The Secret of Finding Profitable YouTube Niches

We watch thousands of videos on YouTube but have no idea of profitable niches.

It was making me sick too until I found this aha strategy for getting millions of views on my videos and started making bucks without working on trending videos…

Let’s face it Most of the Vloggers think that they can only get thousands of views on their content if the videos are related to the thrilling news.

However, it is not.

Moreover, we all know that copying the videos of the News channel and other sports channel is the copyrighted content and no matter how much you are expert at it copyrights are going to catch you.

Long story short, that is the risk and zero value work where you can lose your channels at any time.

So, I am going to tell you the exact method of finding youtube profitable niches step by step…

Prefer your Interest

Most of the innocent YouTube workers make this mistake that they only see the monthly searches when it comes to choosing the keywords for their channel.

I am also one of those innocent V loggers.

Here’s the story:

At the starting of my YouTube journey, I selected the Dog Training topic for my channel because the searches were out of my imagination for every different dog…

Apparently, I bought a cute puppy, and after learning from some courses, I started explaining how to train your dog in my videos…

After uploading some videos, people started watching my content and leaving the comments which I still remember…

Come on Man you are scared of your Dog.”

“Please stop teasing that small puppy.”

Also, someone said;

I was not searching for the funny dog training videos.”

You see? Why I still remember the comments on my videos, okay keep smiling it is actually how I learned it the hard way…

Let’s get back to our Point now:

Believe me, the keyword searches will never define the profitability of any topic for your videos, but your interest is very much important.

In case if you are getting the success with the subject where you are not interested soon you will be frustrated due to the lack of content ideas.

So, before starting the channel think thrice that the topic you are going to pick for making videos is of your interest because you are going to make videos on it for a pretty long time.

The easy way of doing this is by just writing down your interest on a page before doing the keyword research, and you will be only finding the keywords related to your interest.

Don’t you understand smart Vlogger? Let me give you the example.

Suppose for a minute with me that your interests are Cricket, Motivation, and Hockey. So you just need to write these down on the page

Also, then do the keyword research for these three niches and select the high searched topic for your channel.

I know this is not using any science, but still, it is an essential step as I am mentioning it again that your interest makes the niche more profitable.

The best way of Finding Topics

If you think that the interests you have already written for your channel are too standard or its very difficult to make the content around those topics

Then I am suggesting you some sites where you can find a large number of niches, but again you just have to select the one who interested you more naturally for making fresh content.

Here’s the Hack:

Only open the StumbleUpon and create a profile, then click on your profile in the top right corner.

It will open a new navigation bar then find and click on the “Add Interests.” Now you will be on the page of interests, just click on the “ALL, every, ” and you will see the huge list of niches.

You can notice every niche listed there and keep selecting the favorite one and store in your document.

Also, it is impossible at least for me to scroll through this list without coming up my channel idea.

There is also one other source which I mostly use for getting the niche ideas called Dotdash.com; It is one of the largest directories of content on the Internet.

You can just open their A-Z list and browse through all the topics…

In this way, you can select the topics of your interest and write them down in a document and head to the keyword research part and filter your ideas according to their popularity.

Let’s move to my favorite part now, yes the keyword research.

Filter Niches by doing Keyword Research

If you also love reading the online marketing blogs in your free time like me, then you may already know that keyword research is fundamental no matter you are working on YouTube or blogging.

Here’s why it is critical:

Besides Competition, while you are doing the keyword research you are deciding that you need the high amount of page views or the low one.

If you select the topic with high keywords searches you will get more traffic and will get less traffic if the keyword is not that famous, it is that simple!

Obviously, you are going to target the high volume keywords, right?

Let the process begins:

By just opening this keyword tool which shows only the YouTube keyword searches and put your seed keywords in it.

Seed keywords are not the particular topic for your videos but are the main keywords for checking the complete niche popularity like if I selected the “dog training.”

The seed keywords will be like….

Dog Training

Dog Training Tips

Dog Training tutorials

Dog Training Instructions

Dog Training online

So, you have to find your seed keywords and put them in that keyword tool, and I know it’s not hard.

Now my criteria in this will be if searches of most of my seed keywords are more than 50k I will happily pick that niche and write it down in the separate file…

You have to do some work and check the seed keywords of every niche you have stored in the document while selecting the niches of your interest.

After writing down the search popularity of every niche seed keywords select the one niche which interests you more and also have the handsome searches on it every month.

Bonus Tip in your Keyword research

The tip that I am going to share with you is simple but very important. Also, most of the people keep this secret while teaching others the keyword research.

So here it is: After selecting one of your final niche which interests you more and also has the decent amount of searches per month as I told you before, you also need to check if people are still searching for it?

