Find the “Love Blogging”

You love?

Love blogging?

Love it by heart?

You got blogging in your imaginations whenever you set free?

Are these the situation?

Any one of them?



You got a craze of “blogging“.

Or at least you have it.

Which is too great to have!

It means that you got blogging on your nerves.

For me, I got that love blogging

Yeah, I have it.

I am too attached to it.

I’m blogging since years, for fun or you may call it for the sake of interest.

I am loving it… totally.

It got me actually connected with the people whom I had no chance of even know their names.

Because where I live, there’s no chance of getting connected with the people living in other countries and even in my country.

So, I am grateful for that love.

For the love of blogging to get me connected.


Do you have the same amount of “love blogging“?

If you have, that’s more than awesome.

If not…

Oh my gosh!!…

Why you’re even into the blogging thing at all?

You should move out of it.

Swim out of the blogging’s water while you can.

And shift your focus to the THING YOU LOVE.

That thing that you find interest in doing so.

Even if it looks to be bored to others but if you enjoy, enjoy it a lot!

Stick to it and give a damn to the people who find it boring and not interesting.

And if the people even tell you to stop it.

Just not stop.

Keep going with it.

And same advice is for the bloggers…

Stick to it.

Work it.

Make fun blogging.

And turn it into love blogging.

The bloggers of “Love Blogging”

I have three real examples!

And I have no words to express why they got in here.

Because they simply are the “love blogger”.

Hassaan Khan, the

Ilyas Tarar, the

Your turn!

Do you love blogging?

Share the little bit of your love down in the comment.

And make it reach to more blogging lovers so that we camp them out here. 🙂

Love bloggin’, my buddy! 🙂

Adeel Sami

I do blog. Live as a blogger and die as a blogger.

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