My Life’s Experience to Boost Your Blogging Journey

I am sharing my life just so it does and must boost your blogging journey.

So, here it starts without going into any further details …

My life was very smooth.

Very straight.

Very peaceful.

And very fantastic.

Until that thing happened back in 2012.

That thing is still haunting me.

I am still into it.

Still in the middle of that nonsense.

Not finding any way to deal or fix it.

Not that there is no way to deal with it.

There are.

And there are so many ways to deal with it but nothing seems to be working.

This thing is like in my every day’s talk and every time it is treated as a joke.

A joke that is slowly killing me.

But, that joke has killed so much for me in these years.

I lost my sleep.

I lost my health.

And, I lost my smile.

I cannot tell what is that thing .. directly.

It is something from the family.

And that’s the reason I want to keep it in a secret.

Why even am I sharing this if it’s a secret?

Because it swings around a lesson.

The biggest lesson for the blogging community to take advantage from.

And to get over it by understanding and finding the ways.

By accepting its existence.

And to cope with it.

To mold yourself.

To fight against it.

So to become what you want to become even though you’re surrounded with the issues.

Buried into the issues.

But in my case, it is just one issue,

One simple issue.

An only issue that is solvable.

But none is taking it any serious and it has cost me enough.

And still costing me my life.

How am I being limited?

It is simple; my ability to do something is minimizing.

I have been so limited around one or two things.

My activities have been downsized.

And, my brain’s power has been weak.

I am not consistent with many things.

Not managing my blogging’s ability with consistency.

Not able to stick to the schedule.

And not able to fly with full-opened feathers.

All in all, I am unable to go with focus, power, and passion towards blogging.

That’s the reason I am on and off with the blogging from years.

But what I want is to become an authority in the blogging industry.

But .. I am being limited. Or I am totally limited.

Just because of that only reason…

How come is there a lesson for you to boost your blogging journey with?

Well, there’s one.

Hidden into what I am going through.

And that will surely help you fight with whatever you’re going through.

But I was not able to fight with it.

Probably, I lost the fight because of it is not going to solve for me anytime soon.

And maybe that I was fighting for years that I am too tired now to keep the fight going.

And this lesson is a simple one.

Anyone has a will, he/she can implement it effectively to not even dwell into such situations where issues get on your nerves.

And the lesson is;

Don’t fight against the issues.

The more you fight, the more you’re annoyed.

And one day they will soar up to something so big that you’d want to do even the negative things which can cost you even your life.

You have to keep flowing with the time even you’ve such issues.

Accept their existence.

Give it a try to solve the matter but with positive attitude. Don’t show the negativity in dealing with the issues. Keep cool.

This is exactly what I am not doing in all these years but this I found out the solution: ACCEPT their existence.

But now, I am willing to change myself entirely.

And become focused on what I do even though these issues are present and attached to my soul.

I have lost too much. But can’t really bear any more losses.

Have to be found by the radar of the industry.

And want that this story of mine help to boost your blogging journey.

And up your game of blogging.

Your turn!

How do you guys deal with such situations?

Have you some kind of issues that have you buried from years?

How are you dealing with it/them?

Do you think my own plan will work for me?

Any bits of advice you can share with me?

And in the end…

And I so hope my life’s experience would give the thrust to boost your blogging journey.

So, wish me a good luck! 🙂

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