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3 Awfully Useful FaceBook Groups Every Blogger Must Join

3 Awfully Useful FaceBook Groups for Bloggers

I roam all day on FaceBook.

I use Facebook to keep up with what’s the world up to.

I use it to connect with like-minded folks consuming FaceBook for their blogging needs.

I use it to make myself noticed.

And sometimes I use it just to use it (meant to pass the time.)

And I can witness for many that many (or most of the people) use FaceBook for “about” the same cause as mine, right?

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2 Tips to Rock Blogging Communities (Plus 14 Extra)

2 Tips to Rock Blogging Communities (plus 14 bonus tips)Blogging communities are often treated as a place to hang your blog link, your blog post and head down in the search of other blogging communities to repeat the same cycle of visiting and leaving links.

As we find out of blogging communities, we save their links on a text file or write them down in our notebooks to save the time in future. Or any other special way you store them. 🙂

Not only this but we always speak of those blogging communities to the people who think we are guru of blogging.

While it was a valid way back in the time (and for many it is the same now, but it shouldn’t be this. Like the same from back in the time. Continue reading…