These 4 Twitter Hacks Can Save You From Getting Banned

Ever since the US election held, the numbers of Twitter users have increased a lot. People are more into learning the better Twitter hacks to improve their profile.

Who doesn’t want to engage with the famous figures and gaining millions of followers? But it seems like a dream to many.

And the biggest problem occurs when people violate the Twitter terms and conditions which directly send them to the blacklist zone.

After getting your account blocked, you may regret the things you had been doing to gain more and more followers.

If you want to build your business, you should start slow and keep going. Twitter hacks work only for the legitimate people.

What’re the Things You Should Never Do to Gain Millions of Followers

The question arises as if what’re the mistakes people are making. Well, the question may seem pretty simple and you can find the answer on the web.

But the problem is that you can’t learn until you experience such stuff.

#1. Following the over-hyped profile

Now you may be thinking as if where did that come from? Well, it’s something I have experienced.

If you check any profile with lots of me, me, and my considerations, you should never follow such person. It’s just for the 90% of the people.

You see not a professional profile pic, all that crazy cover photo with every possible sign to showcase what he/she is selling.

It’s more like a promotional account which isn’t going to help you in any way.

Personalizing your account to build a brand is really good but not considering your followers is a turnoff. Most of such accounts get banned by Twitter.

So you should neither create it nor follow.

#2. The Profile With “tinyurl

From the last couple of months, I have been noticing that millions of accounts have created by the adult industry users.

You will see a beautiful girl and there would be a URL in the bio. And that would include “TinyURL”.

Isn’t that crazy how the companies are trying to persuade the professional people to visit their XXX websites. I know you got the point.

Didn’t you?

We all know that people are attracted to the gorgeous ladies but after some time, Twitter bans these accounts due to the vulgar content.

And you wouldn’t want to be a part of this.

#3. Having “ZERO” Following

Whenever I tell people that I have 35,000+ followers on Twitter, they always ask how many people you are following.

I just tell them one thing. People follow you to follow them back. They expect you to return the favor and they give an example of the celebrities.

“Famous people have the stardom and you’re not famous”

So just act like a normal person and stop thinking about keeping the following list zero. If you check through the Twitter monitoring tools, you will realize that Twitter warns you before opening such accounts.

Unfollowing all the people are considered as spam and this can lead to the permanent blockage of your account. This is one of the most useful Twitter hacks you should learn.

And I am sure, you wouldn’t want to follow someone you know wouldn’t follow you back until and unless it’s a celebrity.

#4. Never Ignore the Twitter Notifications

I always say to follow more and more people to gain more followers. But it doesn’t mean you keep going on and on.

Twitter also has a policy which is dependent on the ratio of people you follow and the people who follow you back. You can’t spoil the platform.

At some point, Twitter will show you that you’re not able to follow more people at the moment. It seems odd to many people.

Well, it’s their algorithm and you should respect it. Twitter is one of the best micro-blogging platforms right now and this very moment.

If you want to scale your business and build your personal brand, you should follow the rules. If you still go on with an urge to have more followers, you can get banned.

Is There Any Other Twitter Hacks You Would Like to Mention

We all learn from each other. You may also have experienced something new on this platform. If you use it regularly, you can definitely tell which profile is legit.

Though it’s all about guessing still you can have an idea what’s best for you. You wouldn’t want to follow anyone who isn’t even interested in what you share.

Scaling your business takes some time and Twitter has become the platform to show your status. Telling that you have thousands of followers affects the decision someone takes.

Showing your professionalism is what it takes to keep your Twitter profile clean. These Twitter Hacks can help you save yourself for so long.

If you have something to share, I would be happy to hear from you in the comment section.

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Ravi Chahar

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Shantanu Sinha - January 2, 2018

Hello Ravi,

Good to see you here on Adeel’s space 🙂

Good one over here 🙂

People are now highly active on social media platforms and they are willing to know the hacks which can help them from
getting their profiles look good and attract many people.

Twitter has indeed seen a tremendous ris ein their users, no doubt its one of the best social media platform for getting
one seen in the large crowd and also to promote our stuff better in front of open world.
Yet there are terms and conditions by the Twitter which are needed to be kept in mind while exploring this social media

Great list of hacks which one needs to keep in mind if they want to grow over twitter.

Indeed people follow us in the think that we would be following them back, thus its good to hit a follow back button if
some real person is following us, it good to check their profile and hit a follow back button.

Tinyurl thing is something new for me to learn from your space. I have seen this a lot with the people who follow me.

Thanks for the share.


    Ravi Chahar - January 2, 2018

    Hey Shantanu,

    Twitter has always been one of my favorite social media platforms. I have analyzed many profiles and still do that.

    People are making so many mistakes which can directly get their account banned. Hope you’re not making any.

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Have a great day.

Yusuf - January 2, 2018

Nice Post Ravi..
Here are just some inputs to your post..

How to get followers who are interested in your tweets or rather we can say who will engage with your tweets..

–>search for your keywords which are related to your field with hashtag.. E.g if you are in Digital Marketing than make a search for #DigitalMarketing than click on the tweet which has already retweets and likes, check who retweeted/liked that tweet, follow them.. Because if they have retweeted or liked means they are interested in that..
And do the same for other tweets also..

By doing this you will gain some active and interested followers related to your field..

Muhammad Arsalan - January 2, 2018

Nice article, Keep it up!


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