9 Ways to How to Build a Content for your Blog

Accessing the Internet becomes a part of our daily life. It is most often used to get the information, share the information, shopping, SEO-business, entertainment and lots more. The websites and blogs play the major role in keeping the internet field alive.

The blog is a dynamic source which is loved by most of the Internet users worldwide indeed. Thus, people start their blog and update their blog post regularly to expose the fame globally. The blog could be established with the help of many CMSContent Managing System platforms. The WordPress is seen as the famous and most used Blogging platform around the globe.

Here, I would show you how to prepare/build a content for your blog? in this blog post with the practical touch. You’ll know how easy and fun building a successful blog post as well.

Major things to be implemented before constructing the blog post are shown below.

Understand the audience – The audience for your upcoming blog post should be analyzed to decide a suitable way of writing the content for your blog. The audience type could be searched over the internet and the way of writing the content could be assessed as well. Apart from that, you’ll know the exact scenario of your audience to the core.

Write for People and not for the Search Engines – Most of the Bloggers fail in their Dream Career because they care about the Search Engine than their Blog Followers/visitors. To become successful, one should concentrate on the audience while writing the blog post instead of over-optimizing the blog content. The over-optimization would reduce the readability/engagement of the content.

Little humor touch – The blog should focus on the audience and make a great impact on your uniqueness. The blog content should have some humor touch if it is personal or general topic. The serious post should be always serious. These things are easily categorized with the help of our Common Sense.

Deliver it very shortly/crispy – The blog post should never bore anyone at any case. Because people tend to move back from reading your blog post if it looks too lengthy with no valuable pieces of information. Make it short and sweet to keep the engagement level of your blog to the top position.

Readability – The readability is an essential factor for any blog success. The content should have a good readability score and shouldn’t confuse the readers with the lengthy sentences. The language should be simple and shouldn’t be a tough one. The people will love the simple language than the difficult one indeed.

The 9 Steps/Procedures to build a Content for your Blog are listed below.

  1. Choose the Content/Niche Wisely

At first, the Content/Niche type should be well researched. There are several types of blog content methods practiced by the bloggers. The writing type would vary with different topics. The Content Topic would alter the writing flow where the personal post requires a personal flow of writing style.

The documentation type blog post needs professional writing flow and the review blog post needs an “I” concept writing flow. Thus, choosing the proper content topic headline is very much important for continuing the whole writing process.

  1. Research the Topic before writing

After choosing the topic for your blog post, you should need to learn the whole concept of that topic before writing. The wide knowledge on the particular topic would enhance the blog post content for sure.

To research a particular topic, you are suggested to research the topic over Search Engine, Social Media, YouTube, Forums, Relevant Blogs, Visiting a library (if possible), Talk to the people linked with your Blog Topic and so on. This would help you gather the wide hints for your blog post content.

  1. Write Hints on the A4 Sheets

You are recommended to write all the hints obtained from the various source on an A4 sheet. This would help you refer easily while building your online blog content effectively. This could also become a memorable stuff for your Blogging Journey.

A single hard copy would never interrupt your blogging performance. So, writing the hints and other info on the A4 sheets would be a nice growth hacking trick.

  1. Research the Keywords for your Blog Content

The keywords are the most important things to be concentrated to drive the right potential audience to your blog post. So, do some keyword research and list them on your A4 sheet.

This would remember you add those keywords naturally into your content. Just tick the keywords in the list to make sure you have added them into your blog content.

  1. Content Writing Companion

Grammarly is my best companion for writing the blog post as it corrects all my mistakes related to blog writing on the go. Just installing Grammarly extension into my Browser and the Add-On into my MS Office helps me improve my productivity part.

A Notepad software would also help me backup the Content locally on my computer which completely reduces the risk of loosing the data online.

  1. Write Precisely

The Content should be written precisely along with a good structuring of the post like providing Bulletins & Numberings wherever necessary. This would help the people read the blog post in an effective manner. Also, visual contents are encouraged within a blog post such as infographics, images, gif and other visual items for better reach.

  1. Use Content Builders

It is most commonly practiced method in these days for decorating the blog post and present them to the visitors in a better way. There are several Content Builder Plugins & Themes available for boosting your blog content to the next level.

  1. Ask the readers to Share and Comment

At the end of the blog post, you could add a statement such as “Share this post and Comment your views” for creating the greater call to action for your blog post. This would be a better way to make a relationship with your blog readers.

  1. Proof-Read your Content (Very Important)

The Proof-Reading of the written content is the final step and that is a mandatory one. The content may be good and error-free while writing them but when we go through the whole content for the next time, we could find the errors. It should be debugged before showcasing them to the world.


Finally, you have finished reading the concept to build a great content for your blog with the 9 essential steps. This blog post is solely prepared to make awareness to the novice bloggers and the busy blogger about constructing a better blog content. I hope you have got some useful info related to preparing the Content for your Blog with this article.

Do share this article and comment if you have any queries as well.

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