For Bloggers, When Your Mood is So Messed Up

Having a good mood directly impacts on your thoughts, your body, and the mind.

And having a messy mood can kill everything.

Even it makes you furious and angry that you don’t even want to talk about and just keep lull.

And us being the bloggers and especially the “content blogger“, you’re going to feel it hard…

As much hard that you’re about to just burst out.

And you leave out on everything in anger.

But what I said?

We are the content blogger.

And we got to build up content… at all cost… and in all situations.

After all, we are the content blogger for say.

How you react?

So, how you guys react when totally in the messed up mood?

How do you deal with your blog during such state?

Even how you react, let’s not your blog loose in the sight.

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Ray - February 28, 2017

Yes you’re absolutely right, messy mood can kill everything! When my mood is messed up, I really can’t write my blog. For quite a few times I’ve tried to force myself to write “something – anything”, published it, and every time I regretted it.

When my mood is not right, I try to hand-write the ideas only in my notebook instead, as many illustrations as possible (I can’t draw…but it will help me to find out what kind of images I’d like in my blog).

Nick - February 28, 2017

Well I believe most of the people working online full time will get depressed since its kinda obvious. We must participate in social activities as well. Some of the best practices includes reading books, playing outdoor games and spending quality time with family and etc.


Ugyen Dorji - March 4, 2017

Hi Bro,
I agree with your points on how mood can play a great role in our blogging life. And it can even impact the blogging business. But what is important is to be aware of our mood and deal with it accordingly so that it can never hamper our blogging carreer.
Have a great day!

Sathish Arumugam - March 4, 2017

For a blog post to come out well, a blogger surely needs a good mood. This attitude will help us to build up the content.

James - March 4, 2017

Yes mood plays a major role in consistency and I guess if we loose mood we can’t able to concentrate on work.


Ravi Chahar - March 6, 2017

Hey Adeel,

The mood is what makes you do everything. I remember how I used to get demotivated because of my messy mood.

Just like your living place, you should maintain your workplace clean and refresh your mood.

Enjoy the day.

Jimmy - March 6, 2017


Awesome topic and I guess we should talk about this issue on every blog since almost all the bloggers face mood messed up issues.


Gaurav Kumar - March 11, 2017

Hey Adeel,

Blogging is not just a work or an art, it is all about passion. When a blogger falls in love with his blog, no matter how hard things go, he never feel sad or never quit. I have seen people saying that are not making good money so they are feeling bored or depressed in blogging.

If I talk about me, Blogging has given me so much that I can`t feel messed up in blogging. First of all it has made me my own boss, I feel the freedom and enjoy my life.

When it comes to blogging, I am always energetic and love to create what is valuable.


John - April 2, 2017

I can relate myself to the situation, I am having pretty messed mood nowadays. I am unable to concentrate on the blogs and can’t even write 100 words. I have been experiencing the same from past 1 week to overcome that what I have done is, I started going for a run every morning and Yoga for 30 mins. You won’t believe the results now I am having a clear mood and can complete 5000 words with ease 🙂


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