Anchor Text: 6 Types You Need to Top SEO

6 Types of Anchor Text for SEOThis is the guest-post done by the great talented little genius named, Shakir Hassan, who is making us to learn how anchor text works.

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If you have been in SEO, then you might be aware with the term of Link-Building. Link-Building is the core-centered heart of SEO. And anchor text should be your dearest friend when it comes to link-building efforts you’re proving to up the game for.

Without non-powerful back-links, it would be really tough for you to fight with any particular keyword of your competitors ranking for in such an era of SEO.

Many of webmasters, especially beginners consider that obtaining back-links from anywhere can bring their blog to the next level. But friends! It is totally wrong.

Google gives a good heck of importance to quality back-links BUT not to quantity of back-links.

This is it like: If any country’s president is with you no one can do anything to you. But if you have tons of people who fight for you and are sent from the country’s president, you will obviously loose the fight.

This is the same case with Google too; If a quality website supports you, you don’t need support of minor sites.

This is why we say quantity is clearly NOT better than quality and especially in link-building’s point of view.

However if you have the right techniques obtaining back-links for your site (idea), but don’t own (or even the idea) the correct skills and approach to build them, then it can crack up your SEO campaign.

I was talking about anchor text; yes it is a basic code of coding language; HTML.

But do you know how it works in terms of SEO?

Probably, “NO”.

And especially if you are just beginning with link-building strategy. However this post is for everybody, and now let me get started with it.

Anchor text’s definition done by Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anchor_text

What is Anchor Text?

So before to get aware with the types of anchor text, you should to have a firm understands of Anchor Text Definition. What is it, how it’s work etc.

Anchor Text is nothing but just a simple text that consists of any links. You often see the anchor text. And after click on such text you automatically reached the URL that contains some relevant information of redirected website.

Suppose, you may be reading an article and seeing something like: “SEO Tips” – so, “SEO Tips” is the anchor tag.

You have to create it manually and all the times. Simply memorize the below HTML code.

<a href=http://www.yoursite.com/> Your Site Here </a>

The Types of Anchor Text

If you want to create a natural looking back-links profile, you ought to be familiar with the best types of anchor texts.

Now, let me elaborate in details and with real example.

Branded Anchor Text

Branded anchor tag is one of the kind that usually consists your brand name. And you effort to get a back-link solely for your brands’ name.

For example, this site name is AdeelSami and its URL is http://www.adeelsami.com/, so in order to create a branded anchor text of this brand you could use below code.

“Here at AdeelSami you can learn basic-to-advanced SEO case studies, tips and success stories.”

So you can see at above line, AdeelSami is bold with dark blue color. There is not a chance as such an anchor text to receive penalty by Google Algorithms, i.e. Google Panda.

Generic Anchor Text

Generic anchor tag is especially used for “Call-to-ActionCTA-alike statements:

“Click Here”
“Go Here”
“Check Here”
“Continue Here”

& so on.

For Example,Click here if you are looking for SEO information.” – “Click here” is the generic format of the anchor text.

Naked Link Anchor Tag

This is the very safest and non-crossed Google Penalty Risk anchor tag.



Image Anchor Text

You generally toss in pictures join with each battle since it’s an extraordinary approach to broaden your site’s profile.

Search engines use sImage Alt tag as an anchor text. But if you leave ALT (alt) tag empty and insert an URL to the image then it will be considered as No-text anchor tag.

Partial Match Anchor Text

Partial matches are fundamentally the same to synonyms. The huge contrast is that you are making the content variety as opposed to utilizing an instrument.

Here are a few illustrations for target catchphrase “third party referencing“:

“Find out about third party referencing”
“Quality third party referencing guide”
“This third party referencing article”

I utilize incomplete match regularly on the ground that it’s an exceptionally normal method for connecting to another site.

Exact Match Anchor Text

“Exact match” is the ruler of all content. They have the ability to expand your rankings, additionally have the ability to lend you a punishment. An exact match anchor text is the careful match of whatever your objective watchword is for the objective page.

For example, if my targeted keyword is Google Hangout, then my exact match anchor text becomes “Google Hangout”.

I hope the article I wrote would help you, but still if you have any question or suggestion let me know via comment section.

Author’s Bio: Shakir Hassan is a 14-year (yes! That’s true) and secondary school-based young guy. He is experienced in blogging and implementing all those tips and tricks on his blog, GreenWorld757.

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