These 17 Superstars Reveal Alexa Ranking Not Matters

Alexa Ranking Not Matters At AllWho does not know what is Alexa ranking?

I suppose you do, right?

If not, read this: How Important Is Alexa Ranking?

Now, you know it, right? Then, let’s get started.

Alexa ranking is still the indicator especially by the (most) advertisers. They mostly do judge the popularity and success level of a website by checking its Alexa ranking.

While it is an important aspect in monetization process but Alexa ranking can be easily manipulated. But okay, I am not going to go into details as how it can be manipulated rather than how effective and productive it is not caring about Alexa ranking.. at all.

What Makes Alexa Ranking Matter

its you and the following things:

  • Attract (most) advertisers.
  • You’re famous in the circle of folks giving utmost importance to Alexa ranking.
  • You feel good.
  • You feel (almost) complete.
  • You feel worried if Alexa ranking is increasing.
  • You feel happy if Alexa ranking is decreasing.
  • You check out Alexa ranking everyday and depends it increased or decreased since last day, it makes your mood bitter or better.
  • You’re in feel of maintaining and improving your Alexa ranking.
  • You write for the sake of improving Alexa ranking.
  • You lose the sleep over it.

… and the list of reasons does NOT stop.. ever…

What Makes Alexa Ranking NOT Matter

What looks is not what it is in real. And that’s the same theory people blog with.

As we know that not everyone visiting our blog would have Alexa bar installed, then why should we care about Alexa ranking at all?

Our core meaning of blog is to help people. Our content to serve the needs of people. People do hop on our blog to find information which are going to fix their issues.

Now with it, not every website/blog has a very good Alexa ranking but they are still doing far greater than those who are having great Alexa rankings especially in terms of business.

17 Real Examples of Why Alexa Rankings Do NOT Matter.. at all..

*Examples are given in random numbers AND does not mean to categorize the mentioned personalities based on their placement numbers.
*Global Alexa rank of the websites as of September 7th, 2015.

Image of Ted Rubin.

Ted Rubin

A well-known personality in the world of social media and the creator of #RonR = Return on Relationshipβ„’

Global Alexa Rank: 567,255

About Ted Rubin: http://tedrubin.com/about-ted-rubin/

Image of Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk

I am sure y’all know him and needs no introduction.

Global Alexa Rank: 65,161

About Gary Vee: https://www.garyvaynerchuk.com/biography/

Image of Neal Schaffer

Neal Schaffer

Neal is a very friendly and humble personality coming from social media’s industry.

You ask and he replies.

Global Alexa Rank: 949,008

About Neal Schaffer: http://maximizeyoursocial.com/social-media-speaker-neal-schaffer/

Image of Mark Schaefer

Mark Schaefer

Mark requires no introduction in content and social media world.

Global Alexa Rank: 81,471

About Mark Schaefer: http://www.businessesgrow.com/mark-schaefer/

Image of Bryan Kramer.

Bryan Kramer

Bryan is, undoubtedly, the prominent personality from Social, Content, and Marketing world.

His recently authored book “Shareology: How Sharing is Powering the Human Economy” is making rounds of success in the world.

Global Alexa Rank: 524,165

About Bryan Kramer: http://www.bryankramer.com/about/

Image of Rebekah Radice

Rebekah Radice

She’s a navigator; navigates you, small business owners and entrepreneurs to the correct path of social media and online marketing.

Global Alexa Rank: 80,449

About Rebekah Radice: https://rebekahradice.com/meet-rebekah-radice/

Image of Don Purdum

Don Purdum

To make your business profitable, open the gates for new sales and improve in marketing; follow what Don has to offer.

Global Alexa Rank: 355,129

About Don Purdum: http://www.unveiltheweb.com/about/

Image of Jan Gordon

Jan Gordon

Jan is the founder of Curatti where she and her contributors share the best content helping B2B businesses.

Global Alexa Rank: 429,396

About Jan and Curatti: http://curatti.com/about-us/

Image of Tor Refsland

Tor Magne Refsland

Want to save time out of 24 hours? Spend the precious time on most productive items? Then read and follow Tor.

Global Alexa Rank: 420,006

About Tor Refsland: http://www.timemanagementchef.com/time-management-blog/

Image of Erica Kessler

Erica Kessler

Erica is from Switzerland and holds a tight grip on social media.

