My Blogging Crisis You ain’t Repeating, Right?

Yes, my life is full of crisis.

I have so many crises created around myself.

I might look calm but I am really not.

Not any inch closer to the calmness.

And I am dead tired and sick of it.

To be spending the life deep into the crisis and being in it for years.

So, it is my time to compromise.

For some peace, for some love and for the sake of calmness in my life.

But, let me just give a flash back to my crisis.

And these are the crisis that I do want you to NOT ever happen for your own and if they do, just tackle them from day one.

What is my blogging crisis?

  • Not loved.
  • Not supported.
  • Not appreciated.
  • Not welcomed.
  • Not remembered.
  • Not helped.
  • Not happy.
  • Not trusted.
  • Not grown up.
  • And I think of my own self all the time.

I am appreciated, welcomed, supported, loved and remembered by my great online friends.

They always helped me in growing into the blogging field.

But there are some bad uncertainties that I am appreciated, welcomed, loved and remembered by some closed ones…

You may take your own imaginations by reading my own crisis because I did not openly write each of them.

But these are the certain points that why I am not advancing much into the blogging industry where I really want to.

That’s why I have to compromise.. after all these years of fight.

But for you, yes for you! For my great friends that tackle such situations from day one AND do not make them effect on chasing your dreams.

Don’t ever let them become the hurdles on the road to your success.

I seriously bet that if you would do and in the end, you would have to compromise.

So, why not compromise from day one?

Just don’t let your focus blurred away.

Don’t lose it…!

Do not let my blogging crisis fall before you, ever!

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