6 Things You Must Consider Before Using Expired Domains


By: Myquickidea

Bloggers always have few questions which often eat their brains when they think about expired domains.

If you are the one who is facing this kind of problems, then you don’t have to worry anymore, buying an expired domain is not that difficult to decide.

All you have to do is check these below points which I am going to specify, and then you can easily buy that or else it’s best to think about another domain which suits.

SO, let’s get into the useful tips you should consider before using expired domains:

1. Anchor text:

Anchor text is a clickable text which will be in a hyperlink. It is the best SEO practice to add a proper and relevant anchor text.

Whenever you are trying to buy an expired domain and trying to use an expired domain, always do check the anchor text of the expired domain.

You can check anchor texts of any domains in sites like Ahrefs or Majestic SEO etc. simply see the profile of the anchor text.

By having a glance at the anchor text you can have note few points and you can judge the anchor text whether it is over optimized or irrelevant to the domain niche and so on.

If you have discovered any sort of over optimization or irreverent anchor text then it is best to avoid those domains, also make a note that anchor text should be in English don’t encourage other languages.

2. Links:

Link are crucial when it comes to SEO and search engine rankings. Whenever you fail to deliver quality links to your site your search engine rankings will simply drop at that movement, and you might have a severe traffic loss to your website. So you have to be very careful with your links.

So, links are vital in deciding whether to take expired domain or not; you can decide it with the links which are pointed towards the site.

These are few points you should consider when using an expired domain:

First have a glance at the backlinks of that expired domain, you can check them with the backlink checker tools like Ahref.

Always don’t consider sites which are having spammy links towards the domain, because links from spammy sites are too frustrating it can cause you lot of trouble. So it’s better to stay away from them.

Make a note, when you consider using an expired domain that doesn’t use a site which is having lesser than 50 root domain links.

If you are going to use an expired domain, then check whether it has any high authority sites pointed towards the site. High authority site links can have a greater impact on improving your site, so it’s best to consider that point.

3. Content:

Content is always vital; it is always a best practice to have a glance at the expired domain’s content.

You can check that in the sites like Wayback machine, to have a look at the domains old content. When you consider expired domain, it should have enough content published on that domain, And also do remember that niches should match your niche to have a benefit out of that expired domain.

If you find any sort of foreign languages in that domain then just avoid that expired domain to stay safe.

4. Check Spam Score, DA, TF, and CF:

You must take few reports to have a clear report at the expired domain, it is always important to check its spam score, DA, TF, and CF when you even think to use the expired domain.

You can check spam score and DA with the Moz open site explorer. I always do prefer 20+ TF and CF is best to consider you can take TF and CF reports at the Majestic SEO tool.

If you found domain authority less than 20, then it’s best to leave that domain or else you can’t get some expired domain benefit.

5. Domain Age:

Consider checking domain age, because it plays a significant role in sites authority. Aged domains always have the capability to have more authority than the new domains.

You can quickly check the domains history and its dropouts in the whois.domaintools.com. If you find any multiple time domain drops in the result, then it is always doubtful.

6. Other Factors You Should Consider:

You should also check whether the AdSense has banned that site or not you can check that in ctrlq.org./sandbox/

Have a glance at the indexed results in google to find whether the domain has the capability to index quickly or not.


These are few things you should consider whenever you use or buy an expired domain. I think I have given a clear view of these points if you have anything to say you can comment us below in comment section.

I’ll be waiting for your comments.

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