The ‘Fill the Blanks’ of Blogger’s Life

Everything is unpredictable.

One day it is as smooth as the freezing lake and another day it turns out to be like the stormy Pacific Ocean.

Nothing can be deemed as dreamed. And that’s what make the life.

And the life of the blogger working from home, he (or she) has to pay the severe toll of the mess.

What make the blogger’s life terrible

Well, that’s not entirely the known sources as what add into the life of blogger to turn into the terrible life.

Weather, illness, tensions, problems, and anything could be the source.

But when the majority of them strike at the same moment, it is a total mess. Totally the mess!

And I am not sure if it is the right option to bail out of it and let the impact beating up on yourself but I think it is okay.

So okay to let it pounding you and you don’t move an inch.

Striking back to them will (I think) only worsen the situation and could nervous you down to the extreme point.

Just bail out. Let the blanks be filled themselves.

I find that trick somewhat okay for myself because when I am back, I am fully back.

Your turn

What’s your story?

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Adeel Sami

I do blog. Live as a blogger and die as a blogger.

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Lisa P. Sicard - May 31, 2017

Hi Adeel,
Some days of bloggers lonely and other days you have lots of friends and co-bloggers that you can’t keep up with all your emails and social updates.
It’s really like life – the ebbs and flow of life, some days are busy and some days are not. Some days are great and some days are awful.
The key for bloggers is not to give up!

Shafi Khan - June 1, 2017

Hi Adil,

Being a blogger is sometimes more hectic than a regular day job. You’ll just feel like quitting everything. It is a total mess if you’re managing more than one blog with multiple co-bloggers.

A small post but with a deep value.


Shafi Khan

Ryan Biddulph - June 2, 2017

Hi Adeel,

It’s funny; this post is timely because I woke up SO late today and have the mild panic feeling of “OMG I have a lot to do!!!” LOL….so sometimes we need to sleep more because we are super duper tired. Then, we need to cut back our workload. Or work more intelligently. Take that deep breath. Weather the storms. Proceed from a calm, confident space. Thanks for the reminder bro 🙂


jay - June 5, 2017

What an amazing article.

Karan - June 13, 2017

A Blogger always try to share his/her height of experience but may fail on many ways like : Lack of experience, patience and Money. The Blank place will come if any of these 3 things leave the blogger. Thanks for the Article for beginner.

akshay - June 25, 2017

the worst thing i have ever faced in blogging when my blog got hacked and 2nd time when someone copied my all post and my rankings fall 🙁

Gaurav Kumar - June 27, 2017

Hi Adeel,

There was a time when I have suffered from blogging horrors and feared about everything such as how to make money, how to get traffic, how to get popular etc.

But now things are totally changed. Now I am living the blogging dream. Making money more than what I expected every month. Enjoying more interviews and public speakings.

There is no doubt that in the beginning every blogger have some fears but soon you will overcome.

ikechi - July 5, 2017

Hi Adeel

The life of a blogger is indeed very strange. It has its good days and bad days just like life. Thanks for sharing. Take care

Niladri Chatterjee - July 7, 2017

Like Steve Jobs said, you do yoir thing. And when you’ll look back at your past, you’ll be able to connect the dots. 🙂

Andrew M. Warner - July 10, 2017

Hey Adeel,

Interesting post.

A bloggers life is filled with a lot of self doubt. I think these days it’s worse than years before. Now, there’s more competition which leads to more uncertainty. And that uncertainty can lead to a lot of unnecessary stress.

Not only that, but fear of failure is also fresh in the mind.

It certainly isn’t easy but with hard work and persistence it pays off. Unfortunately, there’s things that are completely out of our control like health, family situation,, etc. We’ll have to just deal with those as they arise.

– Andrew


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