The Fun Blogging WAS Actually Dying and THIS Guy Revived it

The fun blogging?

And fun?

Am I high?

Or out of my mind?

Wait… What?

Can’t the blogging be full of fun?

Has it to be the serious all of the time?

If you think blogging is only to “act serious and remain serious,” you’re writing the content for the AI’s.

The addition of emojis and abusive words are not the indication that the content is cool and served the purpose.

Then what the heck is important in fun blogging other than emojis and the abusive words

First, understand…

The readers are the human.

They love reading stuff that is not boring.

And of course, not overly-reactive.

It has to be the fun-filling. The purposeful. The meaningful.

Not blabbing with the words to entangle yourself into the seas of thoughts.

Always clear to the topic and open up the riddles you’re stuck inside.

And that’s so possible.

With the fun towards your topic.

And adding the story to unpuzzle the puzzle.

This guy revived the fun blogging

The Fun Blogging

Ryan is the fun blogger

Yes, he is.

He is best rocking the fun blogging on his blog.

And his blog made him the world-famous celebrity in the world of blogging.

How he blogs, he is always stuck with one topic which is his loved topic “blogging.”

His blog, Blogging From Paradise, made him a rock star.

Oh no…. Sorry to report that but his attitude, consistency, and dedication contributed to his success in the world of blogging.

He is up with that approach since years and kicking it every single day.

He is what he preaches, that’s what he wants the world to know that blogging is all about love, the fun you may have hidden deep down in your soul.

Speak your heart out. Don’t let the seriousness kill the fun.

The moral of story…

Fun is not all about being humoruous and act like a joker or smiling in the weird way but being unique, true, and loving to what you do.

Show your love with the truest words.

Your turn

How do you like the way Ryan blogs?

Do share your experience in the comment. 🙂

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