Blogging Communities are NOT for New Bloggers

Why new bloggers should not join the blogging communitiesAs we are in the blogging world, we know how powerful is a community founded and operating by fellow bloggers. It gives us an enormous coverage through actively participation, interacting with updates from other bloggers, visiting their posts, commenting, and sharing.

It can and works real good for so many great bloggers. It can really work good for you as well.But new bloggers should not join the big league. Never plan for it in the starting phase.

Yeah, a big league. Not I meant the bloggers of top notch who are blogging since 2000 but anyone who is in blogosphere from a bit of while. If you go with the same route like them, prepare to fail.

Do you know what took them there? Got any idea?

Lots of dedication and seriousness and of course passion.

Now ask yourself, do you have it?

I have it, not much, but yeah I have some of it. And I am working on developing it more.

But of course, you can have it more than me and can have it rapidly. Just that it requires passion and dedication.

What about time including passion and dedication?

I won’t say time because everyone has it. Just a problem that we don’t utilize it to make most out of it — to get results. To invest at things that can make the results to surface out of imaginations.

Then why new bloggers should not join the blogging communities?

I am not saying to not join. I am saying to NOT join them as you are new. Or if not new but you are not acquainted with many friendliest bloggers.

What good it will be if you post a blog post and no one will give it an up vote or comment on it? It will rather look spam-my and like you’re talking with your hand.

Okay, that rings the bell now?

I hope it does. If not, let me clear it up with some more points as to why I am forcing it for new bloggers to actually not join the blogging communities.

First of all, make a list rather on a diary or in computer’s notepad.

Write down the numerical number for the bloggers you know the most. Let it be a truth. Don’t worry if it is a zero or one or five. Just write it down.

After numbers, now write their names. How many you got?

If you got zero; Mate! Do not worry at all! I will tell you a bit later what you can do to make your name stand out in the crowd.

If you got a few like five to ten and even you know a little about them or just their names. Don’t worry as well. Just follow this post up to the finish line.

Well, is there any strategy?

Of course, it is not. It can never be. But yeah, there is an original way to actually get noticed in blogosphere.

And the very top thing is social media. The first and foremost the easiest and most-effective one.

Social media is widely used by every bloggers. They share their content, they promote it, they use it to keep in touch with other bloggers, and their audiences. And that’s the time to jump into it. To keep yourself going with them.

You gotta interact with them on their almost-every updates. Get in touch with them on their blogs. Subscribe to their blogs so as soon you see there are new posts emerged on their blogs, jump right away to leave some remarkable feedback not only to show you’re new but you are also a serious new blogger who is in this blogging world to make some difference, to make great connections with fellow bloggers.

Okay, this is the natural strategy. Nothing works other than genuine interaction with anyone to get noticed in their world. As a blogger no matter new or old, we all have to keep it in use, to stick to.

When there is no natural attention you are giving to anyone. They can feel and sense of it quite easily and when that is practicing within one’s initial phases of interaction, the strong impression of non-seriousness is spotted and developed for that person and it then requires lots of inputs and further interaction if that person is willing to change his first impression.

Here comes the second thing

After giving much prioritization to social media interaction, its the time to jump on their blogs. As you keep up with them through social media, you will be easily recognized with your face and name.

Keep your display name and face picture persistent everywhere. It is the only possible indication new people can recognize you easily with.

[Tweet “Name and face are your easiest indicators for others that you’re You.”]

Again, why new bloggers should not join the blogging communities?

For the very same reason — You’re not known.

Get some good relationship with the fellow bloggers through social media and their blogs. And place blog communities in your second wave of strategy or plan or whatever you call it.

Joining the blogging communities right after establishing your blog will be a bad move. As you’re not known, no one will give you an up vote, recommend or share your content. And your content will be lost in the sea of contents. Pushed to the back pages of the blogging communities. Oh! I forgot, it will actually not even cross the few pages from the backside.

It is especially in the case of such blogging communities where up/down vote system is in place to make the content show up on the main pages.

Do it instead, actually you should do it first!

Get noticed in the world of blogging first. You must do it. And do not forget about not joining the blogging communities. But not now. Please. Please!, not now.

Real life example

Think. Just think and assume for a minute.

I am not known in the blogosphere. I joined a blog community on my first day of blogging. For what?

For promotion, right?

Why promotion? Because I joined that blogging community for nothing else than marketing or promoting my stuff, isn’t it correct?

Not? Why not?

Because I was not serious to make good networking with fellow bloggers at first hand. My core reason to join the blogging communities was just to promote my stuff. If I was any serious, then I had to work on connecting and making friendship with fellow bloggers.

So, does it make sense? I hope it does. If not, read the post again from the beginning.


Work on creating great content. Stream in the fellow bloggers to your blog. Make good connections on social media. Know them from their blogs. And rock ‘n’ roll your presence on the blogging communities.

Over to you!

What do you think about all of it? Jump into the comments with your views and thoughts.

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