The Beginning of New Era

I am back to what I expected for 20 years.

To such a place I dreamt for. Fought for.

Yes, it is still the rented place in all these 20 years, but it is so much better (or excellent) than all of the previous places.

Here’s some common saying from the elders that if your count hits 10 for the rented place, you will get your own place on the 11th count.

And this is my 10th count. 🙂

Why I am a happy lad even being in the rented place

First is, that saying of getting own place on the 11th count after the rented places.

For that, I have two empty residential plots; one here where I live in Punjab, Pakistan and another one in Karachi, Sind, Pakistan (which is in another province and my home-city.)

The second happy thing for me is that it is the best place amongst all other places we lived in all these 20 years.

We got shifted here not more than three days ago and lovin’ it!

I had an evil spell of 14-months about eight months ago where I did so much… bad things, and bad decisions… just to ruin myself to let my family know how badly that one thing affected me.

Have a little glimpse of it from some of these blog posts:

But I am happy… NOW! 🙂

I have set one goal for myself to accomplish in the coming two years; to build the home. Own home.

And now made some pretty good plans to do the awesome blogging… and uninterruptibly.

For that, getting the car very soon to start attending the conferences, events, and meetups about blogging and IT in my country to expand my network in the local market. That’s very needful, right?


See me very often! 🙂

And wish me luck!

Without you, it is never possible to happen.

And with you, it is so so possible to make every plan and goal a reality.

Wish me luck! 🙂

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