Everything Takes Time

Everything takes time is a definite conclusion to everything. It definitely takes time to conquer anything, earn any skill, increasing fame, etc.

Here I am going to use a city as an example, a very famous city in the world which was just the land of sand 2 decades ago – But the will, devotion, sincerity of its superiors made it a dream destination for like everyone of us. And the city isĀ Dubai.

Picture showing how Dubai looked in past and now in regards of everything takes time.

The above image explains what this land looked like back in 1991, with sands and a few of the buildings. And how it’s looked in 2013 with worlds tallest skyscraper, amongst top ranked destination for tourism, and luxurious lifestyle.

Detailed history of Dubai from Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Dubai

The dream for this land came to truth after a lot of good plannings from its government, thinking of their people, their vision to improve living standard and work it till making it an example for outer world.

Why I am praising Dubai ?

My reason for the post is not to highlight Dubai but to give an idea that if you work consistently, smartly, with keeping the reason to improve others lives with your work, you may result something good, for the benefit of people. And it takes time to get result of anything but it doesn’t mean to sit idle and do nothing.You start today and you will get to it sooner!

So my conclusion is:

Hard work with smart mind always pays off.


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