Global Alexa Rank: 14,448,124

About Erica: http://kessler-socialmedia.com/about-kessler-social-media/

Image of Adrienne Smith

Adrienne Smith

Adrienne is the Queen of blog commenting. Blogging superstar! She longs the comment not just on external blogs but even on her own blog like she’s writing a whole post.

Wonder how many comments she get on her blog posts? In hundreds and every comment gets a long but precised and to-the-point reply from Adrienne.

Global Alexa Rank: 96,280

About Adrienne Smith:

Image of Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph

Everyone is inspired by someone he/she sees value, inspiration, and boost and we call it mentor-ship. The inspiring personality who is my mentor, is Ryan.

His books, his podcasts, his content, and his social support uplifted me in such a way I am way too grateful of him.

Global Alexa Rank: 141,316

About Ryan Biddulph: http://www.bloggingfromparadise.com/about-me/

Image of Pam Moore

Pam Moore

She’s marketing nut. A pioneer name in digital marketing world.

And you gonna listen to her podcasts, she totally rocks it!

Global Alexa Rank: 183,750

Her website: http://www.pammarketingnut.com/

Image of Erik Emanuelli

Erik Emanuelli

You want to learn about passive income coming out of the internet? Then follow this guy named Erik.

Global Alexa Rank: 93,226

About Erik Emanuelli: http://nopassiveincome.com/about/

Image of Rohan Chaubey

Rohan Chaubey

It was too common back in the time and is still in some countries and cultures that age matters.

But it is not, age really does not matter. And I to prove it, I will tell you to read this guy and follow his content.

Global Alexa Rank: 222,812

About Rohan Chaubey:

Image of Hassaan Khan

Hassaan Khan

Hassaan is purely a great content creator. He’s seen on major brands with his content. And the great thing is, he lives in the same province where I live.

Global Alexa Rank: 389,976

About Hassaan Khan: http://www.hassaankhan.com/blog/about-hassaan-khan/

Image of Brent Jones

Brent Jones

Brent is not new in the industry and actually helping us with freelancing, blogging and internet marketing.

Global Alexa Rank: 202,198

About Brent Jones:

Why I Highlighted These Personalities

One reason.

Alexa ranking does not matter.. at all. Plain and simple!

These personalities I mentioned are doing pretty fabulous jobs at making the difference in our lives despite of the fact where their Alexa rankings are and if its improving or not.


  • They are helping us to grow.
  • They are boosting our knowledge.
  • They are sharing with us what works for them.

And us, we follow and get benefited from their content, right?


We first check their Alexa rank first and then decide; NOT, right?

Still Doubt If Alexa Ranking Matters Or Not?

Actually doubt is there and will remain there as long as Alexa.com is alive and functional.

But there are some things to consider.. to clear the hunch if it really matters:

  • You cannot and will not get every/all visitors coming to your blog having Alexa toolbar installed.
  • Readers of 2015 care about content, not the Alexa ranking to judge if the content is good or not and the website/blog is well-known or not.
  • Consumers buy on recommendations from friends, online reviews, social media’s influence, etc. So, work on it and not Alexa ranking.

People trust people. They go with recommendations and not with numbers. The satisfaction you provide to the people, its the best medium to get referrals no matter what’s your rank, what’s your page authority and domain authority.

[Tweet “In the end, people buy from people.”]


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Click Here to Leave a Comment Below 29 comments
Tor Refsland - September 7, 2015

Hi Adeel,

a great article with good points πŸ™‚

I am so honoured to be mentioned among these awesome entrepreneurs.

I truly do believe that putting yourself out there, focusing on bringing valuable and awesome content for people is the best way to build your brand in the long run.

It`s not really about you, your blog or the Alexa rankings. It`s all about helping people to solve a specific issue.

Once you understand that the key to success is to help other people, everything changes.

Zig Ziglar said: “when you help enough people to get what they want, you will finally get what you want.”

Have a great day!



Reginald Chan - September 7, 2015

Hey man,

Great article. For me, Alexa ranking is no biggy unless you are aiming to sell the site. I don’t see much use of it BUT, the stats does give some insights on how your website is doing.

Overall, don’t fuss over it but it is always good to have it on board!

