I am Returned … Not Back

Yes, my mates!

I am returned.

Returned to the blogging.

But not back to blogging.

Because “return” is the word that indicates that one will never leave.

And saying “back” is kind of making an impression that it is just for a temporary time-span OR I will pause again in near or far future … once again.

But …

I just wanna tell (and I will prove) that I WILL NOT BE DISAPPEARED. (SORRY FOR THE caps lock .. Oh sorry again..) .. 🙂

So, this very time I will stay. And stay for long until the end of life, if GOD permits.

Why I was absent though?

This is the question I repent to answer to.

Many things, many events and many issues contributed to my absence.

But those were to happen anyways. I’d have to not let me dig deep into them because they were the reality which I had to face.

They are faced .. And some are ongoing.

I feel bad for missing out on blogging due to them.

But here’s the famous saying (I guess) ..; “You have to keep going no matter what stops you. Even if you have to stop, your stop should be for a moment and not forever.”

So, this time I am staying for good.

I am returned!

I believe it now

Everyone has the same amount of time; 24 hours in a single day.

Today’s successful bloggers and entrepreneurs do not have the 25 hours in a day.

They don’t have an extra hour than ours.

And they are successful now because they managed their time from the day 1.

So, I have a firm believe that I have the same 24 hours in my day like everyone’s else.

Just that I have to manage it well. Spend it on “DOING THINGS” and not by wasting it watching videos, TV or anything.

Comfort zone is not my place to live in.

That’s it!

That’s very it, folks!

See me “returned” and “not back”! 🙂

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