My Reasons of Zero to Less Activity

Why I was Less Active in the Past MonthHello folks,

You might have noticed my less activity and I wasn’t much interacting here and there, especially on my blog, friends’ blogs, and social media.

And for that, I have quiet the reasons.. which are… sad..

Some Relatives..

Yeah, some relatives invaded our home. My workplace, peace and every single thing to give me a boost to work, all were destroyed.

Thankfully, they are off now.

My dearest friend..

My one and only dearest friend in the real world departed.. to heaven.

He met with an accident on the way to a city called, Lahore, where the car he was traveling in collided with a trailer.

He remained in coma and died after a week since accident.

We were both great friends and it lasted for 17 years. It won’t ever finish because now our friendship lives in my heart.

He was the student of M.Phil., was the head-master of the Governmental primary school situated in a remote village and all he accomplished in the age of 27.

Living in the oven..

And that’s true. The heat is that much intense that it feels like we are living inside the oven. Hopeful it gets easy on us soon enough.

I had a post written back in the days how badly the summer affects me and how I cope with it.

That’s them! I hope to be coming back to normal in matter of days.

See me soon!

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