What Happens When You Write Continuously

What do you think could result into if you write every day?

Imagine writing for days, for months or even for years and then imagine what would happen.

Won’t it be resulted into being labeled as “the writer“, isn’t it?

Yes, “the writer” irrespective of being called as good or bad or just an average.

That’s too dependable on the quality and the grip over your content quality.

Being “the bad writer“, “the good writer” and “the average writer” will still require time. The more you’ll write now and will keep going with the momentum for awhile then that will decide what kind of “the writer” you’re.

What’s writer’s daily responsibility?

Being the writer is our job to produce the words every day.

And it is part of our own set responsibilities to keep knocking it down every day.

Produce the content every day no matter what you face or how severely the weather pounds on you — make the writing going.

Calling the type of the writer is… in your hands!

As I told, it is all up to you.

How you move around for years in practicing the writing, it will decide for you to be called as the type of writer; good, bad or average.

Years ago when it was hard to be called as the writer due to minimum resources to be publishing your writeups, those who had the privilege, they did best and were really called “the good writer”.

Now since there are numerous ways to get your writeups published freely and easily and anywhere you can, we are actually happening to see lots of less “the good writer“…

Yes, that’s true. At least I am witnessing that.

Everyone is writing these days and that has made the situation even worst.

Let’s take the writer using the English language as the primary language to write the content in.

Having little know-how of the writing skill as well as a bad approach to the English language, they’ve stepped up on the wrong path and are ready to be called as the “the bad writer” and some may even score “the average writer” right from the start.

What do you need to do to actually labeled as the good writer?

The first thing is “write”.

Then learn the art of writing.

The art of writing can be learned by reading the noblest writers.

As I cover blogging, I would recommend reading these blogging gems who have the unique style of writing;

Ryan Biddulph of BloggingFromParadise.com

Corinne Kerston of CorinneKerston.com

Mi Muba of BeAMoneyBlogger.com

Harleena Singh of Aha!NOW

Sue Dunlevie of SuccessfulBlogging.com

Hassaan Khan of HassaanKhan.com

Ilays Tarar of IlyasTarar.com

They are writing continuously and then reaping the fruits out of it.

For referencing to learn the art of writing, they are the best to explore.

Ending part…

What’s your schedule of posting?

How deliberately you’re involved with writing?

Happy “continuously” writin’!

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