Going back..

I am now going back.

Going back to my place.

I was out of my place to do something … But I think I failed miserably.

Technically, I am not failed (yeah, failed in one sense though).

As I learned something that I gotta change.

And change for me.

For my own betterment.

And thus, I took this harsh step again to go back.

And that’s why I am going back.

Why even was I in the city?

I thought that I’d get settled down there.

But things are not working the way I thought of.

And getting harsh.

So, I am not seeing some positive happenings with getting settled into the city.

So, am I really going back?

Fortunately, yes.

I am going back to my own place.

With forgetting everything that happened over the time.

And probably start things the new way.

Or the newest way.

What I feel now of going back.. again?

I feel no different.

No different at all.

I had a little inclination as I’d return after some time.

And that I’d not be that sound with my decision of moving to the city.

My place is so little but it gave me so much.

It gave me you, yes, you all!

It made me connect with you all over the internet.

So, I am going back to resume my life once again with a fresh mind and filled with goals to achieve.

So, I request you to wish me luck.

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