Facebook Engagement Test: It Still Totally Rocks!

I did a facebook engagement test.

Not really it was the test but it turned to become a test.

And it so skyrocketed the engagement to the highest level I ever imagined my piece would get on the Facebook.

But it did… And it did receive a lot of goodly answers back to my question.

The situation before the Facebook engagement test

I was not really active on the Facebook  for awhile.

Was not using it to post some updates but was just randomly using it.

Then I shot in some updates and that was like a general update as well and contained a question to ask primarily from the fellow bloggers.

And to my surprises, it enriched so many interactions.

But mind it, I am not talking about the likes, hearts, wow, angry, and sad reactions but the replies.

The genuine replies I got from the genuine and real people. 🙂

The FB post that I did

It landed 16 comments as you can see.

What’s the catch?

The number of comments.

I wasn’t using Facebook from past one month and this is the great number of comments after this long pause, right?

The notable aspects of this Facebook engagement test

You know this yielded a question.

And it was directly associated to one of the internet’s field which I am all passionate about.

Then I have the reach to such the audience which is directly linked to that internet’s field, which is of course “blogging.”

Now that even posting the status after such a long gap, it did so well.

And that’s due to the core of the process which is built over the time.

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Your audience counts to make every test, every trial, and every strategy a success.

And asking the question is always the wise thing to make your post(s) reach to the seventh fold of the curtain on Facebook.

The moral of story

Build yourself first around “one topic.”

Be in contact with the people right from your “one topic.”

Stick to that “one topic.”

Your turn

What’s your take from all this post?

Let’s share it in the comment!

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