53 Bloggers Finally Revealed their Successive Blog Posting Schedule

Hey, folks! I am up...

Finally, with my first ever round-up post.

And literally, this round-up post contains something.

Something too beneficial for you, for me and for everyone.

Which we all need to just follow.

Or stick to.


To actually become consistent with pushing the new content on our blogs.

But push the new one with the set schedule.

We cannot (and of course the readers) expect to visit a blog which has the same post lingering for weeks.

There’s no point to run such a blog.

And it won’t yield any readership, will it?

So, how come such type of a blog can even progress? It cannot, right?

For the sake of progress, success, and branding; set and stick to a schedule.

Please, stick to the blog posting schedule for your own sake. πŸ™‚


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Now, without further ado, let me start the core part of this round-up post to highlight the precious responses I got from the valued, notable, and professional bloggers. πŸ™‚

What the excellent 53 bloggers say about their blog posting schedule

Ileane Smith...

Ileane Smith

I like to publish a new blog post on Basic Blog Tips once per week. I also maintain a weekly schedule for uploading new videos to my YouTube channel. I started the blog 7 years ago, and back then I published new content more frequently. These days, I use live video on Facebook or other platforms to do Q&A style broadcasts during the week in between publishing a new post. This gives me the opportunity to promote the evergreen tips and tutorials from my blog’s archives and introduce the content to new audiences.

Rohan Chaubey...

I always make sure I don't have any fixed schedule because audience starts taking your content for granted if you post consistently. Yes, seasoned bloggers would suggest to be consistent, because it works for them. But it is not necessary this works for everyone in their respective niche. If the posts are random, it encourages readers to keep checking the blog to see if there is a new post. I learned this from Nir Eyal. He suggests to have variable rewards to hook readers. Variable rewards is nothing but posting at different times without following a pattern like one post per day or per week or per month.

Rohan Chaubey sharing his blog posting schedule.

Ali Raza...

Ali Raza sharing his blog posting schedule.


Thanks Adeel for inviting me to the roundup. I usually work in advance schedule. Typically, I update around 4 to 6 posts a month on my blog, but i have few posts already written for the backup purposes.

I never rely on circumstances and i feel it's very important to have backup if you want to setup some schedule for your blog posting.

Going ahead, I also feel that it's not the right idea to upload another post while the old post is not promoted properly, so i wait first for that to happen and then i upload another one.

I try to update one post a week, so my readers have something new to read every week.

Best wishes


Lorraine Reguly...

I used to publish a blog post every Monday on Wording Well. Now, my posting schedule is sporadic. This is due to the fact that I am currently re-assessing my content strategy for 2017, so that my posts are more in line with my other goals. When you wear as many hats as I do, it's sometimes difficult to remember the big picture. However, each post on Wording Well continues to provide value to my readers. Stay tuned to find out what's next!

Lorraine Reguly

Philip Verghese 'Ariel'...

Philip V. Ariel

There is no schedule as such I follow, but I​ ​try to post a minimum of 3 to 5 posts in a month. Sometimes it may be less than that. If any pressing need arises it may increase to a maximum of 7 or 8. I prefer to air the post on Mondays' and Thursdays. Saturdays and Sundays I try to avoid, but if somebody (Sponsored posts) insist I may oblige. This is my schedule.

Hussain Omar...

Actually, I don't have specific posting schedule, I only post when I have something to share.

Hussain Omar sharing his blog posting schedule.

Hassaan Khan...

Hassaan Khan

I'm trying to do at least 4 posts a month. I couldn't be very consistent lately but now I'm getting my rhythm back.

Mi Muba...

Fortnightly that means two in a month. Earlier I was posting weekly but it took my lot of efforts and energy and the number of visitors on each post were almost fixed. Now due to my massive promotion traffic is rising slowly.

Mi Muba

Ravi Chahar...

Ravi Chahar

I follow one in a day blog posting schedule which is working effectively for me. I believe in the quantity including the quality in it.

Bren Pace...

With two blogs, a full-time job, a business, and family priorities, I try to publish once a week on my sites. However, that doesn't always happen due to web design projects and other top rated priorities. If I had to stick to a schedule, I'd go with publishing 3 or 4 times per month, or more if I can manage it.

