My Real Blogging Motivation

My blogging motivation is just one person.

I am SO attached to him.

And I am inspired by him.

I can certainly label him as my blogging mentor because he pushed me to change my direction.

Before being inspired by him, I was like a generic type of blogger who chased so much from one single place, my blog.

But truly he changed my mentality and had me to pick just one topic.

Just only one. 🙂

Who is he?

And that’s!

Ryan Biddulph

The one and only Ryan Biddulph!

The guy who retired to the island hopping lifestyle through blogging.

He blogs, blogs and only blogs on his blog: Blogging From Paradise

And you will see him everywhere! 🙂

Oh… One more thing!

He wrote so many eBooks.

And what changed me from sticking to just one blog topic, was actually his eBook.

I read it one time, discovered my mistake and immediately scraped about 50 posts.

Totally changed my blog in terms of everything and started it with new posts.

And since then I am so grateful to him!

Thank you, Ryan!

Keep inspirin’! 🙂

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