Matt Mullenweg Labels Wix.com “thief”

Yes, the fight on the internet is On!

And that’s between Automattic (the parent company created WordPress) and Wix.com (the competitor of WordPress)

Matt Mullenweg labels Wix.com a “thief“.

Actually, the fight sparked after Wix.com released a mobile app which helps Wix’s users to that allows to manage all of their Wix’s related activities, whether it is to manage the online store, chat with visitors, write a blog post to book the hotels and keep an eye on business operations on the go.

But wait …

Someone said: ‘Your app’s editor is built with stolen code, so your whole app is now in violation of the license.’

By the way, that ‘someone‘ is not me but that’s Matt Mullenweg himself.

He is meant ‘Your‘ as not you or me but its actually Wix.com

More into the online fight (not legal yet) .. And How Matt Mullenweg Labels Wix.com ‘thief’

This started after Wix.com (Nasdaq: WIX) launched a mobile app back in the start of this October.

It was not the known story until Matt Mullenweg downloaded the app on his smart phone just so to check out how companies are building the apps to manage the websites through mobile devices.

And yes, that’s what his intention to download Wix’s app.

The text editor seemed like familiar to him and upon his quick check, he found it quite familiar.

And that incited him to write it up on his personal blog — with facts and the right ways to build your own product based on the code developed by others.

What Matt Mullenweg suggests to make your product off someone’s code

This.Matt Mullenweg suggested steps to make your own product off someone's codeThis sums it up.

But I am confused (or was) ..

First is (which I so agree) to play nice.

It is generally the nicest and pleasing way to go while using Someone’s code.

It is always the ethical way to go to give proper credit, proper attribution and all of the gratitude to that company/brand which products/codes you’re going to use.

But I think it is even better to ask for the prior permission to even use someone’s codes/products to build your own.

So, that is what I completely agree with Matt’s way.

Secondly, I am not a developer myself so don’t dig into the repositories on GitHub to find the originality of the mobile-based codes of Automattic’s own mobile text editor.

Thirdly, Matt is so right about the name Wix.com Ltd. used to have in the past, and that really seems like Wix was inspired by WordPress a lot that it associated its old name with WordPress.

The old name of Wix.com Ltd. was WIXPRESS Ltd.

You would be surprised how sure I am? Yeah, I can sense it.

I am very sure about it because I did the good little research on that names’ topic.

And I found that Matt is right.

See the screen-shot for the proof:

WIXPRESS Ltd. old name Wix.com Ltd.

Both has the same address:


Rehov Namal Tel Aviv 40
6350671 Tel Aviv-Yafo

03 545 4900

03 575 7972



40 Namal Tel Aviv Street

Tel Aviv,  6350671



972 3 545 4900


So, it proves that Wix.com was inspired by WordPress that’s why they had “Press” added into its older name. 🙂

Now comes the blame part ..

And it is from Wix.com Ltd. after Matt’s post.

See this:

Dear Matt Mullenweg: an open letter from Wix.com’s CEO Avishai Abrahami

It is right from Wix.com’s CEO. Read it out in full to see how badly he is reacting to Matt regarding the issue.

If they were really that sensible, they might reached out to Matt to discuss this offline — and possible resolve it without going into heat.

I really did not like the tone of Wix’s top guy … Seems so a competitor is replying.

Now, see this:

How I Found Myself Accused of Stealing Code from WordPress

The top engineer from Wix.com Ltd. took the entire thing on his own self.

He, @Tal Kol, did reach out to the Automattics’ engineers’ team through a tweet but seems like got no response. But, there should be another means to reach out to guys @ Automattic anyways.

Maybe, guys @ Wix.com Ltd. did not know of what possible consequences they would get caught into later .. but I am guessing .. Just guessing, my friends.

Anyways ..

VentureBeats covers this issue as:

WordPress creator Matt Mullenweg slams Wix: ‘Your app editor is built with stolen code’

And …

Wix denies allegations it stole WordPress code, says it open sourced work

Status of the issue ..

This issue has not turned into the legal fight .. yet.

But this may or may not ..

And if it does, who do you think will win out of it?

And tell me what do you think of this overall issue; who is right? Who is not? Who is correct with explanations, facts and figures?

What I want

I so want and hope that it does not turn into the legal fight but both parties settle it out of court and do the business with just happiness.

Stay happy, guys!

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