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What You DO When Not Blogging

Yes, that’s the simple one I need to know from you.

That what you do when you’re not blogging. 🙂

For example, you have your post published, replied to all comments, replied back to social notifications and after these what you do?

For me, I play with my son, watch a little TV, and catch up with some sleep if possible. 🙂

So, let’s share yours!


Finally Back to the Station

I am finally back to my station.

My home.

All settled into my workspace.

Into my little home office.

And really enjoying it. 🙂

So, this is just an update!

Let’s start to wait for some awesome content coming up! 🙂


Going back..

I am now going back.

Going back to my place.

I was out of my place to do something … But I think I failed miserably.

Technically, I am not failed (yeah, failed in one sense though).

As I learned something that I gotta change.

And change for me.

For my own betterment. Continue reading…


My New Internet Friend: ZONG

ZONG 4g & 3G InternetI am super excited as well as happy and I would call September 11th, 2015 a memorable day when I made a new friend.

Though 9/11 is marked as a black day when terrorists had hit WTC (World Trade Center) with airplanes in 2001 and I feel so sorry of the lost lives on that day…

For me, I broke 5-years old friendship chain on September 11th, 2015.

And that was my internet connection… an ever-long service I used to use. Continue reading…