Good stuffs!

Umair Akram - September 7, 2015

Hi Adeel,

Nothing to say for this post rather than the word “Fabulous”. That’s a blog post newbie bloggers must read. Because there is a myth created in their minds that they can never succeed without having a great Alexa rank. I am worried about those newbies who are searching for tricks to improve their Alexa rank rather than improving their content.

I agree that Alexa rank matters in some factors, But it is just an algorithm and it can never prove that a blog have a good content or not, or people should buy from that blog or not. Even sometimes these Alexa and PR’s can be demotivating for the new bloggers who are unable to improve those Algorithms.

We should focus mainly on improving our content and building a loyal and strong readership. These thing makes a blog successful not those Algo’s.

Sharing it on Social Media πŸ™‚ Visit your Blog soon…

~ Umair Akram

Renard Moreau - September 7, 2015

[ Smiles ] I am going to be real harsh by saying, Amazon should shut Alexa down, because it is inaccurate.

Anyone who relies on the Alexa Ranking System to know if they are doing well is deceiving their self . As you have rightly pointed out, it is heavily reliant on visitors having the Alexa toolbar installed on their browser (And, the truth is, not everyone will have Alexa installed or would want anything to do with Alexa, since it deals primarily with tracking).

I rely on Google Analytics for accuracy.

And, professional bloggers do not care about Alexa Rankings.

Alexa is a fraud!

Brent Jones - September 8, 2015

Wow, Adeel! I’m thrilled you included me on your list. That is awesome my friend!

The thing about getting in the top 100 or 1,000 on Alexa is that it isn’t very likely for a solopreneur or blogger anyway… effective bloggers target specific niches. If you look at top sites like Facebook and Google, they are universal in popularity. It is unlikely that any one individual is going to top either of those sites. πŸ˜‰

Even still, you might rank in the top 1,000 websites in Canada because your content is relevant to Canadians… but that may not translate into a great global rank. There are very few websites that have that kind of universal appeal, let alone multilingual support.

Still, every now and then I like to look at my Alexa ranking just to see if it went up or down.

Have an awesome day!

AndrΓ©a - September 8, 2015

This is so true! If you’re reaching your core group of people, then it doesn’t matter what you’re Alexa ranking is. Great post, Adeel!

Ryan Biddulph - September 8, 2015

Hi Adeel,

Wow, right up my alley! I wrote about this in my latest eBook. Alexa does not matter. Your energy matters. Your value shared, your inspiration and your friend network matters. All the folks up top prove this, again and again.

Thanks for shouting me out!


Hassaan Khan - September 8, 2015

Hello Mr. Adeel,

Thank you, Sir. I’m thrilled to see my name on the list. Yes, I also believe that Alexa rank doesn’t matter. I have mentioned a couple of times that I have seen websites converting so well and their Alexa ranks were not even closer to 1,000,000… So, with the passage of time I realized that one should focus on the ‘delivery of value to the readers’ not on the improvement of alexa rank.

Nirmala - September 8, 2015

Great, Unique post Adeel Sami!

Brent shared this awesome piece of content in G+ and I immediately landed over here.

I’ve enjoyed reading the points under “Why Alexa matters?” Quite funny πŸ™‚

You’ve listed some awesome resources that doesn’t have killer Alexa, so I agree with you that the “Alexa Not Matters”.

I’ve installed Alexa widget but I don’t care about its numeric value. I feel good that I’m sharing the helpful posts for my loyal readers.

Thanks for the great post, keep writing. Have a good rest of the week.

    Brent Jones - September 12, 2015

    Nice to know you found this post through me, Nirmala! πŸ˜‰

Erik - September 9, 2015

Wonderful post, Adeel!

My opinion on this topic?
No, Alexa rank does not matter to become successful online.
And yes, it does matter if you use specific monetization methods on your blog, like sponsored posts, for example (some advertisers will pay you based on the Alexa ranking of your site – telling this from experience).

Thanks for including me, my friend!
Really appreciated.

Gurpreet - September 9, 2015

This article really motivated me to keep going up with quality articles instead of caring about silly Alexa Rank.
I don’t understand that Alexa Rank,People say it depends upon Blog traffic but in my blog when my Traffic increases Alexa got decreases.

