My Very First 100% Plagiarized Article

Finally… I am the victim of a plagiarized article…

I got hit with the complete 100%.

A straight 100%.

My recent article landed me 100% plagiarism.

And then I was like “WOW!!!!”

I won’t take much of your time, my friend!

Story of how I got 100% plagiarized article

I wrote on just yesterday.

I had not checked it on any plagiarism tool and published it instantly.

Moments ago and today, I checked it on SmallSEOTools.com’s Plagiarism Checker.

I put the complete content in it and hit the “Check Plagiarism” button.

And in a wink, I was out of my senses…

When the results showed up that my recent article was 100% plagiarized.

It was like I wrote the complete copied content. Or copied it from any site or blog.

One thing then clicked for me that how it is possible?

How can it be even that much? Because I had written it all by myself.

Every single line. Every single word was the copied.

I’d actually share the screenshot of the result’s page:

Plagiarized Article

Scary, right?

But it was really not plagiarized. Not at all. 🙂

Actually, the article I wrote yesterday was already indexed by the search engines.

And as you know that plagiarism checkers do extract their results by checking the “already indexed content on the search engines.”

That was the reason I was seeing my article as 100% plagiarized. 🙂

So, nothing to worry at all. 🙂

The only solution is to check your content right before publishing it to understand that if your content is plagiarized for how much percentage.

BTW, if you’re to improve your grammar and punctuation while writing, this 10+1 Online Grammar and Punctuation Checker Tools are your best source to ease down your writing job!

So my friend, happy original bloggin’! 🙂

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Ravi Chahar - December 16, 2016

Hey Adeel,

Such types of tools match your lines with others. And if even a single word is same, the level of plagiarism would increase.

I have checked it many times. Just be yourself and don’t think about anything else.


Paul - December 16, 2016

I agree with Ravi, be yourself, you know that you are true to the craft. Don’t be too upset when you get copied yourself either. I am a designer and my work is copied and ripped often or appears at a level beyond me – in 1996 (note that date) I created an interactive CD-Rom with Macromedia Shockwave and Flash on the minidisc format – including video (groundbreaking), galleries, articles and web links for wider content on-going, the idea being that the CD was simply a launch pad for future content that was web based. The real innovation was the size – it fit in a postcard size wallet making it distributable for Tourism – a sizeable market.

I sold the initial job for £4000 sterling to a music publisher, not a trifle, BUT he then took it to a global media festival in France without my permission and sold it on – within 6 months my concept of a Postcard CD was appearing all over the world with no credit or fees to me. Other people made a fortune from my work.

Kind gutting but you move on, learn and become stronger from the experience. Good luck


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