How Email Checking Ruins Your Entire Day — My Story

A picture showing text of how can email ruin my day.An email has arrived. We are notified with a pop-up running on our laptop or the smart phone which are always connected with our home’s and office’s WiFi internet and of course mobile data is on.

Now as soon we see the email, we rush to open it to read it all within one breath. And, we find it well over important. Then we start typing the response and get eager to reply back to the sender in the length of just few minutes so the other one could get an idea how responsive and fast we are.

Okay! Watch out! You got an email.

Are you going to check it right now?

Don’t do it now! Please, read my full post first. 🙂

First of all, mind it, that email is going to ruin you, ruin your work and ultimately ruin your day.

How can an email ruin your day?

Let’s assume a story where I am a main character. You may also label me a leading character. 🙂

Here starts the story:

One day I was up early in the morning right at 6’o clock. I went to brush my teeth, did a little walk on roof top then headed back to my work table. I turned on the laptop and booted into Windows 8.1.

Right after booting into Windows, I connected the internet and rushed to do some work because I knew I had some tasks and amongst them, one was real important. I had multiple tabs open in Opera, Google Chrome, and FireFox and was really in spirit of just Working.

Oh! Multiple tabs?? Yeah, I do it that way!

So, I spent around an hour diligently working and without any interruption and distraction, then suddenly something quacked. And it was something very important because I figured out of its importance through its voice.

At first it quacked, I was quite shocked and imagined oh!! What was that?? But by the next second, I got to know what was it.

It was just an email.

But that beep almost had me a heart attack, my heart was beating at rapid rate…

I then moved to my inbox’s tab and started reading that email which was important as well as not important at that time.

I will tell you later why that important email was not so important at that time.

As you know that I was working when that email struck me, the message in email got into my mind and led me into the world of imaginations. I then completely forgot what I was working on but started to think what to with the email. Let’s says I was planning according to the email under imagination.

I kept on thinking, thinking and thinking for about 7 minutes. As the seconds past, I got more involved in the email and literally had no clue where was I and what I was doing some minutes ago.

As I kept thinking through email, I then took some actions just for the sake of email. I first read all of it, line by line. Then I thought through the message. I planned it in my imagination. Thought of some questions. Made up some answers in mind. And finally pushed the reply button to make a response back to the sender to confirm I got it, I have these questions and I have this understanding of your email message.

And in blink of few minutes, the email was sent.

What happened next when the email was sent?

I felt accomplished! I felt productive! I felt responsive! All in all, I felt myself a champion!

As soon it was responded, I felt proud of myself to imagine that I did an extraordinary work to start the day with responsiveness. And the sender will get a clue of how responsive I am and how dutiful I will be throughout my work day.

But, that was not the case. Not anymore.

As I responded back to that email as quickest as I could and as I was in the middle of work when the email struck me. I lost myself. I lost control. I lost my focus. I lost the dedication toward the task I was working on — working without an interruption.

But that email ruined all of it.

It literally ruined my entire day because of it, I indulged into checking rest of the emails. As I checked through, I promptly responded back to few and started to take actions to resolve the things I was asked in the emails. I completely forgot what I was working on. I did not remember the task. All I remembered was the emails.

As I went through emails to emails, the initial task was nowhere in my mind. I lost all of it. The time I spent on checking the email and the dedication, I lost all of it through the process.

I couldn’t get back on that task — Not on that day.

Why that important email was not that important?

This email was actually an important one, it really was. But that task was real important. I had that task with me. I put the dedication into it. I put lots of effort into it. I was assigned to it with my will.

But that email was something to do with me in future. I would have to understand the fact that I had to work and finish the task — If not on that day but to put my best to accomplish the required percentage of the task — to drag it near to the finish line.

So, just an email ruined my entire day. The meaning of getting up early in the morning to start my work was not accomplished. That email dragged me into the hole, left me unfocused for the entire day where I couldn’t complete major things.

Early morning is the prime time for me. I can do lots and lots of work in first 2-3 hours than later in the day.

Unfortunately, it was not the same day at all for me.

However, you have control on yourself. You can really re-focus, can get back easily to your previous state. But I could not.

This was not the case of just one day but has happened to me for many days, many weeks and even years where I couldn’t get my prime time used up doing productive tasks who could make great impact on my career, on my professional life.

I knew from the beginning that what ruins my day, my focus and my productivity but I never ever coped with them seriously and with continuity to make myself an impact.

Then after years, yes you heard it right, years, I found something. Something that really changed me and still changing me.

I got an email (oh man! again an email……) few days ago which totally changed me and put me on a path which I really wanted to. As I rushed to my inbox, the title of the email struck me so hard that I literally was begging my right hand (I am right-y 😉 …) to click on that email as soon as possible.

As I read through the content, I clicked on the link embedded in that email. Why I clicked? Because I wanted to read it to ultimately change my life (I hoped so.)

And it did, it really did change me. Changed my habits. And is still changing me.

This was the email I had received from Sue Anne Dunlevie of SuccessfulBlogging.com

She’s an amazing blogger. Well, amazing may be is not a suitable word for her. I must say she is the bestest blogger I happened to know along the way.

She had a wonderful and amazing blog post recently. Not the post actually but a podcast with someone who changed me.

Why am I excited?

I am excited not just for myself but the excitement is growing into me because I want to quickly let you know who was that person I happened to know from Sue Anne’s blog post.

As you know I was a victim of getting my day all ruined up due to emails. Sue had a guest in podcast who is very best at time management.

And his name is Tor Refsland from TimeManagementChef.com — He really is Time Management Chef!! An angel for bloggers I must say!

He totally changed me. But I must admit not entirely. Ahh! Not because of his resourceful materials which he spreads for FREE but due to my laziness.

[Tweet “As long as you follow a system with continuity, you will hit the target if not sooner than later.”]

The podcast I listened over Sue Anne’s place left me with dozens of questions. Those questions which I already knew but never acted to resolve. The way Tor expressed all the hurdles general people face everyday, I started to act on those issues I am facing. I am slow but I am moving.

Please, I urge everyone to listen to that podcast. You will be so thankful to Sue and Tor. I guarantee that it is going to really help you.

Okay, Tor has an awesome video where you will find out how you can save 30 minutes today and 182.50 hours per year and spend it entirely on chasing your dream.

Over to you.

Do let me know how it goes with you after listening to that podcast. You will find out how the smallest of the actions we take from morning to evening can ruin our most-productive and prime time.

What are your acts that ruining your day? Drop in the comments.

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