Why Every Blogger Must Keep Up with Social Media Accounts Daily

Why Bloggers Must Man Their  Social Media Accounts DailyYou have the social media accounts setup, right?

Are you using them for personal, business or work?

But if you ain’t using for any thing? Why not please…??

Let me tell you something…

Social media world is a big fish or a sea or better say an ocean. Authoritative and non-authoritative, influential and non-influential, celebrities and common persons, CEOs and housewives, doctors and nurses, youngsters and new-born babies, even almost everyone online has social life setup and running on social media sites. And of course booming time by time and day by day.

With this online social revolution, we gigantically have limited our outdoor lives (so sad), our sporting activities and have gotten ourselves struck into PCs, laptops, smart phones, tablets, gaming consoles, etc. and these technological peripherals are destroying what — our real social life.

Okay, I am sorry I am not going to actually debate/write/converse about the technology’s bad effects on our social life. It is not me actually because I love the technological boom in this time as I live in a very small village but I am connected with the great folks like you living anywhere and everywhere in the globe. So, why should I defame the technology while it is giving me never-ending benefits?

I seriously won’t.. won’t defame it at all.

I am actually here to debate on the centric key point of social media’s boom on lives of bloggers. I meant how they can retain their online presence through social media accounts and how social media can give an enormous boost to their relationships with their audiences to further develop and strengthen up.

Role of Social Media in Blogosphere

Like everyone else, we as bloggers do have our accounts set up to capture the like-minded people walking up on the social media sites to find the information. The information of any kind and as bloggers, many may cover the same niche/industry/field. So, it is vital and evident that traffic from social media sites can take a route to run on our blog’s pathways.

But what if we are not really on social media sites?

Okay. Expect to not get your chunk from social media sites. Mind it..

With this scenario in mind, people consume the information, leave the comments as an appreciation and share on their social media accounts. And hopefully that target person may become a referral trigger to send in more like-minded people hungry for the information whom can repeat the same process as the first target person and the cycle might continue, right?

In this situation, we as bloggers need to reciprocate the same act through our social media accounts we embedded into our blogs to stand firm in social media world. And that is very recommended.


I will tell you a bit later.. just a second.

Why Bloggers Should Man Their Social Media Accounts Daily

Because they must have to. They should be.

By manning your social media accounts for your blogging journey is an evidence that you’re serious. Adding a personal touch in every single reply to your audience on social media accounts makes them to believe you’re respondent, caring, friendly and more on that you’re building up a positive impression in hearts and minds of your audience. Like you’re sticking deep in their thoughts.

This affirms the returning and crafting your audience into loyal ones in the long run.

How Bloggers Should Man Their Social Media Accounts Daily

Yeah, that’s the question with endless answers. The few notables points I observed for myself are the following to do better at social media accounts on daily basis:

  1. Reply to tweets, updates, shares by fellow bloggers from your niche/industry/field.
  2. When possible, reply one-to-one upon receiving mentions/replies as it leaves good impression that you replied individually.
  3. Always try to leave a call to action in replies. It helps to spark the conversation.
  4. Greet your new followers, new friends, new connections and must add a CTA (call to action) but possibly avoid to automate this greeting process. The personal touch is a win-win situation to initiate the friendly bond right from the beginning.
  5. Re-share and re-tweet their updates with always mentioning the sharer and the original source.
  6. Do not worry if you don’t get replies all the time upon sharing someone’s gem. The results can’t stick at 100% all the time. It is all about making relationship, right? And it takes time as well, correct? Keep doing what you do!
  7. Send conversation-provoking updates on social media sites where you know you get connected with most of your audience.
  8. Think social media as a part of your blogging journey hence your audience is and can be present on the social media sites and not just on your blog all the time.
  9. Liking and having favorite are parts of the conversation as well. Most bloggers do very good at mentioning the people liked and having favorite their updates with no reply in words. This comes with the double impact for those people and will spark sooner or later to dive into the conversation.

As I told you earlier, the answers could vary person to person but these are just some very basic ideas I do, will to do and observed over the time.

You know that we put our social media accounts there on our blogs for some reason, isn’t it? If we keep this one simple fact buried deep in the mind that social media is part of our blogging journey, we can eventually do very good and start to make an impact on many living beings.

[Tweet “Mind that using social media is not about making an influence. It is about making an impact.”]

An ever-lasting impact where you are present to talk, to solve, to listen, to respond and to act for your audience to rectify their issues, concerns, doubts and problems which they could be facing now or later.

So after reading all these, still do not plan to consume the power of social?

If so then sorry mate but get ready to write the content for yourself, siblings, parents, relatives and the few non-offline friends.

Over to YOU!

I have few questions for you:

– Are you really consuming your social media accounts to serve you something — get noticed in the blogosphere?

– What types of social actions you’re using if I didn’t cover in my list?

– Are you satisfied with your social power and its result?

Do let me know!

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