Bren Pace

David Leonhardt

David Leonhardt

Sporadic, mostly because I put client work and family commitments ahead of my own content.

Sue Dunlevie...

Every Thursday.

Sue Dunlevie

Lisa Sicard...

Lisa Sicard

2x per month at least.

Abdul Samad Essani...

I never scheduled my blog posts routine yet as I believe in a great content. I usually post in a week or a month too because I always want to provide only an awesome article rather than old blog posts which already shared before!

Abdul Samad Essani



I publish the blog post for my blogs once in a week and contribute guest post on active blog once in a month.

Akaahan Terungwa...

Once a week.

Akaahan Terungwa

Uttoran Sen...

Uttoran Sen

Depending on the blog - if the blog is active and gets a lot of comments, I stick to 2 to 3 posts a month. This way, I try to get as many comments and shares on every post.

Umesh Singh...

I don't like to publish a blog post on regular basis or once in a week. Instead I focus to publish a blog post when I have something that I think will provide value to my readers. And, I would advice same to the newbie bloggers instead of publishing frequently focus on providing value.

Umesh Singh

Gurunath Nakka...

Gurunath Nakka

To be frank, I never stick to any Schedule of posting my blog posts. If you ask me about how many blog posts I do or publish in a month, then its about 5-10 on an average. I spend a hell lot of time to create one article and it takes 3-7 days for me to complete a blog post and you can imagine the laziness of me. In 2017, I am aiming to stick to at least 3 posts a week Schedule and working towards it. Let's hope for the best. πŸ™‚

Minuca Elena...

In the beginning, it was difficult for me to maintain a regular publishing schedule for my personal blog. Now I publish a new article every week. I create massive articles with unique content and then I promote them a lot on social media. I share new posts in large Facebook groups where I am popular and then I pin them on group boards. I get some good traffic from there using Pinterest marketing. In the beginning, it was difficult for me to maintain a regular publishing schedule for my personal blog. Now I publish a new article every week. I create massive articles with unique content and then I promote them a lot on social media. I share new posts in large Facebook groups where I am popular and then I pin it in some group boards. I get some good traffic from there using Pinterest marketing.

Minuca Elena

Saurabh Tiwari

Saurabh Tiwari

I blog almost exclusively very late at night on weekends(between 10pm-2am). My work schedule is such that these days, that’s the only time I have to quietly reflect, write and Publish. Personally, I commit to one blog post each week. That is the most that I can fit into my schedule.

Shakir Hassan...

I try to publish at least an article each week. Since I don't rely on SEO (Search Engine Optimization), it's easy for me to come up with a blog post idea and write up my thoughts on it and only publish it. (Hint: I use BuzzSumo each time I start writing articles to get article ideas that already have done well.) I have 5-6 blog posts that have been entirely written. Mean, I can even post three articles a week. However, I want some of my articles to be published on websites other than my own as a guest post (as long as I'm trying to get exposure to my newly launched blog.)

Shakir Hassan

Mihir Gadhvi...

Mihir Gadhvi

Firstly wanna thank you for inviting me for this round up. We are three members working for 3nions. Each one of us has different part to play. In the beginning, we used to post daily but now we publish only 2-3 per week. Which is not so difficult even if our exams are going on. Because At least one member will be free to develop the content and we all belong to different field. There are no chances that our exams will ever clash.

Erika Mohssen-Beyk...

Usually I post one post per week to my personal blog and 1-2 posts per week to my other sites.


Paramjot Singh...

Paramjot Singh

Hey, Adeel. First of all thanks a lot for inviting me to this great roundup post. πŸ™‚ Honestly, I never make a schedule to publish posts on my blog and from last one month; I did not publish a single post on my blog due to some personal reasons. :p But if you will ask me how many posts you publish in a month then my answer is - I always post 6-7 articles in a month to interact audience and also search engines. Scheduling a time to publishing posts is an excellent habit but only for those who're now a successful Blogger and have a good number of visitors. If you apply same manners on any event Blog, then you know that what will happen. πŸ˜€ According to me, we should only make schedules when our blog audience needs it and if you're a newbie then avoid it and regularly publish for 2-3 months and make a substantial audience. πŸ™‚ Thank You. Paramjot Singh. ~ MyBloggerGuides.com

Sathish Arumugam...