Erika Mohssen-Beyk - September 11, 2015

Hi Adeel ,
I do not know ,but maybe Alexa did matter in the past .
I only looked one time at the ranking ,when somebody told me look you get better.
Good everything is changing and I think it is better to be known as a human who gives value ,
than as a number in a System .
Thank you

David - September 14, 2015

I’m not sure you understand Alexa rank, and you seem to be confusing it with something like a Klout score.

Alexa ranking is merely to provide a 3rd party tool that gives estimates regarding your traffic. Not your popularity per se, and certainly not your “worth”, but your traffic and reach of your website.

For a website that relies on advertising monies, your Alexa rank matters – because advertisers want eyeballs on their ads that are on your site. For most other people, especially those without ads, this information and ranking shouldn’t matter at all, unless your goal is to do competitive research.

Adrienne - September 15, 2015

Hey Adeel,

You are SO right, the Alexa ranking may be important to some people while not others. For the longest time I never paid attention to my PR rank or my Alexa rank and they both used to be really really good. But Google changed their algorithms, my PR went down and it hasn’t changed in years. I backed off blogging from twice a week to once a week and my Alexa ranking went back up. Did that change the amount of traffic I had coming to my blog? Only because I was only sharing one post a week but my business has increased so you’re absolutely right, it has no baring on how well I’m doing.

I’m glad you shared all these other examples as well and of course I appreciate being included on this list. Our blogs should be our marketing tools but I’ve always told people you can never 100% count on all the numbers we’re given. It depends on what service you use as to what the numbers are. They’re always different.

Wonderful share and thanks again. You enjoy your week.


Unlockninja - September 15, 2015

Very nice information about alexa ranking otherwise many peoples have concussion … thanks for sharing this post…

Leslie Denning - September 16, 2015

Hi Adeel. I enjoyed this post and also seeing the faces of many of my online friends and those I admire. I think Alexa can be put into perspective when you realize that Google, Facebook, Amazon, and YouTube hold the top 4 spots, it becomes pretty obvious that chasing a top 10 ranking as a blogger is kind of futile.

The nice thing is that we can leverage the high ranking sites to make ourselves more visible. Thanks so much for putting Alexa in its place :).

All the best,

Sherman Smith - September 17, 2015

Hey Adeel,

I use to be someone that based the quality of a blog based on their Alexa Ranking. Now not so much so.

I focus on the quality of the content more so than the ranking now. I also look to see if there are some familiar faces in the comment section.

The bloggers here are top notch and you can see that you font have to have under 100K to have a successful blog. There are other more important factors that influence this.

Thanks for sharing Adeel! Have a good one!

Jyoti Chauhan - September 17, 2015

Hey Adeel,

You are absolutely right, Alexa ranking does’t matter more but it definitely play great role to attract advertisers. A new blog can get good alexa ranking if it gets bloggers traffic since most of bloggers use alexa tool bar.

Thanks to come up with great article!


Enstine Muki - September 18, 2015

Hi Adeel,
I used to get quite crazy about Alexa stats and yes, I have had cases of advertisers taking Alexa stats into consideration while buying space on my blog.

But the truth is, it’s not a real indicator of site’s popularity. If you are in a niche where webmasters and bloggers visit your blog so often, your alexa stats will fall down so fast. That doesn’t mean you have huge traffic.

some very popular blogs like those you’ve mentioned get a lot of visitors, most of them not having the alexa toolbar. It makes it quite difficult therefore, for alexa to count visitors and rank such sites.

Well, as it’s still one of the money making factors, I still try to make it as down as possible πŸ˜‰

Don Purdum - September 19, 2015

Hi Adeel,

Unfortunately, Alexa doesn’t have much value outside of the Alexa community as you know. Since my audience tends to predominately be offline businesses who do not blog or have a signficant online presence but want one it makes sense that they wouldn’t have Alexa installed in their browser and therefore my Alexa ranking would be lower.

I don’t measure my progress much by these kinds of metrics any way. I measure mine by the number of prospects I reach and the amount of business I receive.

I have seen a LOT of people who blog and have great Alexa rankings and they appear to be lighting the world on fire online but are not making money.

What if you could have both? What if you could only have one?

I know which one I prefer.

