5 Considerations for Choosing Your Blog Domain Name

Are you lost when it comes to picking a blog domain name?

Feeling stricken by analysis paralysis can hamstring your blogging career before it even starts.

I recall wanting to find the perfect domain name for my blog nearly 8 years ago. I spent days waffling back and forth between a few spammy-sounding, keyword stuffed offerings that would make the current day I vomit in disgust.

After wasting too much time I picked a name – blog since closed out – and ran with it.

In order to actually become a pro blogger, you gotta select and buy a domain name.

Follow these tips to cut through the confusion and to add clarity to the selection process.

1: Picture-Factor

Can you easily imagine your prospective domain name? You better be able to. We think in pictures.

Choose a domain name that people can easily picture. If they can see it, they will clearly feel the benefits that following your blog will afford them.

You buy into what you can see and understand, domain-wise. If you cannot easily imagine a domain name you likely won’t remember the domain name. Not a good look, being unmemorable.

Build a watch list of potential domain names. Honestly, observe if you can easily picture the domain. Since you think in pictures you will make folk’s lives easier by picking an easy to imagine domain name. You are actually doing some of their legwork for them.

2: Availability

One of the first commenters on Blogging From Paradise noted how he tried to buy the blog domain name the prior night.

Good timing. Thanks, Universe.

I checked availability and gobbled that sucker up once I found out it was ready for purchase.

Sometimes your dream domain has already been bought. Dem’s da breaks. But if you get a little creative and tweak a word here or there – without getting spammy – you can find an available, quality domain to buy.

3: Price

Pricing does factor into picking a domain name if you are working off of a budget.

I bought my domain name on the cheap. $14.99 USD. Some other domain names reach into the hundreds or thousands of dollars. All depends on how much cheddar you want to drop the name.

Set a domain name budget before you go cyber shopping. If you find a fabulous domain name related to your niche feel free to drop more dough on it. Think about the return on the investment; not just about the dollars here, guys.

4: Length

Size does matter ladies and gentleman.

You can nab the most clever domain name under the sun yet if it spans 3 or 4 words – or longer – you have a memory issue on your hands.

Folks remember short, punchy domain names. Folks do not remember long-winded, cumbersome domain names.

I selected bloggingfromparadise.com because it reached the outer limits of length. If I added 1-2 words I’d have selected a leaden, heavy domain name. Not unlike an anchor. Because every time you mention or link to a stupid long domain name it feels like an energetic drag.

Go short. Think punchy, snappy and crisp. People will remember you and your domain name if you don’t give ‘em 30 letters to remember.

5: Relevance

Does your domain name align fully with your niche?

Ensure the name matches the niche you cover.

Example; a blogger choosing domain names for the blogging tips niche would be wise to include either “blog” or “blogger” or “blogging” in the domain name. People understand easily how such a domain name relates to blogging.

Skip on picking obscure or complex domain names. Unless you build a dynamite, powerfully magnetic, charismatic brand it’ll be tough to grow your blog if you select an irrelevant name, not at all aligned with your blogging niche.

Your Turn Folks

How did you pick your domain name?

What tips can you add to this list?

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