Is Social Media Marketing taking the place of Email Marketing?

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media is one of the most popular tools for digital marketing in the present digitalized world. Now that you have landed on our article I think it will be safe to assume that you have at least the faintest idea of what Social media means, right? Even if you don’t, I’ll give you a quick introduction and then we’ll jump to the topic of discussion:

Social Media is a type of platform (both web and mobile internet based) where like-minded people or people belonging to a particular community or interest can network and communicate ideas. Let’s assume that you don’t even have your own Facebook profile, LinkedIn profile or even a Gmail account – if that’s the case then the first thing that I’ll suggest to you is to get yourself registered on these platforms and then go ahead with the information provided in the article.

social media marketing

Woof! So this is what I had to tell you as the brief introduction to what Social Media is; Now let’s talk about what social media marketing means: Social Media sounds like a crowded place from the introduction we read above, and yes it is which makes it a good channel for marketing as well.

Digital Marketers all over the world have been using Social Media as a primary channel for marketing since the last few years after the advent of the business changing social media: FACEBOOK! Such social media websites have huge chunks their own populated data which can be used by advertisers all over the world to advertise their products, services, goods and what not!

How effective is social media marketing for businesses in today’s world?

To explain that in word – Super Effective! But let me just dive into a few intricate details of that because that won’t cut your thirst for knowledge, right?

The very first thing about Social Media (especially Facebook) is that they prefer to distinguish their data on the basis of interests. These are the interests or businesses or Pages that people on this social network have subscribed to or shown interest in.

This makes it a good option for the advertisers to use this channel as one of the possible media sources for reaching out to the potential customers who have subscribed to your product related interests or something even close to that (which is known as Affinity audience).

Can Social Media be used to drive conversions and leads?

Yes, it definitely can be used to drive sales and conversions and leads for all types of businesses all over the world, or else why would the marketers like us use it to drive conversions for our clients, right? Or why would the industrialist and business owners pay hefty sums of money to market over Social Media?

The social media networks all over the world in all the countries are only becoming larger and more diverse in nature in order to accommodate everyone’s interests and likes, which will just add to this already existing fire of social media marketing.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is also one of the powerful tools of digital marketing in present market scenario. As you have now understood what social media means, right? Now let me give you a quick introduction to email marketing.

Email marketing

Email marketing is a great channel for marketers who are belonging to a specific community and have access to the list of subscribers pertaining to that particular community. They need to connect with their customers in a highly personalized manner.

How effective is email marketing for businesses in today’s world?

Today, Email is known as the currency of the web and everyone who is online has an active email address so when it comes to connecting with your audience, there is no effective channel with a wider reach than email. According to Forrester Research, if marketers have to select between adding a subscriber into your email marketing network and getting a new Facebook fan, they would definitely go with an email subscriber. Emails are personal and can be customized and no one can limit access to your audience. Email marketing helps you build relationships with your audience, and businesses.

When we talk about conversions, there are only few as powerful and effective channels like Email. The average click-through rate of an email marketing campaign is 3%, while the average click-through rate from a tweet is 0.5%. Which means, that there is 6 times higher possibility to get someone to click to your business through email. Email marketing campaign is highly measurable and monitors customers with real-time access to metrics like clicks, bounces, forwards, and social share. Furthermore, those who incorporate their email marketing services into a CRM software like Salesforce may have visibility to how their email marketing affects business prospects and deals.

Which one do we think is better?

As market diversifies, many digital marketing companies are facing a dilemma – which platform is best for their campaigns. According to the market study, we have gathered that reductions and increases are different across different channels. Most importantly, it’s not necessary to choose one, both social media and email marketing can generate a lot of benefit. An email share is worth $13 and Google + share is worth $6, while Facebook and Twitter give smaller returns. Despite Facebook posts only reaching a fraction of the audience, CTR rates are strong on social media. LinkedIn CTR rates are close to 9% and total CTR rates of Facebook and Twitter are over 6%.

A Social media channel is a great way to gain traffic to email newsletters so that companies can be more confident of reliable exposure. Most important thing is that most of the people don’t open emails more than once and they hardly share with anyone. But on the other hand, posts shared on social media can go viral immediately because if you have 1000 followers sharing the posts again and again then you will have reached millions.


Social media and email marketing are the most important pillars in digital marketing. It is important to remember where each channel gives you the best results. I personally recommend, use email marketing when you are looking for very specific reach, traffic, and direct conversions. Manage your social media also, it is a great tool for which can help you engage with your customers and increase your sales revenue. There is no specific reason to choose one platform for your business. Just be sure to allocate your resources in the right direction.

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