Blogging: Don’t Count it Easy nor Hard

Yes, blogging is neither easy nor hard.

It is simple yet complex.

And it is all up to your own self what you want to make it for you?

Easy or hard? Simple or complex?

What is blogging then?

It is super simple.

And then it is supremely hard.

Yeah, I am counting it for myself. My own self.

I find it easy and hard, altogether.

Why is blogging hard for me?

Well, I would first have to cover the easy part but that’s okay. Because easy part has some hardships I went through to make blogging easire for me.

Hard for me is to keep going with it.

With the life going on, it sometimes becomes so hard to manage time.

But you know it is worth investing the time into blogging. And then when you’re good at it — close to achieve something big.

The more you try to manage time for your blogging chores, the closer you get to your target. 🙂

So, time is the first and foremost the hardest thing in managing/keep going with the blog.

Then there are some other facts, some other hardships you gotta go through like writing, promotioin, etc.

And yes, writing is the first thing where most people fail at. Writing is not the thing for everyone.

Some do love writing while some don’t. They literally hate it but content is the initial and the very basic part of the blogging (don’t include visual content such as videos, images, etc. because in the end, you gotta have to have text.)

So, find your fun and you’re all set to write non-stopably.

Now, why is blogging easy for me?

It was not easy.

Never it was easy when I first started.

The things I had to go through was English, trust, knowledge, effort, and a lot more — to finally make it easy.

Just like what Muhammad Ismail, the renowned blogger from my home country, Pakistan, said in the live video that don’t get inspired by the fellow bloggers and treat blogging as an easy cake.

It really is not that easy that it looks.

You’re not looking at the time one gave to blogging, the effort and the hardships one faced to make blogging easy for him/her self.

He (or she) would have probably given years to be on today’s stage.

So, simply don’t take blogging too easy for you. 🙂

End of the story…

So, how’s blogging going for you? Hard? Or easy?

And what’re you working at to make it manageably easy for you? 🙂

Do share!

Happy bloggin’! 🙂

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