Blogging and the Need for Networking

Since I started to earn out of the blogging in 2017, it is the very lonely year for me so far.

I am all stuck into my village and hardly had a chance to move out for the networking purpose except for one time.

And that was back in February 2017 when I happened to attend the WordPress meetup in Lahore, Pakistan.

While 2016 went so best regarding the networking where I met so many folks, delivered my first lecture in the WordPress meetup conducted in Karachi, Pakistan, and did a lot of traveling between Karachi and Lahore.

Now that I am all inside the home but working up on something to give me wings. 🙂

The need of networking for blogging

Networking is essential.

You cannot excel in anything for long (or just keep going) if you don’t meet the new people.

With the network, you are to share your expertise, your knowledge and absorb the same from the people you’re meeting.

And that if your meet is with the relevant people working in your domain; man!! That’s super helpful.

My advice: Meet with the relevant. Click To Tweet

With my experience of networking in 2016, it helped exponentially to double up my knowledge and ignite the fire to keep going with the blogging.

It made me learn as well that how people are doing in the field of blogging right from my country.

I had not had an idea that how the blogging was doing for them until I experienced the reality.

I was like a big “WOW!!”

And since I am into the blogging from long is somewhat known into the blogosphere, it helped me to absorb the knowledge more than all the years I spent without the network.

So, that’s so essential to the network.

And be it the physical network. Like attending the events time to time, meet with the like-minded people and collaborate with them.

Your turn to express your thoughts

Are you the networker and feel super happy attending the physical event (not web based ones)?

Let’s share your thoughts with the world! 🙂


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