what a person misses when they dont blog. The importance of blogging could not be defined in any way better.

Harleena Singh - September 28, 2015

Hi Adeel,

Good to be back to blogging after a while and read such a wonderful post πŸ™‚

Yes, as you mentioned, blogger write about the benefits of blogging, but rarely do they write about the advantages of not blogging! I was nodding my head in agreement as I was reading through your list. This is exactly what I have been doing in my break – taking life a little easy, taking time to smell the roses, and taking care of myself as well, which includes sleeping well and keeping fit. Of course, the family time and spending time with your loved ones tops the list!

However, as bloggers, we need to learn to find balance in our life so that our personal and professional lives can run smoothly, isn’t it? I intend doing a lot of that myself hereon!

Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead πŸ™‚

Rachel - September 28, 2015

Hey Adeel,

I no longer could image what my life would be without blogging. Everything about it still challenges me, nothing has ever done that before. However I have had to reschedule my times as I got burnout. Could not understand what it was and then I realised. So I have time tables I try to stick with but it is not easy. Because this blogging caper has me excited.

Not Blogging number 5 – working 9 to 5. Oh that makes me shake with fear. Been there and done that and never want it again.

Before I started writing I was scared about sharing it now I can’t think of a better way to express myself. Thanks for a great reminder of what blogging means.


Sandy Halliday - September 28, 2015

An interesting article Adeel. I’ve recently read several articles saying that it’s not necessary to blog as frequently as we have heard. One way around it was to promote the heck out of the posts that you have already written. It makes sense.

I, for the first time, have started blogging every two weeks instead of weekly. I’ve never blogged more frequently than that except perhaps when I’ve had guest posts to publish. Alas they are few and far between now since marketers have misinterpreted Matt Cutt’s comments about guest posts.

I’m currently away on vacation and have decided to take a break from blogging every week. My husband always used to complain when we went away if I spent a lot of time writing my blog posts and sending out emails to my list. I did try to get some posts done in advance but that was a lot of pressure finding the time.

Your points are quite true.


Mi Muba - September 28, 2015

Hi Adeel

Your analytical approach is amazing and it shows you love to think out of the box to tell people the complete truth and not the partial one.

Everyone including me is trumpeting hundreds and hundreds of benefits of blogging but never thought this way that NOT blogging do have a lot of benefits as you very perfectly covered them in this wonderful post.

One may wonder if benefits of NOT blogging are that much then why millions of blogs are already there and hundreds of thousands are being started.

Actually benefits of blogging are far more than benefits of NOT blogging and even they can’t be compared if someone does so it is just like comparing an ocean with a stream.

These benefits of NOT blogging sound great especially for those who are newbie or struggling but those who have successfully laid the strong foundation of their blog by working smartly and avoiding to do donkey work now they are reaping its real benefits that obviously are more than several.

Just imagine if someone tells these benefits to Jon Morrow, Neil Patel or Darren Rowse their response would be with a satirical regret that “Alas if I would know that much benefits of NOT blogging I would not have started a blog and would be living with a job of 9 to 5 with the sole aim of paying monthly bills and waiting for the next month’s salary”.

These benefits of NOT blogging I think would appeal to those who don’t have an entrepreneurial thinking and remain contented working to make others dream come true instead of turning their own dreams into reality.

In short this post is quite unique and does show the other side of the coin which usually people don’t want to see and those who just take blogging a source of earning a few hundred (even a few thousand dollars) per month should believe in them, quit blogging and go back for a 9 to 5 job.

While those who believe to get the work done instead of doing work forever by themselves should read these benefits for the sake of knowledge and continue their blogging journey. They must believe in the fact that GOOD DAYS ARE NOT FAR AWAY.

Thanks a lot for sharing this post on a unique topic that really is engaging as well and made me said that much on it.

Emebu - September 30, 2015

Hi Adeel,

Thanks for sharing this awesome knowledge with us here.

Trully the Blogosphere is full of so many Benefits and so many worries as well; thousands of newbie bloggers who were not told the full truth got some dose of these worries shortly after they launched their first blog and viola – they dropped out.

You have unveiled to us the other side of blogging, I want every intending blogger to read this post before venturing into it, blogging is very competitive therefore very tasky.

Dan Ewah - September 30, 2015

Hi Adeel,

You did well by covering an angle we never have thought about before now.

Even though there are some benefits of not blogging as you have mentioned in the post; I won’t trade the benefits of blogging with that for anything.

In other words, the benefits of blogging far outweighs the benefits of not blogging.

Thanks for sharing this awesome post with this community.



Hassaan Khan - September 30, 2015


Something different. We preach, learn, and love BLOGGING.
Well, according to my understanding, the purpose of this post is NOT to just quit the BLOGGING and restart your pre-blogging life. I would rather assume that this post means try to FOCUS on your life… GIVE equal importance to other things.

I learned in my 5 years of blogging that if you want to develop a blogging career… You have to think for both AUDIENCE and YOURSELF…. (Obviously you win by serving the audience, but somehow, you are obliged to write what readers want not what you want)

Even, when I don’t write a blog, I keep on learning the lessons. From family to friends, TV to News, Podcasts to YouTube… I keep on taking the input.

Brent Jones - October 4, 2015

What a neat idea for a post, Adeel.

Frankly, rather than explore the benefits of simply not blogging… I think more solopreneurs need to assess the true benefits of blogging. For many, the answer is zero — there are no benefits.

