7 Brilliant Ideas To Re-purpose Your Great Content To Reach More Audience

Have you taken stock of all the blog posts on your site and found out that a lot of them are not performing well?

Great! A lot of those non-performing posts could be made to do really better if something is creatively done. That’s what this blog post is all about.

The reason why you are so concerned about those non-performing posts is simply that they are not reaching the right audience in terms of the size that should be served. But should you continue to look helplessly at those posts and not turn them into a goldmine?

Well, before we go ahead into discussing our main subject, we need to understand what we are treating.

So, that takes us to the question, what is content repurposing?

What Does it Mean to Repurpose Content?

According to a post published by Mallory Mongeon on the EmailOnAcid blog, “Repurposing content is tailoring the format of the content based on a new channel and audience. Refreshing your content is updating old content to make it more relevant and enticing.”

Now that we are dealing with reaching more audience, it is safe to say that we are tailoring the format of what we have on our site so that we can use them to reach out to more people through another means or channel.

For instance, instead of depending on reaching them through our blog, we could change things so as to make it suitable to reach other people on Twitter, Facebook, our mailing list, etc.

Why should we repurpose our content?

We are not repurposing our content for the fun of it; we are doing so in order to achieve the desired target, which has several benefits to deliver in the long run. So, why exactly are we doing it?

Reach More Audience

The primary reason for repurposing your content is to reach more audience across different channels. You are aware that different people learn in different ways. While some prefer audio, others prefer visual or practical.

This is why you have to repurpose your posts to be able to cater to the specific needs of these individuals. With YouTube, for instance, you can comfortably serve those who love the audio-visual way of learning while podcast can take care of those who love audio. As for the visual learners, infographic would do the trick.

Save Time and Money

Another benefit of repurposing your content is that it saves time and money. All the time that would have been spent on researching new topics, creating graphics, and writing content would be saved since you have already done them when you were creating the original post you wish to repurpose. You only need to tweak and apply them to new channels and you are good to go.

Allows Cross-Promotional Marketing

When you repurpose and add a new channel, it allows you the freedom of maximizing your efforts through cross promotion.

For instance, if you do a paid post on Twitter or Google AdWords, you have the opportunity of linking to a post on your blog, a well-optimized landing page or a resource page for more benefits.

Add More Life to Your Content

If you publish a post on your blog or on Facebook, it may reach a few people over a short period and then fade away naturally.

But when you repurpose it and publish it on multiple channels, it adds a longer life to it because doing so would help it stay much longer on the net where it would be seen by different audiences.

7 Brilliant Ideas To Repurpose Your Great Content To Reach More Audience

I know you are in a hurry to know the brilliant ideas you could use to repurpose your great content to reach more audience.

In order not to waste your precious time, let’s quickly take a look at those ideas.

  1. Whitepaper

If you have a lengthy post on your blog, instead of limiting its reach, you could turn it into a white paper and then use it for lead generation.

Have you noticed that a lot of webmasters now publish posts of 2000 to 5000 words on their blog because Google is interested in seeing them deliver real value to their readers? Well, such posts are good enough to be converted into a white paper.

Just tweak the post a little by adding a new intro as well as the conclusion. Cap it up by adding a white paper cover and everything is settled.

  1. Email Campaign

Your email subscribers are not only interested in getting promotional materials from you; they also want to receive quality content. If you are not giving them that value, they could start unsubscribing from your list.

So, now that you have a quality audience in the form of the mailing list, why don’t you just share your white paper with them?

If you engage them well, they will be the first people to go to your blog to read your posts and help it go viral by sharing it with their friends.

  1. Go Through Your Blog Archives

Why have hundreds of articles with a lot of them remaining dormant and no longer reaching anyone? Sometimes, some blog posts that actually did well in the past could gradually slip into oblivion.

Going through your blog archives could help you discover common themes or threads that could be used for extending your content’s shelf life. You could also find one or two links that should be added into your e-book or white paper to bring in fresh readership.

  1. Organic Tweets

All social media networks perform differently in terms of engagement. While you may not perform too well on Twitter or Google+, it is possible to have a vibrant audience on Facebook and vice versa.

So, while you share your tweets on twitter or Facebook, there should be a way of incorporating a link to the original post on your blog so that more people can get to read them.

You could share or tweet your post several times daily but use different texts to make it look a bit unique. This increases your traffic and gets you more leads and sales.

  1. Take a look at your social media updates

It is possible you have a few lines that you would need to expand on. Don’t just allow it to fizzle out; instead, you should turn it into a blog post. You may also get inspirations from what others are posting.

Go through what you have read and shared previously. Whatever reason is behind your sharing the content, let that idea inspire you into creating fresh content along with that line.

If possible, compile the things you’ve read into a post, remembering to give credit to the original owners.

  1. Webinar

If you have created your content and everything is okay, it’s time to use them in a webinar and have people listen to your presentation live.

Put your post in a PowerPoint format and make sure everything is well formatted. Add quality graphics and the rest to make it really attractive.

  1. Quote yourself on social media

Do you still need more ideas to repurpose your great content to reach more audience? Then you need to take a look at your blog posts to see which of them has made the most significant impact on your audience.

Once you find one, get a quote from within it and share it in a text format with your audience on your social media networks. You could even share it as your personal favorite. This will get more people to see that blog post in the long run.


Ideas abound on how to get new audiences for your blog. But these 7 brilliant ideas to repurpose your great content to reach more audience have been tested to work well. Just try them out today and see how much traffic they could attract to the great contents you have on your site.

Don’t keep wishing that people should find your content and read them; you need to creatively and proactively do things that would put your content in front of those new audiences so that those brilliantly written posts would no longer be hidden from the public.

If you found this post helpful in some ways, you are free to share it with your friends, family, and colleagues.

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