8 Unusual Facts of NOT Being the Serious Blogger

Being the blogger is one thing.

But being the serious blogger is the so VERY THING.

The very thing to follow to step foot over the authentic blogging.

And be labeled as the authority blogger.

So, it is truly all up to you of not picking up the serious blogging.

The very serious blogging that you can enjoy right from your very own home.

Let’s forget.

Let’s seriously forget if you want wanna become the serious blogger… at all.

Do take it as you never stepped into the world of blogging.

You never ever heard of the word “blogging“.

Then it is the time I tell you about these 8 unusual facts of NOT becoming the serious blogger.

NOT becoming the serious blogger, you enjoy the life professionally as well as personally.

So, let’s get started!

  1. Brain on rest.
  2. Plenty of the time to watch TV.
  3. Spend most of the day’s hours with your family.
  4. Surf your smartphone as long as you want.
  5. Sleep for long hours and wake up anytime.
  6. Time to remain in good shape (be fit.)
  7. Not to read and write anything, so you get more free time every day.
  8. No stress so no chance of getting into physical and mental health’s issues ever (I hope so!)

Serious blogger is the business blogger

Timely decisions and efforts are required to be on the profiting side. And that makes the serious blogging the business blogging.

But wait!!!

ROI is never (and shouldn’t be) counted against the paper money but the impact on the masses.

Oh no… Allow me to hold my horses!!

I was meant to write on the real good facts of NOT becoming the serious blogging, nope? 🙂

Yes, I WAS and I AM.

So my buddy, don’t fall for the serious blogging because that will exclusively snatch away the time and the peace of mind and is too strong to ruin the health as well.

Your turn

What’s more facts you can name that make up after NOT becoming the serious blogger?

Be NOT serious blogger

                                               Well…. 🙂

Be NOT serious and enjoy the life! 🙂

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