How to Prepare Your Blog Post to Reach More Eyeballs

I am not asking how to write a blog post in such a format to reach to more people.

Not telling to include the click baiting title nor make the content so spicy filled up with rumors other than the facts.

But I am asking you to do one thing.

The one simple thing.

And that ‘simple thing‘ will make your blog to reach more eyeballs.

What’s that?

Did I say how to write the blog post, no?

Then you might be thinking what the core thing to do instead of other than the content’s written format is?

As I said, it is the simple but most effective practice.

But just that do not solely use it for the marketing purpose but to build something using that practice.

And that’s the “relationship building.”

Let me reveal how to prepare your blog post to reach more eyeballs

Imagine that…

You’re writing the blog post for your blog.

Let’s say I am writing the blog post on the focused topic of ‘blogging.’

While I am hitting my keyboard in producing the content, everything can be exampled.

What I meant is that every content has some real examples to show to make the purpose of the post understood by the readers.

And that’s you gotta do.

Include some real examples.

And that’s going to be done by mentioning that real example.

As you know I write mainly on the topic of ‘blogging,’ I mention in my most blog posts some people that are too relevant.

Too much is relevant to that topic of the post.

Mentioning them will give you a huge surprise.

But I am not telling to mention anyone in every content you write but keep the balance.

Get an idea of the blog post type that you are writing and have a feel if it requires someone to be mentioned or not.

So, go with your instincts.

Then what to do when I mentioned someone in my content?

Notify them that you’re mentioned.

I mainly do it on the FaceBook with the blog post’s share where I tag the person.

What’s the benefit of mentioning the real example?

You win the share!

And you win the attention!

And you may even win a mention back on his/her blog!

… just imagine that…!

Your turn

Did you like it?

What do you do to have your blog post reach to more eyeballs?

Let’s share your practice with the world!

Happy mentionin’!

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