Start Now, Ship Regularly, Practice More and Pursue Excellence

We bloggers are strange creatures. There are all kinds of us. The wanna be perfect bloggers and the fun loving, always giving folks like Ryan Biddulph for example.

Just like our beautiful planet, the blogosphere is not flat. Bloggers often end up facing the same problems again and again because of the spherical nature of their world. Too many times, we come back to the same point.


Sounds familiar? You need not worry because…

Great Authors Have Advice for You!

They say that books are the best companions. And what are companions for if they don’t help solve our problems?As it turns out, they do help us and a lot. You’re going to find it out pretty soon.

I read books from some great authors. They contain some great advice for the citizens of the blogosphere, and this blog post aims to bring that advice right in front of your eyeballs to consume and follow.

Let’s begin!

Yaro Starak – “You Don’t Have To Be An Expert To Start”

Why start with Yaro? Because he’s a blogger and that too of the highest class. He’s the author of Blog Profits Blueprint, which is a complete blogging guide for beginners. Yaro gave wonderful advice to new bloggers.

Yaro advises that you don’t need to be an expert to start a blog. You just have to have a strong desire to be an expert in your topic by learning more and more about it.

So, if you feel you’re not an expert, start becoming an expert. But most importantly, START NOW!

Seth Godin – “Real Artists Ship”

Seth Godin blogs daily. He posts every single day. He ships!

The most beautiful word in his book Linchpin is SHIP. By shipping, he means setting a deadline and ship on that day; ready or not. Whatever you can produce, ship it on that day. He certainly walks this talk on his blog.

Whatever you can produce, ship it! Click To Tweet

Bloggers, the authentic ones, are artists. Some of us don’t ship often. And that’s what we need to do more. Just keep hitting the publish button again and again. There’s no need to be perfect. Just ship!

Just keep hitting the publish button again and again. Click To Tweet

Malcolm Gladwell – “The 10,000 Hours Rule”

Outliers are the international best-seller by Malcolm Gladwell. It’s a fantastic book which simplifies the story of success. One the chapters in named “10000 Hours Rule” which discusses the apparent rule of success by giving examples of Bill Gates, The Beatles, and Billy Joy.

Each of the individuals or teams mentioned above roughly practiced for 10,000 hours before they felt experts in their respective fields. The tendency of 10,000 hours is so common that it seems like a rule. So, what’s the takeaway here?

Well, if you wish to be an expert in something, practice it for 10,000 hours. Calculations are entirely up to you, but if you manage to practice something for that amount of time, you are bound to become an expert.

Now, apply this lesson to blogging, SEO, content writing or whatever you wish to be an expert at. Practice!

Robin Sharma – “Pursue Excellence Not Perfection”

Robin Sharma, a great author, gives a very useful alternative to perfection. It’s one word; EXCELLENCE!

Perfection is a standard; often virtual and unachievable. It’s a hindrance, not an enabler. Excellence, on the other hand, doesn’t bind us. It requires us to practice. It obliges us to make mistakes.

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Mistakes are not acceptable in perfection. But excellence is incomplete and ungettable without committing errors. Let’s compare both a bit.

  • The flexibility toward mistakes that makes excellence a better option than perfection.
  • Perfection punishes failure; excellence rewards it.
  • Perfection causes stress and anxiety whereas excellence encourages problem solving and creativity.
  • Perfection delays SHIPPING. Excellence values whatever we ship.

Bloggers can easily take the path of excellence and become excellent by starting, shipping regularly and practicing hard. Excellence is our best friend. Perfection is just a foe of appearing friendly.

Excellence is what we should pursue. It doesn’t require us to be perfect. It just requires learning and persistent application.


No fluff! Let’s just conclude what we covered. Here’s a summary. Brackets contain the name of authors who inspired these lessons.

  • Just start. Don’t wait to be an expert. Become an expert later but start now! (Yaro Starak)
  • Be the real blogger. Ship regularly and on time. Ship whatever you have but ship! (Seth Godin)
  • Practice. Do it for 10,000 hours, and you will become an expert! (Malcolm Gladwell)
  • Perfection is not required; excellence is. Pursue excellence, mistakes are ok, and failures are milestones to success. (Robin Sharma)

PS: These lessons can be applied to any aspect of life.

Which author’s advice inspired you the most? Do share your thoughts in the comments below.

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