To become the great, be simple

Simplicity is a new luxury.

It saves you a lot… Literally a lot!

And that too the monetary wise.

With that, you’re to bag much cash because you got nothing to spend on (over the things you don’t need.)

So,  the same applies to the blogging.

You have to remain simple.

And punctual.

Well to remain simple,  keep things simple with the blogging first.

What the heck to keep the simple with the blogging?

  • Theme.
  • Style.
  • Tone.
  • Expression.

Are these the onliest things to keep simplest at?

Not necessarily.

I am not forcing you to use the white-background(ed) theme at all to look and remain simple.

Nor I am telling you to use the hell lotsa images to look cool.

What I want you to make an impression with your writing.

With that, it does not matter how goodly your logo looks, how cool you’re looked at your picture you have put it somewhere on your blog. How stylish the suit looks at you. And anything else.

Take your simple self out. Let it be shown with your words.

The typed words that you are up with.

Your imaginations and zeal are to float down with the help of your both hands’ fingers that are to punch the soft (or hard) keyboard connected with your laptop (or if you have the computer.)

That makes the things simple for you to be great at the blogging.

To become the great, be simple. Right?

Your take now!

Blogging’s keys are to remain simple, punctual, and trying.

Following that trend wiill ultimately tkae you towards the great side of the blogging.

Knock it down the simplest way.

Not having the fun part will let you to lose your cool which is really not in the favor of the blogging.

Be simple. Remain great!

And I tell you, Ryan Biddulph is the ultimate example of this!

Seriously he is!

Follow him to become great at the blogging!

Happy doin’ bloggin’!

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