How To Block YourServerIsDown.com via Google Analytics

How to block YourServerIsDown.com through Google AnalyticsGosh! This is sick. I am so fed up of YourServerIsDown.com .. This thing got me!


I will so tell you so that it does not mess up your analytical data as well. Or if it has, you block this little piece of mess.

Well as you know that unwanted and unethical traffic hitting our webpages are really bad. So bad in terms of recording analytical data where they may easily destroy bounce rates, audiences, acquisitions, and behaviors that are recorded by Google Analytical bots.

The one bad picture is how worst these referral traffics are when they hit your webpage, they mostly target your homepage and nothing else. After a few seconds they exit because they are programmed to stay active for awhile and with it they do not hit any other links/pages from your home page so the bounce rate per visit from such referral traffics are at 100%. Scary enough, right?

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How to Block YourServerIsDown.com off Your Google Analytics Acount

Okay, I won’t go long and long with this post but straight towards the point to actually how to block YourServerIsDown.com with one easy way through Google Analytics.

Let’s begin the process which is as easy as boiling the water:

  • Go to your Google Analytics page
  • Click on “Admin
  • Click on “All Filters” from “Account” column
  • Click on “New Filters
  • Type anything you want to name that blockage for you to easily remember in “Filter Name“. For safe side, put in the URL of “yourserverisdown.com”.
    Click on “Custom” in “Filter Type“.
  • Click on drop-down list of “Filter Field” and choose “Campaign Source“.
  • Type in the URL “yourserverisdown.com” in “Filter Pattern” because this field is the one which will block the traffic from that Referrer/URL/Website.
  • Leave all the fields unchanged.
  • Scroll down the page and click on “All Web Site Data” from the box under “Apply Filters to Views“. When selected, click on “Add” button so it will move “All Web Site Data” under “Selected Views“, this is the one which will enable the filter and make it work.
    In last, hit “Save” and filter is enabled.

How to verify if the filter is working or not

Okay, I am not that tech-savvy and wanted to search for available methods to check to see how I can verify that filter.

Since YourServerIsDown.com is a spam website, hits error when accessing and that you cannot put your website URL anywhere on that website to click and check if it is really blocking the incoming traffic; I was out of options. Probably I couldn’t get the working methods to confirm YourServerIsDown.com is really blocked.
What I thought of an idea that how if I block a website where I can enter my blog URL to see upon clicking it from that website I block and if it really works to block the incoming traffic/hits.

The method is … just simple!

Go through the same process as above but use FaceBook.com OR Twitter.com to test the filter.

Why them?

Because you can put your blog URL there and clicking the link there will record the information whether the filter is working or not.

Now to verify if it is really working can be seen through the following steps:

  • Go to your Google Analytics’ dashboard
  • Click on “Real Time” then “Over View
  • Now click the link of your blog URL (could be home page or any post) from FaceBook.com Or Twitter.com (which ever you set the filter for)
  • Head back to Google Analytics’s Real Time > Overview and see if any incoming traffic shows up.
  • If you see nothing popping there under “Pageviews” or “Top Referrals“, congratulations! Your set filter is working.
  • If you see anything especially under “Top Referrals” and it is either FaceBook or Twitter whichever you set the filter for and that “Top Active Page” is the one you clicked the link of your blog from FaceBook of Twitter, that means something’s wrong there and you need to revise the steps again to ensure if anything missed during setup.

Video tutorial of how to block YourServerIsDown.com through Google Analytics

Does that filter block YourServerIsDown.com entirely?

In short, no.

Let me go in details as to why not.

Whenever anyone would be coming from a website for example, YourServerIsDown.com, your website will still be accessible and won’t block the page at all for that person like showing some kind of error message but the website and its content. Just that going with Google Analytics to filter the incoming traffic/hits from that particular site (in our case “YourServerisDown.com”), the Google Analytics won’t record any information ever as long as filter is enabled. Thus, your web hosting bandwidth would be using up as well as the incoming traffic would be showing up through the stats of your cPanel (control panel).

Is there any other method to entirely block YourServerIsDown.com spam referral

In order to block such spam referrals entirely, there’s another method done through .htaccess file which I will cover in later days. But, I won’t recommend it going this way until large incoming traffic hitting your blog where your web hosting resources such as memory and bandwidth are being used up and hitting high volumes.


  • Are you aware of such spam referrals that are messing with your Google Analytical data?
  • How do you block it/them?
  • Would you be applying it on your blog?

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Photo credit: Google Analytics logo via photopin (license)

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Renard Moreau - August 9, 2015

[ Smiles ] Thank you for sharing this with me, Adeel. We all know that web-spam can be a pain in the butt!