I know you cannot understand what I am talking about, but all this will make sense in a while, stay with me…

Let’s suppose with me for a minute that 7500 people are searching for “home remedies for Cough Treatment” every month according to the keyword research tools…

The keyword tools evaluate the monthly volume by dividing the total volume of keyword 12 times meaning 12 months.

I mean if the keyword is searched for the 90 thousand times on July 5th and then never searched again whole year the keyword tool will tell you that the average monthly searches of the keyword by dividing it 12 times so that it will be 7500…

However, did you notice what’s happened?

It means the searches only boosted up at the 5th of July and then straight drop so if you are working on this keyword by expecting 7500 people are still searching for it then you are dodged by the keyword tools.

So for checking if the keyword does not trend just for some time, but people kept searching for it the complete year check out the Google Trends.

Just put your one selected niche seed keywords in Google explore topics bar, and that will show you the trend of that keyword since five years where people searched more times or where it is dropped as indicated below.

Profitable YouTube Niches

You already got it that after selecting the niche its compulsory to check that it is the evergreen niche or just the event where the users are searching for those keywords just for some days or months.

Create Content that gives you Maximum Viewers

After selecting the niche, 50 percent of your job is done, and now it is time to grab the highest searchers to watch your and only your content.

These all the things including niche selection, high volume keywords, finding your interest will only work if you are going to create the very high-quality content.

Here’s what I am saying:

If you are entering the high searched niche then it means that thousands of videos are already available on this same topic, so you need to be the unique.

You may turn already tired of hearing the word “exclusive content,” but I will also tell you how you can create this.

Also, if your content is not okay, then other efforts will never help you in getting more and more views.

Let me tell you the unique content myth now.

Start with the Headlines:

If your videos are ranking for some keywords on YouTube search or related videos section, then you can only get the views if your headlines are very appealing.

Also when people are clicking on your videos instead of others, then YouTube will rank you more up due to high CTR, that is why attractive writing headlines are so important.

Suppose you are searching for the Dog Training and the two results came up with headlines

How to do Dog Training.”

Dog Training: Ultimate Guide without getting him Angry.”

The second one is more appealing, right? So if you are like the most people you will click on the second video.

That is why you need to learn the attractive titles of your videos that will help to stand your content.

I usually write 10-15 titles for my every content from all the perspectives and then only select the best one, and it is huge for me in getting the views.

Don’t Forget Video Quality:

Most of the new Vloggers compromise on the video quality, and when viewers arrive on low-quality videos they only leave, and that effects on video ranking.

So you need to use the best vlogging camera for recording your videos and then reduce its size but not quality for better streaming and high quality.

I must tell you that Americans and other premium users have high-speed internet and they prefer to watch the 1080p videos, so don’t forget it.

First 15-20 Seconds are much Important

YouTube also said that after checking the analytics it is clear that user decides to watch the complete video or leave the video in first 15-20 seconds.

So, if you can stick your users they will watch the entire video otherwise will watch the other content that’s negative signal for your content.

At your start, you need to state the problem of the users and offer them the solution instead of introducing yourself that most of the people do.

Let’s take our dog training example here it is better to say at the start.

“Is your dog is not listening to you during training? I will tell you the easy training method here. ”

Instead of saying

“Hi I am Mik, and I will teach you dog training.”

Now I hope you understand how to stick your users for the complete video that will obviously help you in getting the more views and rankings.

Create Eye Catching Thumbnails

After headlines thumbnails are also very famous on YouTube because after searching for something user decides to watch the video by title and thumbnail.

So, for getting the more clicks on videos, you need to optimize your thumbnails like a professional graphics designer.

I usually use Canva app for painting the thumbnails there are also other hundreds of software available for painting the beautiful pictures.

For me, writing problem’s solution on thumbnails with interesting image works more than just adding the simple picture.

Like for dog training, I will write on thumbnail…

“Dog Training easy Guide’s.”

is also very important that don’t write the same headline of title on thumbnail because it is the different opportunity of getting the click on your video.

So, write short and sweet titles on your thumbnails for getting the more views.

Final Words

When you are selecting the niche, find the enough topics of your interest and write them down in a document and then get the best one by filtering with keyword research.

However, when you have decided a niche then keep creating content on it, I know at starting the more chances are that you are not going to get the huge views.

It will take much great content until you start getting views and earning good bucks.

Also, it will be worth mentioning again that optimize your videos for high CTR because if you can master the method of getting more clicks on your videos, half of your job is done in YouTube views journey…

Now you know more than I guess 80 percent of new Vloggers and can quickly make authority channel by using these methods.

Let me know which problems are you facing in the YouTube earning?

See you in the comments.

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