Halt Writing on What You are Not Good at

Halt writing for GOD’s sake!

Please. please and please!

Stop it!

Stop right now!

Leave it for your own sake, please!!

If you don’t love writing on your “topic”, please leave it.

Don’t ever write on it.

We are the bandwagon follower…

We follow each other.

Then, we follow what’s hot

And we follow what’s everyone doing.

Then, that makes us put in the queue where we are “general”.

We look alike the general, the part of the queue and not standing out.

Even though we put in so much effort *the copied effort*, it’s hard to yield some good results.

And expected results are gained if we are doing the exact thing that we LOVe to do.

Halt writing … Or not…

Please, halt writing.

Why ain’t you halting the writing?

I said a couple of times already, please stop it.

Stop writing unless you have A LOVE to that topic.

Why you gotta LOVE to write?

You have to generate that love by simply doing just one thing: grab the topic that you love to write.

Just one topic.

And when you start to write on that one topic that you LOVE the most, you’ll gain ideas after ideas.

Jot them down and don’t finish in one blow if you cannot.

Or complete the whole writing.

Just that you keep writing and you will add the good touch of the great writing.

The more you write, the more you’re inclined towards the vocabulary to better present the topic to your audience.

And that you become personal. Give a total personalized touch to every word, every paragraph and every article.

I so bet that the words will be pouring upon you and your fingers will start giving them the shape and have you to appear them on the computer screen.

Just keep going with writing.

And do not stop.

The example of LOVE to writing!

There are not just one but many.

The many great examples who have an ample lot of LOVE to writing.

They are my friends and the best in the industry.

The every write-ups come right from their hearts.

And they are:

Ryan Biddulph aka *the content machine* of Blogging From Paradise


Hassaan Khan *the content lover” of Hassaan Khan

Why am I praising the importance of loving the writing?

I attended an event the other day.

There I came to know from someone *the special one* about something.

And that something was that you should stop doing what you do NOT love.

And start doing what you LOVE the most.

The love towards that thing should be that you’d miss out your sleep for.

You’d miss out your meals for and you’ll make yourself cut off from the world.

It is like disconnecting yourself for that particular thing you want to only work on.

And become an icon in that.

And never ever less than that!

Then I transformed that thing into making your writing your love and treat as a girlfriend (I said, girl because I am a male 🙂 …)

So, just leave everything for your love.

And for us, our love is blogging.

And my love is writing.

I am so thinking of just write anything and everything that tickles in my mind. And totally and regardless of how bad I am with the English language but I will keep writing.

I will become personal with my content. Give it a totally different shape.

And I won’t stop. 🙂

And here we hit an end…

I would only ask:

Pour in your thoughts, please. 🙂

Happy bloggin’ and love your content!

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Hassaan Khan - December 11, 2016

Thank you so much for the mention.

I always emphasize on finding your ‘THING’…

Because once you know what you really want to pursue, it just happens at some point.

We maybe look for ranking our good blog posts and we keep on striving for that.

But, it’s absolutely right that we should try to figure out about the content we’re

producing that, is this something we really want or is it worth telling our readers?

I guess, it’s a long-haul. We have to keep moving and keep evolving.

THANK YOU, again!

    Ryan Biddulph - December 12, 2016

    Hi Adeel,

    Thanks so much 🙂

    I agree with Hassaan; finding that thing, that driver, that intent, sets all in motion. Mr. Khan really is all over the place because he has a clear, pulsating, powerful intent in all he does. He writes awesome-sauce well because he loves doing what he does….so he keeps doing it. This simple formula works incredibly well.


      Adeel Sami - December 13, 2016

      Hey, buddy!

      You’re right! Hassaan is really knocking his thing so well in the industry!

      His unique idea is perfectly the best to follow.

      And that being simple towards your passion and loving it are the biggest of the strategy to keep going.

      Thanks for being awesome! 🙂

      ~ Adeel

    Adeel Sami - December 13, 2016

    Hello, Hassaan bhai!

    To the very exact point!

    The key is really in finding your “thing” and then one can easily pursue it.

    And once it is found, the love generates toward it.

    And writing is like being mad.

    The more mad’dy way you write with, the more you find fun in writing and that you’re giving content after content that is filled with fun and love.

    So, be mad of writing! 🙂

    Thank you for the awesome thoughts!

    ~ Adeel

Rehmat Ullah - August 3, 2017

Thank you for the tips. In fact, I agree with the saying to stop writing on the topic unless you are in love with it.


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