My blog posts are fully based on my work. And on my leisure time I do publish of 3 posts. And in some cases I do publish 1 post only for 15 days once. So from 2017, I planned to post a lengthy blog on every week. And I am going to do all the posts as a case study to make the post as a useful one.

Sathish Arumugam

Shamsudeen Adeshokan...


I started my blogging career with publishing twice per week. But after some 3 years doing this, I discovered aiming for two content per week doesn't suit my type of blogging style and marketing. In fact, it reduces the time I need to spend on content marketing which to me is more important than hitting the publish button every now and then. So I experiment with publishing two (2) in-depth articles per months. The result is significant and far better than when I was publishing twice per week. So for now, my post schedule is two in-depth article (4,000 plus word) per month.

Muhammad Awais...

Muhammad Awais sharing his blog posting schedule.

I used to write 3 posts a day but nowadays lots of busy due to academic purpose currently trying to publish a post at least once in 3 days.

Ashutosh Jha...

Usually, I post a couple of new posts every week and also try to update the old posts.

Ashutosh Jha

Satya Prakash Joshi...

Satya Prakash Joshi

I used to share up to 3 articles in a week. But now due to other works like freelancing and office projects not able to delegate time for my blogs. But I will surely start from 2017 and will try to contribute up to 5 articles in a month.

Muhammad Ismail...

I normally work for 8 hours/day. the reason behind is only fashion and dedication that motivate me to work more and more.

Muhammad Ismail

Ravindra Solanki...

Ravindra Solanki

5 in a month.

Umar Farooq...

Well, I try posting once a month on EasyAsFart, my blog. But, nowadays, I'm kinda busy in educating local audience. I'm trying to put my effort into (Channel URL: bit.ly/UrduTube) Urdu Tube's videos. Actually, Urdu Tube is the reason I had to change my posting schedule on my blog. I had to give more time to Urdu Tube and less to my blog. Because, blog targets international audience and the channel, Urdu Tube targets local audience, from Pakistan and India. This is why I'm now sticking to posting once a month, at least, and every second day on Urdu Tube. I've always LOVED making videos. This is why, I guess, I'm more frequent on posting videos on Urdu Tube and not articles on EasyAsFart.

Umar Farooq

Muhammad Ahmad...

Muhammad Ahmad

For my own blog (meetahmad.com) , my blog posting schedule is not a regular one. Whenever, I learn something new I share it. For my other niche blogs, posting schedule is a regular one. Probably, 2-3 posts in a week. πŸ™‚

Malik Sharjeel Tahir...

I post once a week or month and i am sticking to it because this keep my blog active and fresh.

Sharjeel Tahir

Rachit Singh...

Rachit Singh

I Post once every 3 days. I've recently implemented this schedule on my blog and would be sticking to same for coming year.

Nasir Piya...

Well to honest, I'm super lazy btw πŸ˜€ in start of my blogging career, i was used to update my blog on daily basis. But then this routine exercised once in a week and now once in a month. this was due to some personal issue. Now i'm planning to work with new strategies, new projects and with new team. Need your special prayers. And Thanks for considering me this round up post.

Nasir Piya

Sonal Talwar...

Sonal Talwar

One in a week.

Lori Henry...

1-2 times per month.

Lori Henry

Faiz Israili...

Faiz Israili

When I started blogging, I use to post contents when I want & promote my articles on the Google plus only. But after two years of blogging, everything is changed. Now I have various of blogs, and I have a team to work on it. I know how much it is important to promote and post your contents on the internet consistently especially for entertainment and educational niches. Therefore, I always advise my team to keep our websites up to date and post contents frequently almost we daily publish five posts. Also, our visitors are most important part of your blog. Therefore, we have to make sure that they should engage or convert with your blog's targeted traffic source & affiliate likes πŸ˜€ Now let's move on to scheduling and planning for the same. Plan A: Managing daily targets with an excel file, which is based on daily, weekly and monthly goals. So, that we can achieve our primary Blogging Goal by end of the month. But, what happen when something unplanned happened? Exactly, we use our 'Plan B' on which I have someone to work for me. On this part, I take help from others. I use sources including Facebook & truelancer.com to hire peoples by advertisements. It's not like that simple, but I work 16 hours to manage my job πŸ™‚ My daily schedules πŸ˜‰ Morning, I create an article as morning is the best time for the same. I schedule them according to best time as per the niche requirements. Afternoon: I go to my office and take the meeting with my team to work as per requirements. Evening: I have to complete my promotional work including sending Push Notification, Emails, Social Media, etc. Night: I schedule my job for tomorrow and analyse my website's performance etc.

