Which Plugins Do You Use?

There is no any blog in the world running without any plugin.

Even when you install the WordPress, it comes with 2-3 plugins which we (or we don’t) delete or turn them off.

My this post is very straight forward.

I won’t take your so much time. 🙂

And it is just the research I want to conduct to find out what my good friends are using in terms of WordPress plugins.

So in this case, I may land on some too-awesome plugins to try on my place.

And many other fellow bloggers may find out of which plugins do you use as being experienced bloggers.

Let me start listing up what I am using.

Which Plugins I am using on my WordPress blog

I am using:


Broken Link Checker


EWWW Image Optimizer

Fast Secure Contact Form

Genesis eNews Extended

Remove query strings from static resources

Simple Social Icons


W3 Total Cache

Wordfence Security


Yoast SEO

These are total of 13 active plugins I am using at my place.

And here’s the screen-shot from my plugin’s page:

Which plugins do you use?

Which plugins I so admire?

I would say Akismet, Broken Link Checker, CommentLuv, SuMoMe, W3 Total Cache, and Yoast SEO.

These are the most-useful plugins for me, I believe.

SuMoMe out of the list is the all-rounder plugin, coming with email boxes, sharing, heat maps, etc. So, if you’re not using SuMoMe for now and you’d like to try it out, give it a try and experience the power of this small plugin.

So, which plugins do you use?

Now, here comes your turn. 🙂

Do share with me the list of active plugins you’re using up on your WordPress blog.

Who knows who finds out of the useful plugins.

Only criteria is to only share the active plugins and even possible, share the screen-shot of the plugin’s page.

Happy bloggin’! 🙂


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