AnswerThePublic: The Content Idea Generating Tool

It comes hard to find the ideas to picturise the blog posts.

And sometimes you spend a heck lotta time to find one idea and it does not pop up.

Or better say you’re diagnosed with “information overloaded.”

The worst form of unproductivity and drags you deep inside the boring state that you then don’t find amazement in consuming the content. Or to generate as well.

Well, a lot of the things do contribute to such state that you’re not in the mood of doing something (writing something.)

And then to fight back to such situation, you gotta lend the help from some awesome tools.


We know of many tools which we often use. But one I found just awhile ago which is really the best at its work.

AnwerThePublic helps in generating enormous ideas to write the blog content on.

Anything you search up (‘blog‘ in my case) and it came up with three types of ideas; Questions, Prepositions and Alphabetical.

The end result is gigantic. So huge that even if you’re not in toe mood of writing, you’d still find something to change you and take out your writing monster hitting your favorite writing keyboard.

By the way, I love my ‘Lenovo‘ keyboard. So soft and easy to punch. What’s your favorite keyboard’s brand? 🙂

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How to use AnswerThePublic?

It is easy and simple.

Just do these:

  • Type in your word to search (one worded, two worded, or to any length.)
  • Must select the country of your choice to search up what people are searching from that country.
  • Hit “Get Questions

It is that simple, isn’t it?

Why was AnswerThePublic built for?

The about part of the tool is really interesting and comprised upon the fact.

It says;

The auto suggest results provided by Google & Bing are a goldmine of insight for today’s marketeers. As you type you are presented with an aggregated view of the questions & therefore a hint of the motivations & emotions of the people behind each search query. It’s perhaps one of the best but most underutilised sources of research for content ideas. Until now…

Your turn… Now!

Did you already know of AnswerThePublic?

How does it look? Is it gonna add value to your blog post ideas from now on?

And does it really worth of use?

Please, do share your views in the comment. 🙂

After all, we all are ‘content’ bloggers and we need ideas to develop content!

So, happy great bloggin’! 🙂

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