What You DO When Not Blogging

Yes, that’s the simple one I need to know from you.

That what you do when you’re not blogging. 🙂

For example, you have your post published, replied to all comments, replied back to social notifications and after these what you do?

For me, I play with my son, watch a little TV, and catch up with some sleep if possible. 🙂

So, let’s share yours!

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Adeel Sami

I do blog. Live as a blogger and die as a blogger.

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Bren Pace - December 26, 2016

It’s great to learn more about you, Adeel. It’s rare that my blogging chores are done, but when I decided to break free from them, I like to spend time with my hubs and furkids. I also enjoy watching movies, especially horror movies. But even when I’m watching and spending time with family, my blogging duties are still hanging around. Thankfully for smartphones I can still keep in touch while on the go.


Emenike Emmanuel - January 5, 2017

Hi Adeel,

Thank you for asking. Since my blog is new and secondly I don’t have a son, my routine must be entirely different from yours and that’s normal. What I do when I’m not blogging is to go on social media and interact with friends, help a few folks out in their business challenges and possibly scout for more customers. Some of the people I help for free end up being my paying clients.



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