The Great Pakistani Internet Personalities I Met with in Last 13 Months

Everyone meets…

With each other.

With relatives.

And even with the strangers.

But some personalities we so wish to meet even we are strangers and never met in real life but in the virtual world.

And for us, the internet users, have a liberty to get acquainted and turn them into the fast friends virtually and without even being met ever in the life.

So, yes! I did meet the internet personalities whom I so wished to meet once in the life.

The Pakistani internet personalities I met in 2016 and January 2017

And they are the following great ones… The great and proud Pakistani internet personalities 🙂

Muhammad Mustafa Ahmedzai of MyBloggerTricks.com

Adeel with Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai

I met him thrice in 2016 alone and in person.

He is the most of the humblest personality I ever met in my life.

Yes, I am happy to make that statement without any thoughts.

The expression of feeling should be like just coming up words in the heart by saying and remembering a name, and that’s what I have for Mustafa bhai!

I am so happy to be meeting with him and getting in his friends’ circle.

Thank you, Mustafa bhai!! 🙂

You’re truly the best in the Pakistani internet personalities we are proud of!

Abdul Wali of OnlineUstaad.com

Abdul Wali

Abdul Wali bhai is the truly one of the pioneers of Pakistan.

A proud personality who is recognized at the stage of the world.

He is the rocking star on Udemy.com from Pakistan.

And the best thing is, despite his reach, income, and anything, he is living in the very land who pulled him to the heights of success.

Wali bhai did not make his weaknesses his excuses. He beat all the hardships he was fronted by.

I met him two times in 2016; in Faisalabad and then in Karachi.

Thank you, Wali for, for allowing me into your friends’ list! 🙂

Mudasir Nazar of UrduTuts.com

Mudasir Nazar

I met him for four times in 2016.

Three times in Karachi and in Lahore for one time. 🙂

He is the icon working for the Urdu community who’re inclined towards the blogging, web designing, and web programming.

Mudasir bhai is the widely-recognized personality in web designing field in Pakistan. And I personally noticed that in Lahore.

Even my cousin wrenched me that “I know him!!” and remarked that I have some awesome internet personalities in my circle. 🙂

Thank you for meeting me and being my friend, Mudasir bhai! 🙂

Ali Raza of AliRaza.co

Ali Raza

Ali bhai is the great one.

The professional who is rocking the digital marketing in Pakistan and sharing every bit of the information he knows about it just on his blog.

He definitely is the rocking personality of Pakistan.

I am honored to meet with Ali bhai for thrice times in Lahore.

And the last meetup was just a few days ago in in WordPress Meetup, Lahore.

Inaamul Haq Mansoor of iMansoor.com

Inaamul Haq Mansoor

The SEO master of Pakistan! 🙂

A widely famous SEO personality in the country. Tully enriched with the humbleness and friendly attitude.

I am glad to be meeting with him in Faisalabad and in Lahore just a few days ago while attending the WordPress meetup conducted in Lahore.

Abdul Samad Essani of BornBlogger.net

Abdul Samad Essani

Met with this young great Pakistani internet personality 3 times within just one month. 🙂

The hospitality and the friendly time were beyond everything I received from him.

Abdul Haseeb of BloggingHouse.com

Abdul Haseeb

Abdul Haseeb, the young finest blogger in Pakistan.

I am so glad to be meeting with him back in 2016 in Lahore.

Murad Khan of IT Super

Murad Khan

Murad Khan, the prominent online personality in Pakistan and the man behind IT Super, the leading Pakistani FaceBook group where the online-related materials are provided.

I met him for the first time just a few days ago in WordPress meetup, Lahore.

Thank you for the meet! 🙂

Shahzaib Shafi of ShahzaibShafi.com

Shahzaib Shafi

Shahzaib Shafi, the SEO expert and the person behind IT Super facebook group.

And I had the privilege to meet him in WordPress Meetup in Lahore a few days ago. 🙂

Bilal Ahmad, the creative writer

Bilal Ahmad

I am more than honored to meet with Bilal bhai in the WordPress meetup took place in Lahore a few days ago.

Indeed he is the marvelous writer.

Thank you for a great time, Bilal bhai! 🙂

Tayyab Saqlain Zakki of Keen2Learn.info & YouTuber

Tayyab Saqlain Zakki

The known personality in Pakistan and doing great working in the video industry.

Glad to meet him in the recent WordPress meetup in Lahore. 🙂

Thank you!

Yes, I want to simply thank you all for allowing me to meet.

The friendliness, the humbleness and the hospitality I received from all of you are just the top of my expectations.

You guys truly are the best of the Pakistani internet personalities which not just me but everyone would want to meet!

Thank you a lot, guys! And I hope to be meeting with you all in the future. 🙂

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Ali Raza - January 31, 2017

Thank you brother, its an always healthy session with you. I feel there is still a lot to learn from your experiences, Stay Blessed

Nikhil - February 1, 2017

Nice list though, I wondered you missed Aamir Iqbal. I learned so many things from his blog and his facebook community.

I hope you will meet him soon.


    Adeel Sami - February 3, 2017

    Hello, Nikhil!

    Yeah, I have yet to meet with him and hopeful that I will be able to and very soon. 🙂

    He really is the great one and spreading the knowledge that he owns.

    Thank you for your comment! 🙂

    ~ Adeel

Junaid Shahid - February 11, 2017

Actually I don’t familiar with the pakistani blogger’s but the two name I know one is the Abdul Wali and the Second one is Muhammad Mustafa.

It’s really hard to stay alive in the blogging to make your own space and these names I have remind because they are alive in blogosphere from 3 to 4 year’s atleast..

Blogging is the great part of life when It’s your personal dairy or opinion digest instead of any bogus thing..

Really enjoyed your amazing life experience Adeel bro.. keep it up..
I have seen that you are doing really good and professional.

Shaon adnan - March 15, 2018

Hey sami,

Mudasir Nazar is the great man I follow him, he is a great person.
And I follow another one Pakistani person he is “Mohammad Amir Iqbal”, He also a good teacher.
Thanks For Sharing Your Experience.

Shaon Adnan


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