Muhammad Mairaj...

It’s preferable to write qualitative content rather than writing non-qualitative posts on regular basis. That’s why I devote extra time to find out some superlative topics for my blog. As far as my blog posting schedule is concern I have not publishing more than 4 to 5 times in a month depending upon the topic which I had selected to pen down. In addition to this, I have to scrutinize intensely the weaknesses of my competitors for which keywords they are ranked. Afterward, my very next methodology is to write an exclusive post on those keywords along with spectacular On page SEO.

Muhammad Mairaj

Anmol Singhi

Anmol Singhi

First of all I want to say thanks to adeel sami brother for inviting me for this round-up post. Coming to the question, I follow regular schedule for my blogs. I always post on every Monday or if I miss the day then second preference is Thursday. There is no specific reason for this schedule. I just love posting on these days.


One in a week is comfortable.

Sasidhar Kareti

Tuhin Deshamukhya...


Hello Adeel, thanks a lot for inviting me in this wonderful roundup post. I usually post once a week (mostly on sundays). Posting once a week, allows me the time to promote the post across various social media networks in the subsequent days.

Sumair Hisbani...

I don't follow any schedule for posting, but yeah you should post consistently. I write when I'm free and alone. I hate disturbances. I try to write at least two quality posts in a week, and that leads me to 8 posts in a month. In this way, you can manage all your offline stuff, and you have time to promote these posts. Promoting eight posts in a month is not a big deal, I guess.

Sumair Hisbani


Shehzad Brohi

1 in a week. due to study and freelancing

S M Karamath...

Hey! First thanks to you for including me in this Roundup post. Now Coming to the point I write one article per day and for Instant traffic I share during evening times because many people might be part time blogger so by evening might be their blogging schedule so I always do this to generate social traffic. Thank you.

S M Karamath

Syed Kamran...

5 in a month.

Riju Debnath...

Riju Debnath

As a part time blogger it is hard to maintain the frequency of blog posting. I try to publish at least once or twice in a week but when I have more time then I add more content on my blog. It mostly depends on your niche.

Ammar Ashfaq...

It is random but I try to post 1 time a week.

Aquif Shaikh...

Aquif Shaikh

Though, usually I post 3-4 articles per month. I am not obsessed with posting minimum "n" number of articles per month. I prefer posting an article as and when I have solid content to write about. This is though frequency of posting is known to be part of Google's algorithm, it is not a major ranking signal as long as you have evergreen content at your blog that could keep your blog readers engaged. Brian Dean seldom updates his blog and yet ranks for several high volume keywords. Even I have not updated my blog for the past 3 months, but the traffic at my blog as well as my blog's Google ranking have improved over the said period.

Kash Lalka...

Your blog posting schedule depends on the objective of your sites. I have a product review site so i like to write detailed reviews on evergreen topics. Due to this, I stick to one blog post per week. That way I can research well, write well and then promote well.

Kash Lalka

Marius Kiniulis...

Marius Kiniulis


Well, as from me sometimes it happens that I'm posting a blog post 3 months later then the last one.

But I think that a more important thing is to have super-high quality content and dedicate at least few hours promoting it (honestly, I'm promoting those blog posts for 1-3 weeks after I publish it).

So I think that it depends on the strategy that you're working on your blog.

In the end…

Now you have seen through the 53 professional bloggersblog posting schedule; what’s your blog posting schedule for your own blog?

Oh… I had forgotten..

If you do want to have your own response added in here, just simply send me your answer:

Your blog posting schedule?
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