    Adeel Sami - August 9, 2015

    Hello Renard,

    And that’s very true! Spam is always a real pain! 🙂

    Thank you for your input, I so appreciate it! 🙂

    ~ Adeel

Umair Akram - August 10, 2015

Hi! Adeel Bro,

Thanks for sharing this Wonderful article with us. Believe me, I am tired of these refferal Traffic and just looking for a way to get rid of them. Your Article Helped me a lot and I am really thankful to you for this Tutorial. This kind of traffic increases your Bounce rate and are really annoying.

Sharing this on Twitter and G+ to help other bloggers too.

Happy to Visit here again! 🙂

    Adeel Sami - August 12, 2015

    Hello Umair bhai,

    That’s awesome! I am glad it could be of any help to you. 🙂

    Really they are nasty, so at least they have to be blocked on the level of Google Analytics so such kind of traffic should not destroy the data.

    Thank you so much for the support, you’re awesome! 🙂

    ~ Adeel

Shameem - August 11, 2015

Hey Bro

I’ve not tried this methods which I’m facing the problem for past two months,I’ve to try this filters hope to see the good results.These referral traffic affects a lot by increasing traffic and thanks for your tips which more useful for me.

    Adeel Sami - August 12, 2015

    Hello Shameem,

    I am thankful of you visiting my place, welcome! 🙂

    Sure, do try it and I am pretty sure it will stop being spotted into your Google Analytic’s dashboard. I was too tired of such websites and a little help from Google helped me a lot. 🙂

    Do try this and let me know if you need my help getting this filter to work.

    I see you often! 🙂

    ~ Adeel

Amberr Meadows - August 11, 2015

I am so glad I caught this in the Triberr stream. I did exactly as recommended by reading the directions and watching the video. Crossing fingers that works. Spammers really are like herpes–can never completely get rid of them!

    Adeel Sami - August 12, 2015

    Hello Amber,

    First of all, thank you so much for your visit! Triberr is really awesome in finding the great helping content! 🙂

    I am so glad it helped you, sure that they won’t ever stop and keep coming through different sources and mediums but what’s good that we can block much of them in seconds to not mess up our Google analytical data. Though they won’t stop accessing our websites/servers but fortunately they won’t play up with our analytics. 🙂

    Thank you once again, Amber, and I hope to see you often! 🙂

    ~ Adeel

Yvonne I. Wilson - August 12, 2015

Hi Adeel,

Thanks for sharing this great tutorial post. It is very helpful as to how to block youraerverisdown (dot) com I am not sure that one can get the rid of spam entirely but certainly with this kind of approach they can be reduced. Can this same method be used to block the other spam nuisances referral sites?

Have a great day/week. Cheers!

    Adeel Sami - August 12, 2015

    Hello Yvonne,

    I am grateful to see you on my place, thank you! 🙂

    Actually, the traffic should still be hitting your website through YourServerIsDowndotCom but this method is applied so that the traffic logs should not be monitored/recorded coming from that referral website. But there’s another way to completely block the traffic from that referral site which I will cover in coming days.

    And yes, the same method can be used for any referral website, you put any URL of any referral website into “Filter Pattern” and Google Analytics won’t be recording the hits coming from that website.

    Please, do let me know if you have any other thing for me and need my help to setup the filter. 🙂

    Thanks again for your kind words!

    ~ Adeel

Rajkumar - August 12, 2015

Hi Adeel,

Very useful tutorial I guess, to be honest I really don’t know about yourserverisdown.com but your article have awesome info about it. Will surely try it out.


    Adeel Sami - August 12, 2015

    Hello Raj Kumar,

    Thank you for that! 🙂

    Actually this website is one of the spam referrer which continuously send hits to random blogs/websites. And the weird thing is it is not accessible as well.

    Thus, it is unrecognized source of receiving hits, it may destroy your Google analytical data and hence required to be blocked by Google Analytics to not have it showed up in stats.

    Sure, do let me know if you need any more information about it. 🙂

    ~ Adeel

ikechi - August 13, 2015

Hi Adeel

What a great post and very timely. I have battled with spam. I tried installing a spam plugin blocker but it gave me so much problems. Your method seems better so I will try it out and let you know how far. Thanks for sharing.

    Adeel Sami - August 13, 2015

    Hello Ikechi,

    I am very grateful of you visiting and leaving your kind input, thank you!

    Sure, do let me know how it goes and if you require any other information and help. 🙂 I am sure it will solve much of the problem messing up Google Analytical data.

    Thank you! 🙂

    ~ Adeel

Ijaz Ibrahim - August 13, 2015

Hi adeel
i found new stuff on your site
very helpful and informative article here
keep it up 🙂

Frances Huges - September 3, 2015

Your system administrator or whoever is in charge of network security is the best person to deal with bad bots attacks. If you are not using a firewall, then the second best option to surf the web is to use Google Chrome.

Nicole Pary - December 17, 2015

Hey Adeel,
Great post Indeed!
An impressive and informative information, I don’t know this kinds of technical problem, but in further it may be helpful. All are simple steps and according to me, thanks for shared and I really enjoyed to reading this post.


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