2017: My Blogging Year in My Own Review

December 31st is the day, today.

And going to be the minus one day of the year 2017.

I so remember when we’d entered into 2000 (the new century) and well remember the day when entered 2017.

Seventeen years have passed from the new century which brought me very good and very bad moments.

The good thing was I got into the online world.

But so many bad things happened side by side in all these seventeen years… Tragic ones, too.

But… Pardon me.

I am all here to document how the year 2017 went for me, how it treated me (or I treated) through my blog.

2017: My blogging year

This year I finally earned for the first time.

As most of you would definitely know that I’ve been blogging (on and off) since 2008.

So, 2017 was the year who earned me the money, real money.

And it all happened with the writing. I tried my hands on Fiverr and PeoplePerHour and went for about a month. It literally was so awesome experience working on what I love(d) to do; the writing.

As I said, I continued it for a one-complete month then stopped.

With the blog, I hardly posted with the schedule (I suck a big time with following a persistent schedule for a good long time.)

Happened to have about 87 new posts in the whole year which include guest posts and my own posts, all together.

This number of posts is definitely higher because I had devised a way to keep coming with one specific post type. So it did help!

And then I attended just one physical blogging-related event in the whole year. I lacked with it…

I am the unknown type of a blogger

I admit I’m an inconsistent, irregular, and nonserious blogger who’s all around since the years but not progressing.

Yes, I do admit…

But I need you to help me.

Help me get onto picking up the game of blogging.

Motivate me, please.

Get me to become the blogger.

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