My New Internet Friend: ZONG

ZONG 4g & 3G InternetI am super excited as well as happy and I would call September 11th, 2015 a memorable day when I made a new friend.

Though 9/11 is marked as a black day when terrorists had hit WTC (World Trade Center) with airplanes in 2001 and I feel so sorry of the lost lives on that day…

For me, I broke 5-years old friendship chain on September 11th, 2015.

And that was my internet connection… an ever-long service I used to use.

Why I Broke Friendship

Had been two months I was constantly facing connectivity issues, despite of paying high amount to get the internet, I was not satisfied with the service I kept on receiving. In last 5-years, PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited) was the only available internet service in my village. At the time I had two connections from the same company. And guess what? When the services from that ISP were down, both of the connections kept going down at the same time.

Now, things are changed… and better.. a lot… finally!

With Whom I Made Friendship Now

ZONG, a CMPak Limited company (China Mobile Pakistan). They are the first-ever 4G with 3G license holder in Pakistan.

I acquired their 4G’s service, though my village is 3G-enabled for now and 4G service is not available yet but once it does in the near-future, I will be shifted automatically to 4G due to my device supports 4G, 3G and 2G depends upon coverage.

How I Acquired ZONG

I traveled about 100KM + 100KM (two rounds) to Faisalabad, the nearest city from my village just to acquire the internet in same day and on motorbike.

I did it and really wanted to do it today.. to get rid from PTCL.. the service that was a headache.. a severe one for me.

ZONG 3G Internet Speed Test

Now, I am satisfied with the ZONG’s service by far. Speed is good as well as connectivity.

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