But, it does take building an online community, engaging, interacting and offering great value. Do that and as I’ve experienced you can have the best of both the online world and offline world who are able, willing and ready to buy from me.

Fantastic post Adeel and thank you so much for including me!!!!!

Have a great weekend.

~ Don Purdum

Emebu - September 22, 2015

Hi Adeel,

Thanks for bringing this all-important issue to be discussed here.
For me, Alexa does not matter one beat. There is nothing good in Alexa than making you feel good.

Today, most highly Alexa ranking blogs does not even rank 1 in Google.

Thanks Adeel!

ikechi - September 24, 2015

Hi Adeel

You brought up an interesting topic. Most Advertisers would not AGREE with you that Alexa does not matter but in truth, It is depends on what you are using it to measure. Strange thing is that most people would use it to value the worth of a blog even though they are aware of its limitation. I remember a blog use Alexa and PR to judge top personal development blogs. Strange isn’t.

Thanks for sharing. Have a swell week.

Nanda Rahmanius - September 24, 2015

Hi Adeel,

Another great post from you! πŸ™‚

There are many bloggers who care with their Alexa rankings, including me. πŸ˜†

Indeed, Alexa is one of the decisive factors for advertisers to advertise on a blog. You will get a lot of good jobs if your Alexa is good. It has happened from time to time until today.

But for me, I want to learn about blogging until the roots. If I understand it, then I can share it on the people around me. Alexa is a bonus for me.

I think if I do blogging actively, my Alexa ranking will go down by itself. It is not a thing to worry about at all. You should worry if you can not add value to your readers. πŸ™‚

Also, I agree with what was said by Reginald Chan. πŸ˜€

Thanks for sharing this great work with us, Adeel.
Have an awesome week ahead!


Philip Verghese Ariel - September 25, 2015

Hi Adeel
Good one!
I am really surprise to note some of the pro bloggers Alexa rank is below average but their contribution to the web world is amazing!
But as Erik said, The Alexa rank matters too! yes, the advertisers I am sure most of them look at that and decide to give or not!!! LOL
This is an undisputed fact too! So i am sure in that case my dear friend it matters too!!!
Nice to se many of my fav. bloggers in
Wish all of them a great and profitable day
And ha of course to you for this wonderful exercise you put in!
Keep it up my friend
Keep sharing
~ Philip

Rohan Chaubey - October 2, 2015

Hi Adeel sir,

I’m glad you wrote about this. I see a lot of newbies running after decreasing their Alexa rank. To be honest, when I was a newbie I used to check my Alexa almost everyday. And after a point when I started getting good attention through social media, I stopped checking it.

Opportunities came in and nobody ever cared to check my Alexa. I find this ranking system a bit incorrect as you mentioned but if Advertisers really give importance to it, I guess they need to realize it’s 2015.

I cannot wait to share it post with my friends… Thank you so much for mentioning me. πŸ™‚


Hema - November 10, 2015

Hello Adeel,

This is my first time at your blog.

I’m pleased to have stumbled on your post. Coincidentally, yesterday I had a friend who asked me what was my Alexa Rank.
I had never given it a thought before.

I was wondering if this ranking was really important.
Reading this post of yours made it clearer to me that it does not.

My blog is all about helping people see the positive side of things. Why should my Alexa ranking matter at all? Shouldn’t my content matter instead?

I’m off to share this post with my circle of friends as many of them have been banging their heads trying to lower their rankings.
Thank you so much
Have a lovely week

M.Mairaj - November 20, 2015

Hi Adeel,

Thanks for providing some excellent info regarding Alexa Ranking. Well if one can check out our Google Analytics and then have a look at Alexa one can nicely observe that their is a mark difference between both the results. Mostly novice bloggers are trying to increase their Alexa ranking with the help of different fake ways. So, for this purpose they are using different Alexa boosters and they think with the help this they can attract advertisers.

According to me DA and PA is more important than Alexa ranking.

Once again thanks for fantastic share πŸ™‚



Christina Lynn - December 8, 2015

Hey Adeel,
Noteworthy article,
Alexa, One of the best tool for ranking purpose, but some of website, if it doesn’t nice rank, but they all are getting good earning from Google.
As we all know that what is really blogging and it mean, its really get answered by them.
Thanks for shared and enjoyed to reading this post and excellent worked.

Christina Lynn


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