The Best Blogging Reading Roundup Post for Week 28

Here’s my another reading roundup post for the week # 28.

And that’s for the duration of July 10th, 2017 to July 16th, 2017.

So, here I come with my best read so far.

Reading makes you knowledgeable. Click To Tweet

This week’s reading roundup posts:

Note that these are the posts that I made a comment on (commented on more than the listed blog posts), and they are the best ones I read in the previous week.

Despite the fact that my comment is approved or not, I keep track of the blog posts where I make comments and these blog posts I happened to qualify for the reading roundup post.

So, let’s meet the next week with another round-up post. 🙂

Happy readin’ bloggin’!

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Shantanu Sinha - July 17, 2017

Hello Adeel,

Indeed these were some really informative post from the past week, I have also been many on of these. I loved how you say, that we need to keep commenting and sharing these post, whether our comments are being approved or not. It’s quite good to track down the blogs from these experts and plenty can be learned from here.

Thanks for the share.
Have a great week ahead.


    Adeel Sami - July 17, 2017

    Hello, Shantanu!

    I am glad that you liked the collection of the blog posts!

    Yes, I actually care less of my blog comment getting approved or not.

    But what I do the most work on is to provide the good and valuable comment to the blogs I visit.

    So, it always (mostly) works best! 🙂

    Thank you again!

    And I am so sure you’re rocking the blog commenting as well! 🙂

    ~ Adeel

Lisa P. Sicard - July 17, 2017

Hi Adeel, thanks so much for the mention. I saw your Facebook post just before I went to bed last night 🙂
I missed a few others like Ryan’s latest post. I will have to check them out.
I loved Louise on deleting old posts – great tips that I can use. I also read Donna’s and Ravi. All very informative. You gotta love Donna’s videos now too.
Have a great day Adeel and I really appreciate it!

    Adeel Sami - July 17, 2017

    Hello, Lisa!

    Awesome! Thank you! 🙂

    I second you. Louise’s, Donna’s, and Ravi’s pieces are too apt ones.

    And yeah, you’d love reading up the ones from Ryan! He totally nailed it (as usual)! 🙂

    Great going! And keep going! 🙂

    You have an awesome day as well!

    ~ Adeel

Manish Kumar - July 18, 2017

Hi Adeel,

Of course, Reading makes us knowledgeable.

Posts shared by you are great and helpful in making a successful blogger. Good to know that you keep on commenting.

This is the most important reason to consistently comment on other blogs. If you find yourself complaining that your site is not getting enough traffic from search engines, it may be because your site does not have enough authority with those search engines.

When you comment on blogs, it helps create backlinks, which in turn generates traffic. Most of these links are no-follow links and thus, carry little value; however, the process is still helpful.

For newer blogs, commenting will help in the faster indexing of your blog.

I will tweet your post.

Thanks a lot for sharing.


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