A blog can be a beautiful way to connect with your followers, build a mailing list, create exposure for your business, or establish yourself as a professional. But most blogs — in and of themselves — generate $0 in revenue.

So if the 10-20 hours / week that many bloggers invest each week into writing and promoting new posts were to be reinvested into — oh, I don’t know — virtually any type of money-making activity, he or she could probably generate an income online a lot faster.

(Basically what I am saying is that too many bloggers chase blogging as a means to make money online — when there are alternatives!)

Just my two cents though. πŸ™‚



Philip Verghese Ariel - October 5, 2015

Hi Adeel
Good to be here again after a bit/big gap LOL
What An Idea Sirjeee!!!
Yes, We the Bloggers are really missing those wonderful benefits!!
Yes, Yes, We need to think, and re-think about those far-reaching benefits!
Hey, but at the same time pl. do think of the other side what will happen if we are not blogging too!!! LOL
I am sure we need to sacrifice something to achieve something!! πŸ™‚
But, I confess that I am really missing some of the wonderful opportunities you mentioned in this post!
In fact I am in a dilemma now!!! This or that ! I am sure many may join in my company in this aspect!
We can’t just stop and sit, to get those benefits mentioned in this post!
Anyways Adeel its really a great ALERT and a Timely Warning to the bloggers!
Keep coming
With such wonderful new subjects!
Have a good days
~ Phil

    Philip Verghese Ariel - October 5, 2015

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    Thanks in advance
    ~ Phil

Yogesh Shinde - October 9, 2015

ha ha ha… Its quite sarcastic. Everyone wants success but the definition differ from person to person, so someone believes success is what you mentioned here then he is successful and should not blog at all.

Babs - October 10, 2015

Hi Adeel,

This is one heck of a blog Post lol… Cool benefits of not blogging. Serious price to pay for it though.

Enjoyed the concept.. Trust me.

Have a great day,

Yatin Khulbe - October 21, 2015

Hi Adeel

I love your different take on blogging. There are many articles which talk the benefits of blogging. There are many ideas to get into the blogging world. To a beginner, making a blog looks easy. When I started my blogging journey, I came across many people who took it lightly.

This is not their fault. The internet is loaded with lots of good stuff about blogging. Many bloggers have shared their ideas on building a successful blog. Everything is available. This is the reason everything looks simple.

Thanks for showing a different angle of blogging πŸ™‚

Kamlesh Nishad - October 22, 2015

Ofcourse these is hell lot of benefits of not blogging. I agreed with all the points you mentioned. Even i have face few situations from the above that you listed. Not blogging can give to opportunity to get out of world whats happening around you, how to face situations. connecting people who would help you out in offline world.

Not blogging could explore our leadership quality as we get the opportunity to engage with people, presenting thoughts to people. Ultimately it kills the comfort zone that really helps us to succeed in our life.

Enstine Muki - November 18, 2015

lol ok let’s stop blogging right now and grab these benefits πŸ˜‰ but I hate benefit #5

and I hate to be living under the bridge. That’s benefit #9 πŸ˜‰

    James Lenfers - November 30, 2015


    Adeel really had me laughing on this one. Although I agree with you on #5. Number 5 pretty much stunk for me. Probably why I had so many different #5’s in my life. I could only stand the same one for about a year at a time and needed a new #5 to not go completely mad.

    You know, you don’t have to live under the bridge though. You can also camp out next to the river and fish.

    Oh, I just thought of where you live. Yah, maybe cancel on that setting up your tent next to the rivers there. They tend to more feeding buffet lines for things that want to eat you.

James Lenfers - November 30, 2015


You really had me laughing on this one. I was sitting there thinking something similar this morning. I think the title would have been closer to 10 reasons I just seriously hate blogging.

Now thank Enstine for me seeing this and clicking on it like a monkey jumping on a banana.

LOL, I think you just made my morning.


Nicole Pary - December 1, 2015

Hey Adeel,

When I started to read this article, I amazed that title is quite different from other Blogger. Information about whose is NOT bloggers with some facts in this article, it’s true.

In all kinds of tips are appreciable and such an impressive and interesting information.

Thanks for shared and enjoyed to read this article or to share this links with my Co-blogger.

Nicole Pary

Mohammed - December 5, 2015

An Eye-Opening post..Thanks for sharing mate!!

Angellina Lear - December 11, 2015

Hey Adeel,
All kinds of information are splendid, an impressive and interesting erudition, thanks for shared and enjoyed to reading this post.

Barry - December 11, 2015

Hi Adeel,

I guess every bloggers who looses interest must read this article or may be newbie. I guess not blogging always ends up with resulting that we are loosing the opportunity to learn lot of things around.


Tanya Khan - February 18, 2016

Hey Adeel, Getting more information is more admirable and in stratup I don’t know that what is going on, but after reading this post getting more knowledgable thoghts about blogger, thanks for shared.

Priya Aggarwal - June 17, 2016

Hey Adeel, this was a unique post I found today and I wasn’t surprised to see it was still in my newsfeed, even in 2016. You’ve shared some great insights which non-bloggers miss out for sure. Being a blogger, I’m always aware of the topics in my niche. But, it also has a side effect. It poises me with Information Overload. I’m yet to recover with this thing, as I’m finally limiting my resources to just one niche. What’s your thought on this angle?


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